Dark Indiscretions

By Shakuita Johnson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

Chapter 4

The smell of sex was definitely in the air, and already Jenny’s heart was pumping. She could hear the blood calling to her from the veins of all the humans present at Heaven’s Angles. Stupid humans didn’t know they were in a bar full of killers. Not her problem. Just because she wasn’t as bloodthirsty as some didn’t mean she still didn’t need her fix. She didn’t have a death wish. She still needed the occasional sip of blood to survive. She blamed it on her dual nature. Whatever; she would just take what was needed and be on her way.

She spotted a cute little couple that was probably in their early twenties. Both sported a nice tan and they still had that look of complete wonder and innocence on their faces. It was a pity to be that pure. Jenny decided she’d dirty them up a bit. She smiled to herself at her wondering thoughts. The girl’s dark black hair looked in complete contrast with the rest of her features. While her boyfriend looked like he was the perfect Ken to her Barbie, if Barbie and Ken were a black-haired god and goddess. They would do nicely. All she had to do was turn on the charm a bit and they would take her home. She would have a little snack with her sex. Take care of both problems at once.

She walked over with her body’s calling powers in full effect to start the subtle seduction. She made sure to focus it on the couple she had her eyes on. Didn’t need to start a riot because every human in the place was trying to get to her. Still she wasn’t ashamed to say she loved the thrill of the power running through her veins. She didn’t give in to her body’s demands very often, but when she did she relished in it. She felt nothing; regret and remorse were just words in a dictionary when she felt her Mystic nature rising to the surface. She was in full predator mode. Now it was time to catch her prey.

Perfect. Someone was coming out the back door. Now, as his soon-to-be bride hunted, he would do the same. Poor sap wasn’t even going to see it coming. A pity really; he loved to see the fear in their eyes; maybe he still could if he played this correctly. He moved faster than the human eye could perceive and dragged his prey to the dark corner. Fear was suddenly thick in the air. Good, he loved it when they were scared. He looked his prey over. A cute little twink, slim, lean muscles, spiky blond hair, loads of mascara, and cute lips. If he hadn’t known any better, he would have sworn that he was looking at a woman and not a man. Mm, he would do nicely. He took his knife out of his back pocket and made a tiny slit below his prey’s collarbone.

He could have easily used his fangs, but what harm would a little playing with your food do?

“That’s right, sweetie. Squirm for me. Just makes it more exciting. Maybe I’ll fuck you while I drain you. Make it that much sweeter. Would you like that?”

He could hear the muffled screams of his prey as his struggling increased. It was no use. He was much stronger than this tiny human. If he wanted to he could crush his windpipe with one flick of his wrist. But he loved his spirit; he loved his fight.

“Now, now love. Don’t be that way. I just want to play. Don’t you want to play with me? I can make it good for you. You don’t necessarily have to suffer. It’s entirely up to you.”

His prey went completely still before he started to thrash about with new abandon. The hard way it was. Good, he never liked the easy way. He put a barrier spell around him and his prey so he could listen to the sweet melody of his screams uninterrupted.

“Help! Somebody help me!” the prey screamed.

“Good boy. That’s it; scream a little louder for me. No one else can hear you. I promise.”

Jenny had made it to her mark. Their eyes immediately darted toward hers. “You guys up for some fun? How about I buy you both a drink?”

She was ready to go. She could already feel her fangs trying to bust out of her gums. She needed to get them out of here like five minutes ago. But she was trying to play it cool. She didn’t want to spook them.

“We’re always up for some fun. My name is Ana and this is my boyfriend Jim. Drinks sound wonderful,” Ana purred at her.

Her boyfriend just nodded his head in agreement. Jenny looked over toward one of the bartenders and signaled with her head that she wanted to place her usual drink order. He returned her signal with one of his own, and Jenny took a seat beside Ana.

“So what brings you two out tonight? I ordered us Jack and Coke, I hope that’s okay.”

“Oh you know, crazy week at the office so we both figured we could use a little down time. We’ve heard great things about this bar, so decided to give it a chance.”

