Dark Indiscretions

By Shakuita Johnson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

Chapter 22

It was freaking cold. Like ball-numbing, brain-freezing cold. How the hell did people live here? The Himalayas only had one season as far as Jenny was concerned. Winter. At least the three chickens she brought were already dead, or the cold would kill them. Hopefully the Old One didn’t live too far away.

“How far do we have to walk?” Jenny asked.

“It’s not far. Maybe two miles at the most. It shouldn’t take us long to reach him,” the twins replied.

Two miles wasn’t that long to a Mystic. They walked faster than anyone else. They would get there in no time. She hoped he could help her find the answers that she needed. After about fifteen minutes, they came upon a beautiful black and white condo. Nothing else was next to it and on the porch in shorts and a t-shirt, looking like something out of a GQ magazine, was a man who looked to be in his mid-twenties. This couldn’t be the one they sought. This had to be his grandson or something. Hell, if it was him, he looked damn good for a 2,000-year-old.

“My, my, my, when I saw this day over 1,700 years ago I never imagined all the hell that would be going on,” the Old One said. “But then again if James was involved, I should have known it wouldn’t be rainbows and blue kittens. He was always a bit on the dramatic side. Only good thing is I finally get to meet my Oracle twin mates. Come inside where it’s warm, and we can talk.”

Well, that answered that question. Jenny wasn’t trying to be a dick but she hoped he focused more on the issues at hand. She got the whole “together forever” thing, but more pressing things were at hand. She needed to know what he knew and she needed to know it now. They could play goo-goo eyes at each other after she got her freaking kid back. Hopefully with minimal scarring. And did he say he knew her uncle? This may or may not be a good thing.

“Now, before we start with everything, would anyone like something warm to drink? I have hot cider or cocoa.”

“None for me, thanks,” Jenny replied.

“Not at the moment,” said the twins.

“Very well, you have come because you seek a way to kill one that cannot be killed. It just so happens, I know of such a way to kill him and make sure that he stays dead. I read it long ago in ‘The Book Of Mystics.’ It was a very interesting read. Let me grab it and we can be on our way to meet up with your mates and your daughter’s mates,” the Old One said.

We? He was coming too? Hopefully it would help prevent more deaths. Jenny would feel really bad if someone lost his or her mate in a fight that wasn’t really his or hers. On the other hand, they could probably use all the help they could get. Hopefully everyone else was getting help as well.

“Wait, before we go. How the hell do you know my uncle?” Jenny asked.

“Good question. I will answer it when we have everyone together so I only have to tell the story once. Okay, ladies, shall we? Jenny, since we are going to your place, why don’t you lead the way?” the Old One asked.

Jenny didn’t like not knowing the answer before she brought this man to her home or around her mates, but she guessed she didn’t have much choice. He was going to give her the book that had the answers she needed. Plus he was the Oracles’ fated mate, so she could give him a little leeway. It wasn’t much though, and if he made one false move or said something she didn’t like he was dead. Plain and simple.

“If everyone would hold hands please,” Jenny said.

Once everyone was connected, Jenny concentrated on where she wanted to go and felt the air around them dissipating and sending them to her chosen destination. She wondered if anyone else was back yet. Their deadline was close to the end, and they needed to talk out a plan of attack.

Taz, Jackson, Taylor, Billy, Brian, and Bane arrived at Jenny’s house, hoping everyone else was wrapping up their tasks so they could get this rescue mission started. Taz was ready to get his mate back before his wolf lost his mind and got them both killed.

“Nate, hon, are you here? We’re back,” Taz called out.

“Yes, I’m here. Waiting on my alpha. She said she would meet with reinforcements. How did your scout go?” Nathan called back.

“Where are you? Come down here, babe.”

“Sorry, I was polishing my throwing knives.”

“Okay, well these are three wolves from my pack. They are going to help. I don’t know how everyone else is going to take the changes, but the cat’s out of the bag now and everyone was pretty damn shocked. I just know the shit’s going to hit the fan after this rescue mission is over.”

“Don’t worry, babe,” Nathan said. “We will all three sit down and figure something out. I’m sure everything will work itself out. You know how we all are. They have two choices: to stay or to go, right?”

“Yes, you’re right. We aren’t known for soft and sweet. We are vicious creatures and it’s survival of the fittest. If they want to go, they can go. Right now we have more important things to worry about anyway.”

Just then the air vibrated and in popped Jenny with the twins and a mystery guy. Hope this means that Jenny got some answers at least, Taz thought. This rescue was taking too damn long.

“Jennifer, who is the new guy?” Jackson asked cautiously.

“I only know him as the Old One. He has a book that tells us how to kill James for good. No matter what rescue plan we come up with, if he can just regenerate himself it won’t make a difference. He also knows my uncle and is going to explain how once we are all settled,” Jenny replied.

Just then the doorbell rang.

“Who the hell is that? Anyone expecting someone else to show up to this party?” Jenny asked.

“Oh, that would be me. I believe it’s my alpha. I’ll just get the door,” Nathan said.

“Alpha, please, come in,” Nathan said.

“Oh stop being an ass, Nathan, and introduce me to your friends,” Kiateya said.

“Alpha, no need to be rude, I’m just giving you the respect due your station,” was Nathan’s reply.

“My station. For crying out loud, Nathan, I am your mother. I would love it if you would address me as such. Especially since today I am here as your mother. I brought your brothers, sister, and father. They all want to help,” Kiateya said.

“Yes, Nate, we just want to help. Your mother has been worried sick for the last couple of days. Why didn’t you call?” his father asked.

Nathan bristled at the comment.

“BECAUSE I AM AN ADULT!” he shouted. His alpha voice made a few pairs of knees tremble with their desire to kneel and obey him. Jenny and the other Mystics were the only ones unaffected.

“There really isn’t a need to shout, Nathan,” Kiateya said. “We know you are an adult. Even still, mothers worry about their children. Now if we are all done with the theatrics, can we get on with it?”

“Of course. This is my mother and Alpha, Kiateya; my father, Nathan; my two brothers, Declan and Race; and my sister, Kisty. Mother, Father, this is one of my mates, Taser,” Nathan began.

Everyone went around the room introducing themselves. After they were done, everyone walked into the dining area to begin hashing out a game plan and get a bit to eat and drink. Hopefully with so many people gathered, they could come up with the best plan possible to get Krista out as fast as they could and kill James for good. There, thought Jenny. We have just enough people to take an advantage while not getting in each other’s way.

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