Dark Indiscretions

By Shakuita Johnson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

Chapter 21

Everyone ate their breakfast in silence. No one wanted to make small talk. It just didn’t seem appropriate now that Krista was missing and being tortured. They needed a damn plan and a good one at that. Jenny needed to talk to someone who would know how to kill her uncle permanently or could at least point her in the right direction. She needed to come up with another spell as well. One that he wouldn’t be expecting. Then she needed to make sure he stayed dead this time. How she didn’t know he could resurrect was beyond her. Maybe she should have asked before she killed him the first time, but then again she didn’t know he was bat-shit crazy.

“So we need a plan,” Nathan said. “I thought all night about what we should do, but I got nothing. All I know is I want my other mate back, but I’m at a loss as to how to make it happen without anyone dying. Well, besides the psychopath that took her.”

“Start by calling your alpha and letting them know what’s going on, and see if they are willing to help,” Jenny said. “Taz, take Jackson and Taylor and ask if any of your wolves will. I’m going to pop over to the twins and see if they know of an older Mystic that could possibly tell me how to kill someone who can’t be killed, or at least know where I can find the information.”

Everyone agreed that it sounded like a plan. At least everyone felt like something was being done and they weren’t sitting around with their thumbs up their asses. Jenny hoped the twins were cooperative. She didn’t feel like answering any riddles or playing any games. She needed fucking answers and fast. Her daughter was strong willed but even the mighty fall and never fully recover. She knew firsthand what a sick individual her uncle was. They needed to get to Krista as soon as they could.

Once breakfast was finished, everyone went their separate ways to complete their individual tasks. They agreed to meet back up in four hours at Jenny’s so everyone would have enough time to do what needed to be done. Jenny cleared her mind, envisioned the twins’ house, and teleported herself over. Hopefully they knew she was coming, because she didn’t have time to waste.

Jenny arrived at the twins’ front door, and they were waiting for her with grim faces. That couldn’t bode well for the current situation. Nevertheless, Jenny prepared herself for the worst possible outcome.

“I need your help once again, Oracle.” Jenny wasted no time with small talk.

“Come in, and we will tell you what you need to know,” they replied together.

Jenny felt sick to her stomach. She couldn’t lose her only child. They had been together for centuries, watching each other’s backs and picking each other up when they would fall. She wouldn’t know what to do with herself if she failed her daughter. Failure wasn’t an option.

“We have much to discuss, but not much time to discuss it. Sit, please, and let’s get started.”

“You both know why I’m here, so I won’t insult you by saying it out loud. Please tell me what I need to know. I’m begging you.”

“The Mystic you seek is over two millennia old. He lives on a mountaintop high in the Himalayas. He will know how to get you the information you seek. He has an eidetic memory. You must not come empty handed, though. Bring him food, and he will help you.”

“That’s great. Does he have a name?”

“He is only known as the Old One. He will go by no other name, even though he once had one.”

“Well, that’s one problem solved. Lay the other one on me.”

“Now we give you the bad news. You must die so that you may live. The battle will be hard, and people will come out with scars that may never heal. He will not go without a fight, and you must face the sins of your past. Pay close attention to everything that happens from this moment on. Everything is important. Let no detail escape your notice. We will fight beside you no matter what.”

Well hell. That’s a lot to take in. Sins from her past. That could mean anything. Pay attention to her surroundings. This is going to be harder than she originally thought. At least they were offering to help them fight. That was one good thing, right?

“I don’t even know what to say or where to start. I just want my daughter away from that mad man and I want him to stay dead this time.”

“You will need to make a spell more powerful than any you have performed before. You will need to make your words count and put all your power behind them. Imprint your very soul into this spell.”

“My soul. That will kill me. Are you being serious? I have to put my soul into this spell to kill my uncle for good?”

“You will receive all the information you need in time. Trust what we say and you will succeed. Everything will start to make sense. Especially once you talk to the Old One. Now we have one hour and fifteen minutes. We must go now to make the meeting time with everyone else. Come. Take our hands.”

