Dark Indiscretions

By Shakuita Johnson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

Chapter 1

Boston, Massachusetts, 2012

Finally, she was home from a long day at work. All she wanted to do for the few hours she had left was to take a nice, long bath, drink a couple of glasses of wine, and curl up with a great book. For the next four days, she didn’t have to be a child psychologist anymore; it was a long four-day weekend, and Jennifer Johnston was not going to take it for granted. She rarely ever got a day off, even when she was supposed to be off. There was always some emergency that required her immediate attention. Hell, to be quite honest, she could use the break from all the horrible secrets her little “clients” revealed to her. Matter of fact, she was tired of soaking up the horrible memories of these poor abused and neglected children. They haunted her at the end of every day after her sessions. She was a Mystic for goodness sake. She should be used to horror stories, but she guessed she was cut from a different cloth; something her family would never let her forget. Her family. She was so not going there again. She would much rather forget them and that fucked up night, all those many years ago. Or centuries ago. Whatever.

Yes, she had lived for a very long time, yet she was still fucking alone. She hadn’t found her Nyhiya - her one true love - yet. She was a Mystic, meaning she was half Vampyra and half shape-shifting witch. Meaning she was one of the baddest things stalking the night. She was a descendant of the few surviving “true” pure blood families. They didn’t make them like her anymore, meaning more and more Mystics were turning their noses up at the incest part of their history. You could still find a few families that practiced the old ways, but not as many as there were. The Mystics were what people liked to refer to as evil reincarnated. They felt no remorse. They killed without prejudice. Well, they all did, at least until she was born. She just couldn’t be like the rest of them. They were ruthless, inhumane creatures that cared little for things that they deemed weren’t worthy in their eyes. They were even believed to show no emotions at all but it wasn’t true. They felt things, just extremely differently from normal species did. They had no in-between. It was all or nothing with Mystics. She didn’t want to be one; it disgusted her that she had no choice in what she was. But that was the fate she was given. What she was born to be. A thing of pure evil.

“This is ridiculous. You are nothing like the rest of your kind. They can’t find you now. You are powerful in your own right. No one would dare fuck with you,” Jenny said out loud. More so for her own benefit and peace of mind.

After the little pep talk, Jennifer was starting to feel better. She climbed the steps of her two-bedroom townhouse and opened her bedroom door. It was a very good find for the area she lived in. Everything was so damn expensive in Massachusetts. Yes, she had the money but it still didn’t make it easier to hand it over. Some days she wished she’d have sprung for a house somewhere outside the city, but she was closer to work here. She would have hated a long commute back and forth nearly seven days a week. Her days were already long, and she didn’t want to make them unnecessarily longer. The two-story brick townhouse would have to do for now. One day she would find her dream home but now wasn’t the time.

Jennifer stripped to nothing but her panties and went into the bathroom, where she began to fill the tub with hot water, pouring lavender bath salts and bubble bath under the steady stream. She took the last remnants of her clothing off in front of the mirror as the tub filled, and took the pins out of her curly, waist-long, auburn hair and started to brush it out. She then rolled it back up onto her head in a messy bun and clamped it in place so it wouldn’t get wet.

Looking fully at her reflection, she said, “I need to get laid.” It had been months since she had visited a club to engage in no-strings-attached sex, with whoever she found attractive at the time. She also needed to feed, although she hated having to take some poor human’s blood without them being any the wiser. Jennifer wanted something real, though. She wanted her Nyhiya.

“Get a grip, Jen. You still have time. Maybe if you got out more and stopped burying yourself in work, you might find the person fate decided for you.”

With the water just the way she liked it, she shut the water off and started the jets. She padded her way downstairs, poured a huge glass of Moscato, thought about it for a moment and grabbed the bottle as well, then headed back upstairs into the bath to wash away the day.

“Ahhh. Now this is the life. A guy could get used to this. Have you ever seen so many sexy looking men in one place, Jackson? I mean imagine the possibilities, babe.”

Taylor Durham was in a gay man’s heaven, with all those tight bodies swaying back and forth to the music. Grinding together in harmony. Half-naked men all over the place; some in compromising positions. He could feel himself growing harder by the minute.

Yep. Heaven.

Well, that is the name of the club. Heaven’s Angles. The sign above the door sported several pictures of sex positions at various angles. One could live here forever if you asked him. He had dragged his best friend, Jackson Dawls, here tonight because he needed some no-holds-barred dancing and a good lay. Nothing got Jackson in the sexing mood like some dancing, groping, and drinking. They were Dylia – wolf shape-shifters – with increased sexual appetites, and all those male bodies together got them all hot and bothered. So it was going to be a good night. A damn great night if Taylor had his way. And Taylor always got his way. Especially when it came to Jackson.

“The only sexy looking man you should be interested in is me, Nyhiya. You are mine and I will kill, maim, or castrate anyone who tries to say otherwise,” Jackson replied.

“Aw, babe, I love it when you get all growly. Makes my wolf wanna roll over and submit,” Taylor said.

“As it should,” Jackson deadpanned.

He loved being a wolf. They both did. The Dylia were among the strongest, fastest, and deadliest of any supernatural beings in the world; at least that’s what they had heard. Those twisted-as-fuck Mystics were by far the deadliest. He never wanted to be in an alley alone with one of those psychotic assholes. When Jackson and Taylor were just young pups, they were warned not to be caught alone with one of the immoral bastards. It was a bedtime horror story parents told their children to keep them in line. Wanted to give your children a good scare when they acted up too badly, just tell them you were dropping them at the edge of the woods for the Mystics to find. They got their shit together real quick. He had never run into one, and he hoped to all that’s holy that he never would. And neither did his Nyhiya. He wouldn’t know what to do without the man. Nope, didn’t even want to think about it. He was giving himself nightmares just imagining it.