Before Jenny could reply, one of the waitresses brought their drinks over. Jenny pulled out some cash from her back pocket and told the girl to keep the change. A smile was returned for the generous gesture, then she was on her way.

“Thank you,” Jim said.

“So he speaks,” Jenny teased.

Jenny watched as Jim’s eyes crinkled at the corners.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I’m a man of few words. I like to get my point across in other ways. If you know what I mean.”

The leer he sent Jenny told her exactly what he meant, and her body clenched in anticipation. Just a little while longer. Don’t want to seem like a serial killer.

“How about a little toast?” Jenny said raising her glass. “To a great and unforgettable night.”

“I second that,” Ana said.

“Hell yes!” Jim exclaimed.

As they sipped their drinks, they kept the conversation going by talking about irrelevant things such as hobbies and latest celebrity gossip. Once the drinks were done, Jenny was glad when Ana spoke.

“Our place isn’t too far from the club. If you wanted to take this conversation there we can leave now. It’s just me and Jim tonight, so we don’t have to say any goodbyes.”

That’s fucking perfect, Jenny thought. She made sure to use her powers of concealment on any witnesses who might have seen her leaving or talking with the couple who were human, just in case. You could never be too fucking careful, especially with the Mooyers. She didn’t need their bullshit in her life.

“That sounds like an excellent idea. Lead the way. I’m right behind you.”

Well, it seems like his Jenny found herself a nice couple to fuck and suck. He loved it when she fed her Mystic. It gave him hope that she wouldn’t fight him too much. Having finished with his prey, he discarded the useless, bloody body. He then made sure to use his magic to remove all evidence that he had been there. Any human or other who got any bright ideas would think there was a serial killer running rampant. Even the two little holes in his neck were gone. Usually after a kill, he would at least try to move the body, but he didn’t have that kind of time right now. His prey was getting away and he didn’t like her out of his sight for too long.

“Thanks for the snack,” he chuckled.

Although his prey couldn’t hear him, it was still polite to thank others for their service. And if nothing, he was always polite, even when ripping someone’s throat out or severing their spine. It all boiled down to manners. People just didn’t teach them anymore. Oh well, he didn’t have time to worry about things like that right now. He had more important things to occupy his time with. Sticking to the shadows he followed Jenny and her new friends to their destination. It didn’t take long and he settled on the roof across the street to ready himself for the show.

Jackson and Taylor smelled Taz before they saw him, and made their way over to the table he had reserved at Heaven’s Angles. How he always got one was beyond them. The place stayed packed. It probably had something to do with his alpha status. Honestly, after his earlier revelation they were surprised he had come out tonight at all. It was probably to keep an eye on the pups so they didn’t do anything more stupid than they already had. Jackson shivered a bit when he got that familiar feeling of dread and then shook it off.

“Hey, ’bout time you jackasses got here,” Taz said. His typical version of ‘hello.’

“Rude much? We were getting dressed. We didn’t even know you were coming tonight, so excuse the hell out of me,” Taylor said, his voice laced with annoyance.

Maybe Taylor was worried about the jumpiness he was sensing in Jackson. He knew something had him on edge, but he just didn’t know what. He was going to figure it out soon though, because Jackson was going to tell him. That, or he was going to get his ass kicked.

“What has your panties in a bunch, Princess? Jack not laying the pipe properly?” Taz asked, both eyebrows wiggling up and down and a stupid grin on his face.

Taz had always been an asshole. Even when they were children. He was three years younger than Jackson and two years younger than Taylor. They’d had his back more times than they could count. He was always getting into scraps and they would get him out. He thought he was big, bad, and funny then, and it seemed like he still thought so now. He was seconds away from a punch in the face, Alpha status be damned.

“Shut the hell up, my pipe works just fine asshole,” Jackson growled.

Taz started to laugh and suddenly went stiff. He started to stand and move away but it was too late.

“What the hell––” Jackson was cut off by a blur knocking Taz out of his chair and a loud growl.

Oh shit! A fight would not go over well in front of all these damn humans. They needed to deescalate this before it became a serious issue.