“I need to speak to Alpha Kiateya immediately. It’s of grave importance. Tell her it’s Nathan Brimming and it has something to do with one of my mates,” Nathan told the alpha’s secretary.

As he waited for her to come to the phone, he hoped she didn’t freak out on him. He hadn’t checked in, and she was not going to be happy that he was mated to a Dylia and a Mystic. She was kind of racist against other species. He just hoped she liked him enough to send a couple of his Chowder mates. He was thinking at least one or two.

“Nathan, son of mine, why haven’t I heard from you?” Kiateya asked in way of a greeting.

“Fuck it all to hell, Mother. I have important matters to discuss with you as the alpha, not my Mom. This is serious. You can be mad later.”

“No, we will discuss this now. You are my son first. How many times do I have to remind you?”

“Apparently every time. Fine. I’m sorry that you were worried. I have found my mates, but just one day later one of them was taken from me. It is a long story. Maybe you should just come to the meeting. Bring some of our best fighters. Some powerful Dylias and Mystics are involved.” He left the decision up to her. She could decide what she wanted to do.

After what felt like an hour of silence, his mother finally spoke into the phone.

“Tell me where this meeting is to take place. I will come.”

“Thank you.”

After speaking with his mother a little while longer, he told her the directions to Jenny’s townhouse. Hopefully no one died at this meeting. His mother was freaking crazy.

Kiateya looked at the phone in her hand and crushed it. Her first-born had gotten himself in a world of trouble. Mating outside the Chowder. With a Dylia and Mystic no less. Both dreadful creatures. Sadistic. Neither had any home training. Some days she hated being Alpha and a Mother. Today she could do without both. Her mate wasn’t going to be happy. She may be Alpha, but he was in charge. Everyone knew it. She would have to calm her family tremendously before they would be able to help Nathan. She hoped to be able to do so before they were to arrive. Shit, she didn’t have much time. She would have to be straightforward and blunt. Two things she was exceptionally adept in.

Taz, Jackson, and Taylor finally gathered the pack together. Now to see if any of them would be brave enough to help in this battle. They were told for as long as they could remember to stay far away from Mystics. Now they wanted them to throw caution to the wind and join them in rescuing one. Plus, they were to learn that not only their alpha but their betas also mated to them. This should be fun. NOT!

“Dylias, thank you for coming out on such short notice. I have gathered you all here today to ask for your help. This is strictly voluntary. No one will be made to help if they don’t want to. Please hold off all questions until I finish explaining what has happened. I met my mates a couple of nights ago, and last night one of them was taken from me. I have a male mate that is a Hyjia and the female, the one who has been kidnapped, is a Mystic. Yes, I’m fully aware of their reputation, but she is mine and I will go through anyone to have her back. Another Mystic took her; in fact, it is her long lost father that her mother thought was dead all these centuries. Now I need a few of the strongest to help me get her back. Who wants to help?” Taz asked.

No one said a word. You could hear a freaking pin drop. They figured there would be problems, but silence? Never. It was freaking weird. Someone needed to say something and fast.

“We understand everyone may be in shock, but does anyone have anything to say at all?” Jackson asked.

Well fuck it all! This was going to be harder than everyone thought. Jackson wished that he could just make a few of them go, but Taz said it was strictly voluntary. Shit!

“We will go and help you fight. My brothers and I are not afraid,” Brian Cole said, which included Billy and Bane.

“Good. Anyone else want to come along?” Taz asked.

They all just stood there without saying a word. Apparently the Cole brothers were the only ones coming along on this trip. At least someone was going to come. Better than none.

“Ok. Billy, Brian, and Bane—if you’ll follow Taylor, Jackson, and me, we need to get some supplies and meet back at my mate’s mother’s house. Everyone else be safe and stay out of trouble. I will return as soon as I can. Meeting adjourned,” said Taz.

Hopefully Jenny and Nathan had better luck on their ends. Six wolves, one Hyjia, and a Mystic were so not going to be enough, Jackson thought to himself. He felt Taylor agree with him in his head. He just hoped they came out of this shit alive or at least without permanent damage.

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