“Let’s get something to drink, baby. All this dancing is making me thirsty.” Taylor grabbed Jackson’s hand and pushed, sometimes shoved, their way through the crowd to the bar. “Two Jack and Cokes please,” Taylor said to the bartender.

“Coming right up,” the bartender replied. They took their drinks and had a seat. Taylor was so hard it hurt. All he could do was think of Jackson’s cock pounding into his ass. With that thought in his head, he downed his drink and looked over at his Nyhiya with one raised brow. He knew that look would get him what he wanted, and even if he was doubtful, all he had to do was look at the impressive bulge in his lover’s pants. Quicker than Taylor could blink, Jackson had him up and over his shoulder making a bee-line to the front entrance and to their car. He was unceremoniously tossed into the passenger side while Jackson raced around to the driver’s side. He didn’t even get his seatbelt attached before he heard the tires screeching across the pavement. Seemed someone was in a hurry to get their dick wet tonight. Dancing and sweaty bodies worked every time.

They made it home in record time and wasted no time getting inside the house. Shirts, pants, and shoes went flying every which way as soon as they hit the threshold over the front door. Taylor crashed into the bedroom first, followed closely by Jackson. As soon as Jack’s back hit the bed, Taylor was all over him without so much as a warning growl.

“Fuck! That’s it, Tay. Suck that cock, baby. Your lips feel fantastic around my dick. Only thing better is my dick sliding in and out of your ass,” Jackson moaned out.

Damn. Taylor loved it when Jackson talked dirty. He abso-fucking-lutely loved it. He didn’t think it was possible to get any harder, but his dick was seriously trying. He loved the feel of Jackson’s long dick sliding over his tongue. He was pretty damn thick, too. He pulled back until only the head remained. He sucked on the head while twirling his tongue around it at the same time. If the grunts and hair pulling were any indications, Taylor was doing exactly what he knew his lover loved. All that would make this perfect would be bouncing on that monster cock.

“Get the fuck up here! Mm, babe, I taste good on you. Now get on your hands and knees while I lick you in all the places you love,” Jackson ordered.

Yeah, Taylor so loved when his man talked dirty. Turned him on faster than watching porn. “What’s taking so long, Jack? You gonna stare all night or hurry up with the fucking?” Taylor challenged.

“Patience, asshole. I’m enjoying the view,” Jackson growled out. What a view it was too, Jackson thought to himself as he ran his hands along the round globes of his man’s ass. Jackson relished the little needy moans that were coming from his baby. Taylor Durham was his best friend and his lover. Jackson loved that boy more than his own life. He would do anything for the man below him. And he wasn’t just saying that to say it. He had proved those words a time or two in the past century. Taylor was the best mate anyone could ever ask for. He was just submissive enough to let him control their pleasure, but also strong enough to watch his back when they got into a tight spot. And they had been in a few. Mostly because his Tay had a temper. But most Dylia did, Jackson included.

Jackson quickly sucked two of his fingers and then rubbed them between Taylor’s ass. He then pushed one then the other finger inside the tight hole, passing the rings of muscle easily. His baby was always so relaxed for him, and that was probably because he trusted him completely. “Faster and harder, Jack. You know how I like it. Hurry up and stretch me before I explode. I need you inside me,” Taylor whined.

“Okay, baby, okay. Turn ’round and get my dick nice and wet real quick and I’ll give it to you just how you like it.” His man did just like he asked. Taking him all the way down to the root in one try. Damn that felt good. It almost felt too good. He almost came right then and there, but he had to wait until he was inside of his baby. “That’s good enough. Lay on your back. I wanna see you while I take you.”

He positioned the tip of his dick against Taylor’s hole and slid inside until he was buried balls deep. He started up a slow, steady rhythm until he heard the panting and growling below him. He knew what that meant. His baby wanted him to go faster and harder, but he liked to enjoy the feel of him for a while before he got them both to the place they wanted to be. “Jackson, please. I need, baby. I want to feel you,” was the breathy plea Jackson received from Taylor. Unable to deny his boy anything, he gladly obliged.

As he started to thrust in and out, faster and harder, he made sure to hit that sweet spot on every stroke he made. Taylor was scratching, biting, and making little meowing sounds. That meant he was close and there was just one more thing left to do. He looked into his man’s eyes, leaned down, and kissed him. Panting and out of breath, Taylor slowly turned his head and Jackson felt his canines descend. That’s when he struck. His lover cried out below him and his cum jetted out between them in succession to each pull on his neck. Four more strong and powerful strokes had Jackson roaring out his release into his Nyhiya’s neck. He lay on top of him breathing hard and trying to lick the bite closed before too much blood loss.

Jackson got up on shaky legs and padded to the bathroom. He wet a cloth with warm water and cleaned himself up. He did the same with another cloth and went out to the bedroom to do the same for his lover. Taylor was curled up, already fast asleep. He took the cloth and gently cleaned his lover so he wouldn’t be sticky in the morning. Throwing the cloth back toward the bathroom, he climbed into bed with his love and held him close. “Love you, baby,” Jackson said. His lover’s reply was to snuggle deeper into his embrace. He kissed the top of his head and promptly fell asleep. This made life worth living. Going to bed with his man in his arms and waking up the same way.

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