Something was coming; she could feel the winds shifting. Krista Belle couldn’t wait to get to the bar. She needed a drink and some dancing. Whatever that feeling was tingling along her spine could wait. It had been one hell of a week and some serious unwinding was needed. She was about four blocks away when she felt someone watching her. Immediately, her guard went up. But she didn’t miss a beat. She just kept on walking with her casual gait and found her center. Someone casually placed a hand on her shoulder and she immediately dropped down, kicked out, and threw herself on top of whoever it was. She looked down at her stalker.

“Aw man, damn it! Not one of you. Why are you following me, Hyjia?”

For a minute the Hyjia just stared at her. She was starting to have doubts about if he was going to answer.

“I am Nathan Brimming, and you are my Nyhiya. I can smell you. My sense of smell is strong.”

Double damn. She didn’t need this right now. She could barely take care of herself. Her mother was still covering up her childish mistakes and she was almost four centuries old. Besides, Mystics didn’t mate like everyone else and if they did, it wouldn’t be to a species outside of their own. Even still, she decided what the hell and introduced herself. Couldn’t hurt.

“Krista Belle Johnston. I take it you know what I am.”

She didn’t beat around the bush. She would not have lies or secrets between them.

“Yes, I know what you are, Mystic. It is of no importance to me. You are mine. I will love, honor, and protect you for as long as I live, as is my right as your mate. So tell me, my little Vampyra, are you headed to Heaven’s Angles?”

Krista rocked back slowly. He was either psychotic or planning something. Most people ran from Mystics, not stalk them in the middle of the night. They also didn’t want to mate them, on purpose. She would hold her suspicions for now.

“Yes, care to join me?”

“I would love to. It will give us time to get to know each other.”

Maybe this mating thing wouldn’t be so bad after all, Krista thought to herself. And maybe she’d hit her head and realize this was all a dream. The last Hyjia she had the misfortune of running into tried to rip her head off. Luckily, she was faster and ripped his off instead.

Once they arrived at the club, they went straight to the bar and ordered two beers. Krista studied her new Nyhiya and noticed how sexy he was. He was almost seven feet tall, and she guessed his weight at about three hundred pounds. Maybe more. A lot more. He had a lot of muscle and the most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen. They seemed out of place with his black hair. She wanted to run her fingers through it, but they weren’t that comfortable with each other yet. She started to make conversation with him when he suddenly stiffened and turned to look at what Krista believed was a Dylia. They weren’t hard to miss. Their eyes glowed eerie colors when light hit them. How the humans in this place hadn’t figured out they were surrounded by other beings still amazed her. They were either really stupid or under some sort of unknown spell.

“Mine,” was all Nathan said before he tackled the man.

What the fuck? He was hers. She jumped from the stool, eyes shining with malice as she stomped over to the pair. She could hear the ringing in her ears and felt the heat of her body rising in her anger. She wasn’t sure where these feelings of jealousy were coming from. She’d just met the man, but she was prepared to rip a throat or two out tonight in her fury.

“Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing, Nathan?” she screamed, the demonic tone of her voice threatening to spill out. Already her Vampyra was possessive of what was theirs.

“No need to worry, love. He is both of ours. Aren’t you, Dylia?” Nathan said, purring on top of Taz.

Krista watched, stunned, as Nathan rubbed his nose up against their other mate. The man didn’t move an inch the entire time. Probably plotting a way to kill Nathan for openly claiming him in front of his pack mates. Dylia tended to stick to their own species, just like Mystics. She thought Hyjias were the same but nothing was making sense anymore. Maybe this was the feeling she’d had earlier. A sense of change and chaos.

Jackson and Taylor had frozen in their spots. Their fight response tamed down at the shock of the situation. Taz’s Nyhiya had him pinned while the other ranted and raved like a lunatic. They were drawing unwanted attention. This situation needed to be diffused quickly. Taz didn’t notice until it was too late. Jackson wasn’t sure why the Mystic was flipping out. She must not have felt the pull yet, but her other Nyhiya was calmly explaining the situation now. They could not afford for this to get out of hand.

“Alpha, what would you like Jackson and me to do?” Taylor asked.

