Dark Indiscretions

By Shakuita Johnson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

Chapter 5

Taz took a deep breath to settle his nerves. He couldn’t show fear. They would be able to smell it and play off of it. He could get himself out of this, no problem. He’d been in worse binds before. Yes, but Jackson and Taylor always got you out of them, his little voice said. He was fucked and not in the good way. Two mates were not acceptable, especially two of his mortal enemies. Dylia weren’t meant to mix with Mystics and Hyjias; it just wasn’t done. At least he’d never seen it done in his almost century and a half of being alive.

“So let’s talk about this situation like rational adults, shall we? We all know that this will never work between us. So let’s just pretend we’ve never met and go our separate ways,” Taz said.

There. That wasn’t so hard, was it? And he’d even managed to sound civilized.

“Nice try, mate, but you’re not getting away that easily,” Nathan said.

Taz gritted his teeth to keep from saying something that could be perceived as hostile, but he was starting to lose his cool. He just wanted to get out of there without a scene. There was no need to make things harder than they needed to be.

“Listen, I have no desire for one mate, let alone two, so why don’t we call it good and be on our ways,” Taz said.

“Not going to happen. Now, why don’t we find a place a bit less crowded. Krista, you live alone, correct?” Nathan asked.

“Yes,” Krista said slowly. “But I’m pretty sure our wary mate doesn’t want to join us.”

“He’ll get over it eventually. We are bound for eternity, and I have no desire to live the rest of my life without you or him.”

“I am still present! Do not speak as if I am not here!” Taz yelled.

“If you want to act like a child, mate, I’ll treat you as one. Now are you ready to be an adult and go and discuss our situation as one?”

“I don’t like you. Just so we’re clear,” Taz said.

“Duly noted. I’m sure you’ll change that tune soon enough.”

Taz laid a few bills on the table before reluctantly leaving with the devil and his handmaiden. Maybe he should at least tell someone his location in the event he came up missing.

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