Dark Indiscretions

By Shakuita Johnson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

Chapter 6

Jackson and Taylor were lounging around on the couch when the doorbell rang.

“Who the hell is that?” Jackson wondered.

He wasn’t in the mood for any shit this morning. He barely got any sleep last night as it was, since he was worrying about Taz and his mates. Three people being mated together was ridiculous. Two people was just enough in his book.

“Alpha, I’m surprised to see you this soon. I would have thought your mates wouldn’t let you out of their sight for a few days yet,” Jackson heard Taylor saying.

Nathan was right on Taz’s heels.

“Krista got a call early this morning and she rushed out with barely a word. I think it was her mother.” That didn’t sound good to Jackson.

“So what brings you guys over so early?” Ha! Leave it to Tay to just get everything out in the damn open, regardless of how it sounded to other people. That was one of the many reasons Jackson loved him so much.

“Can’t a guy just come by and hang out with his friends?”

Was Taz serious? It was definitely too early for this bullshit.

“Nathan, would you like something to drink?” Jackson asked.

If Taz wanted to play dumb, Jackson wasn’t going to entertain him. He had better things to do, like lie around and be lazy all day with his man. If the alpha had something to discuss, he better say it because Jackson wasn’t about to ask him, and he knew Taylor wasn’t going to either.

They could play this game all day. “So we’re having a mating party and Krista’s inviting her mother. If you guys attend, as the betas of the pack, then the rest of the pack will be more willing to come, too.” Yes, it was official; he had lost his fucking mind!


“Jackson, hon,’ he is our alpha and we are the pack Betas. We can’t just say no.”

“The hell we can’t. I’m not putting us in danger. Mystics are unstable. He has to be around them. We don’t.”

Apparently Taylor was just as special. Was he the only sane one left? How could Taz even ask this of them? He knew how they felt about them. It was bad enough they had been in the same area accidentally as one of them; now he wanted them to hang out with another one on purpose. Fuck that shit. Wasn’t going to happen if he could help it.

“Look, I get that you’re concerned,” said Taz. “But Krista is my mate, and therefore your alpha through me. So you will suck it up and give her and our mating the respect that it deserves.”

Really? He did not just fucking go there. Alpha or not. Mate or not. Jackson no longer gave a fuck. He would take Tay and leave the pack before he was forced to go to this bullshit. If Taz was happy, then that was all well and great. He would still protect the alphas and the pack for the rest of his life, but he didn’t need to pretend to be someone he wasn’t. Nor was he going to hang out with two psychos for fun.

“You know what, Taz? Fuck you. I may not agree with the person fate decided to mate you with, but my respect shouldn’t be an issue. I didn’t flip out on your mate at the club, and I haven’t said anything negative. But to sit here in our home and dictate to us with that ‘I’m Alpha’ bullshit is not going to fly, especially if you’re trying to use the pack against us. I thought you were better than that. You know the stories of Mystics as well as we do, so of course you know we will all be suspect of them. But to try to force us to accept her isn’t the way. If you want to go that route, Taylor and I will pack up and find another pack.”

“I’m sure Taz didn’t mean it like that,” Nathan said. “We would all love it if you could come out and help us celebrate our mating, or if you had a better suggestion of what we should do to ease the pack into this new development. We don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable.” Well, Nathan sure had a way with words. Taz could learn a thing or two from his mate.

“Jackson, are you trying to challenge my authority as Alpha?” Taz growled out. Ha! Therein the bullshit begins.

“You and I both know you are ONLY Alpha because I don’t want to be. I have no doubt that if we were to fight, your ass would be the one kicked. Not mine, ‘Alpha.’”

“Well, he does have you there, Taz,” Taylor drawled. Jackson really didn’t want to be an alpha, but if Taz kept this shit up it looked like a fight couldn’t be avoided. Yes, Taz was a ruthless son of a bitch, but Jackson still surpassed their alpha. Apparently, finding his mates caused Taser to lose his mind in the process. Only trying to impress his mate was going to end up embarrassing him instead.

“Look, Taz. Cut the shit. If you want to look good in front of your mate, I suggest you find another way. Jackson doesn’t want to be Alpha, but if he ends up having to beat your ass, well that’s what will end up happening. We are happy as Betas, but don’t push Jack. You know he hates that shit.” There. Let Taz chew on that, Taylor thought.

“If he touches Taz, do you both really think I’ll just sit back and watch? I don’t think either one of you are that stupid,” said Nathan.

“GET THE FUCK OUT, BOTH OF YOU!” Jackson roared louder than Taylor had ever heard him. Taylor very calmly went over to the door and held it open in silent support of his partner. No one came in their space and made demands and threats. Shit was just bad form. While Taz was the alpha, he knew Jackson was the stronger wolf, hands down. What more did he want from them? He had their loyalty and support, but this bullshit show of “power” was ridiculous.

“We aren’t done here,” Taz said.

“Yes the fuck you are. So either get out or I will throw the both of you out,” Jackson spit out through clenched teeth.

“This disrespect will not go unpunished. I want to see you in one hour at the alpha house.”

“I don’t give a damn what you want. Not any longer. We are done with you. If you set foot on my property again without permission you will regret it. Now get the fuck out. I won’t tell you again.” As Taz was about to speak, Nathan grabbed his upper arm and cut him off.

“I think we have outstayed our welcome, Taz. Let’s everyone cool down, and we can try again.”

Nathan dragged Taz out the door, and Taylor closed it behind them. He could see that Jackson was beyond pissed. He had never seen his lover this angry, and they had grown up together. He wasn’t even sure how to approach him. As he mulled over in his head what to say, Jackson spoke up.

“That self-centered prick! Who the fuck does he take me for? To come into our house with that bullshit. Has he lost his mind?”

“It would seem so. He knows you better than that. There has to be something else going on. He knows you could wipe the floor with him. I’m just as shocked and confused as you are.”

“Whatever the problem is, he better get his head out of his ass because I was dead serious about what I said.”

“I know babe, I know. We will figure out what’s going on.”

At least he hoped that they did or shit would get messy. Taylor hated messy.

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