Jackson was glad Taylor spoke because he still couldn’t get his shit together.

“Nothing. I’m sure we can discuss this like adults; am I right, mates?” Taz said in a soothing voice. One Jackson or Taylor had never heard before.

They both nodded and the Mystic started to visibly calm the fuck down. Good. Jackson didn’t want to have to fight, especially not a Mystic and Hyjia. He wasn’t sure he would make it out alive.

“Come; let’s sit at the table. We can discuss this rationally, so if you both would please sit down. That is, of course, once you get off of me, Hyjia,” Taz said, still with surprising calmness in his voice.

“Nathan Brimming. And our girl is Krista Belle Johnston,” Nathan said.

He’d finally moved off of Taz and sat in a chair beside him, while the Mystic stood closely to his side.

“Taser Jameson, or Taz for short.”

Wait. Did he say ‘Johnston’? Jackson thought. Shit. Please don’t let her be related to the lunatic who killed her immediate family. If so, it was worse than they originally thought. Jennifer Johnston was nuts. Hell, anyone who slaughtered his or her family the way she did had to be. That news had reached even their secluded ears. It was a story passed down from generation to generation just to hammer in how unstable Mystics were, especially if they were capable of killing their entire family. They had no loyalty to anything, not even blood.

Jackson just had to ask. He couldn’t let it go. He should have but it wasn’t possible. As they started to seat themselves at the table, he couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Krista...are you related to Jennifer Johnston?”

There it was. Out in the open now. All she had to do was give an answer. Please let that answer be no.

“Yes, she’s my mother.”

Damn. Maybe this was the feeling he’d had earlier. Fuck. Their pack didn’t need this shit. He shared a look with Taylor who was thinking the same thing. They looked at their alpha; his face was unreadable as was his norm lately.

“Well, Taylor and I have a busy day tomorrow so we’re going to head out. It was nice to meet you both,” Jackson said quickly.

Taylor gave his goodbyes and told Taz that if he needed them, he could call.

Once they were out of the bar, Taylor asked Jackson, “What the hell do we do now?”

“I don’t know, baby. It’s Taz’s call, but if I decide that our safety is in question, we’re out of this town, okay?”

“Okay, Jack; I trust your judgment. We’ll just play it by ear and see what happens. There could be a reason her mother did what she did.”

Sure, if that reason was she was fucking nuts! Jackson thought to himself. With that settled between them, they made their way home.

Jenny was primed and ready to go. As soon as they stepped into the couple’s apartment and the door was locked, she was already ripping both her and Ana’s clothes off. They were kissing and rubbing each other while Jim walked them both to the bedroom. Once inside, Jenny lifted Ana up and tossed her to the bed. She followed quickly behind and resumed trying to stick her tongue as far down Ana’s throat as it would go. Vaguely she was aware of Jim getting out of his clothes. Jim was a pretty huge guy in all the right places, and Ana was cute and petite, with green eyes that made her black hair look darker. His blue eyes and black hair were a perfect complement to Ana’s.

Mm, where should she start? She liked to feed while having sex, and this time would be no different. Plan firmly in mind, she started handing out orders.

“You are going to fuck me, Jim, while your girl licks me in all the right places and you eat her. So lie down while I straddle you. Green Eyes, get in position on Jim’s pretty face.”

Once everyone was in place, Jim said, “A little bossy thing, aren’t you?”

“Oh sweetie, you won’t be complaining once I’m done with you,” Jennifer said with false sweetness.

She began to start a slow, hard grind on top of Jim. He was groaning around his girl’s clit, and he must have been doing something right because she was going to town on Jenny. Those little humming noises were like a mini vibrator.

“Yeah, that’s it. Suck her pussy as she licks my clit and I fuck you,” Jennifer moaned.

Her dirty talk was turning them on because Jim started meeting her thrust for thrust. As she heard their pulses quicken and her muscles contract, she brought little Green Eyes up to her face, tilted her head, licked a path down her neck, and then struck, hard. She came with a vengeance and she could hear the screams of Ana. She had come too, from the bite. She licked her wounds closed and tossed her to the side so she could get to Jim and repeat the process. Once her fangs met his flesh, he groaned in pleasure, grabbed her hips, and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her until he emptied himself inside her with a vicious bellow. She fell asleep with Jim still inside of her.

Well, he hoped they enjoyed fucking what was his; because once he was done with them they wouldn’t be doing anything else. Period. He didn’t like to share. He killed the last guy she fucked and sucked and this couple would be no different. Last time, she left when she was done—not this time. It was of no importance. He could kill them while she slept. She needed to learn that she was his and only his. Tonight would be the first lesson. He wouldn’t reveal himself yet, but he’d have her try to cover this up. He was sure she was going to think it was her. Yes, this was perfect. He moved from the shadows to execute his plan.

He let himself in through the back so he wouldn’t be seen. Not that anyone was around to see him. You could never be too careful. Taking the stairs two at a time, it didn’t take long to get to the bedroom. They were all passed out in bliss. If only he had a camera to capture the moment forever. Using his powers to encase Jenny into a bubble and lifting her from the bed, he then started his masterpiece of death. With Jennifer out of the way and the room spelled to make sure no sound escaped, he was ready. Starting with the man, the first to go was his extra appendage. Mr. Put-My-Penis-In-Anything wouldn’t be using it for anything else. That woke Jimmy boy right up. This room was his canvas and their blood would be his paint.

She woke up covered in blood. So much blood! Holy fucking shit! This couldn’t be happening. She hadn’t killed anyone in centuries. Something wasn’t right. She looked around the room. The couple she had gone home with was torn to shreds. Blood covered every inch of the walls. It was as if someone had made a macabre painting out of Ana and Jim’s entrails. She couldn’t have done this. Control was something she prided herself on and she never lost control that bad. Her memory never failed her in her misdeeds. Each evil thing she’d ever done was forever etched in her memories. She couldn’t have been drugged because drugs didn’t work on Mystics. There was too much blood, and she was starting to freak out. Too much blood made her remember, and she didn’t want to remember. Not after trying so hard to forget. Nothing good ever came from remembering.

“You’re Nyhiya! Are you fucking kidding me?” Mr. Johnston growled.

Here we go, Jenny thought. He was going to flip out. Why did she say that? She should have never even come over. She should have packed all her shit and took off like she wanted to. Now she would have to spill blood. Half of her relished in that fact; her Vampyra side loved bloodshed. The other half couldn’t care less; her shifting witch side just wanted to go home.

“That’s it. I’ve had it. Sammy, John; grab her and bring her to the back. It’s time this was taken care of.”

Her father’s words had her in shock. What the hell did he think he was going to do to her? She should have run. Hell, she should have screamed. But no; she stood there like a fucking statue.

Sam and John grabbed her by her arms and dragged her down to the basement. Halfway there, her brain finally jump-started back up and she struggled.

“What the hell? Let me the fuck go right now! You people have lost your damn minds.”

She was screeching and thrashing about, trying to wriggle out of her brothers’ grips. They had a tight, painful hold on her and they weren’t letting go anytime soon. Shit! She was in trouble.

Jenny came back to the present with a rush. What was she going to do? Who could she call? Krista Belle? Of course! Her daughter...she would know what to do. She looked around the room for her phone.

“Hello, Mom? Why are you calling so early?” Krista asked.

“Holy crap! I need you to come to me, right fucking now!” she yelled hysterically into the phone.

“Where are you, Mom?”

Where the hell was she? She looked around the place to see if she remembered where she was. She really had no idea.

“I don’t know, honey. I don’t remember anything. What’s wrong with me?” she whispered. Jenny felt so lost.

“Mom, I will find you. Don’t worry. All I have to do is think of you and my witch blood will find you. We will figure this thing out, Mom. I promise.”

Jenny hoped so. She hated not knowing what the hell was going on in her life. It just didn’t sit well with her. A few moments later she felt the spine-tingling sensation that said Krista Belle was reaching out to her with her witch blood. Thank goodness for small favors. She had no idea where she was and she couldn’t go outside covered in blood. She hoped Krista brought back some clean clothes at least.

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