Dark Indiscretions

By Shakuita Johnson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

Chapter 18

James was tickled. He had a daughter. He thought this day would never come. He would have been even happier, but it seemed that Jenny had suppressed her basic natures. James couldn’t have that. He could tell that she was just like him, not her mother. No matter. He would have fun breaking her. In all his two thousand years, he could never have imagined his life would be where it was. He blamed his parents. They robbed him of what his life should have been so he had to make a new one. If he was honest with himself, he liked this outcome much better.

Even though he was the oldest son and should have rightfully been wed to his sister, Sara, things didn’t go as planned. Sam and Sara were twins and as close as could be. She flat out refused to be his when the time came, saying she would only be with Samuel. Something about them sharing the same soul or some shit since they were twins. Bunch of bullshit if you asked him, but no one fucking did. Just told him he would have to find another mate since his parents weren’t having any more children and Sara had put her foot down. The little bitch. Always getting whatever she wanted.

Maybe that was why he was so bitter and decided that Jennifer would be his. It was perfect as far as he was concerned. He would take the next best thing since they stripped him of what rightfully belonged to him. He was the eldest son; his sister should have been his. Instead he was rejected. He was one thousand when his sister and brother were born. He remembered being excited that he would finally not be alone anymore. What a fool he had been. Never again, though. He made his own way. He just sat back and waited his turn. He knew that they would have children eventually and the first girl they had would be his. He even asked to be polite instead of demanding when they had little Jenny. They had the nerve to tell him no. He didn’t let on how pissed he was. He just let them think he was okay with it all, but he had been planning. Hell, if Jenny hadn’t taken them out, he was a few days from kidnapping her. It worked out better than he had hoped. Well, besides the whole dying thing. Good thing he could regenerate. That came in super handy. But dying did suck. Not something he planned on doing again. His Jenny was a firecracker.

As James looked upon his daughter’s face, he couldn’t help but smile. She looked just like him. He was sure deep down she was like him in every way. Only thing keeping her from her true potential was her mother, but he was going to remedy that soon enough. Torture did wonders to the soul. He loved this father-daughter bonding thing they were doing. He knew he didn’t have long. Jenny would be coming to them soon. He wanted to surprise her when he unleashed their daughter’s true nature. He couldn’t wait to see the look on her face. It was going to be priceless.

James wished Krista hadn’t passed out so soon. Now he was bored. What was he supposed to do in the mean time? Oh yes, that is perfect, James thought to himself. Jenny would never see this one coming. Even though he despised the assholes, he needed them right now. He could always end them once he was done with them. Jenny no doubt would come with back-up and he was going to need a bit of help. Good thing he could not only bring himself back from the dead but other people as well. Samuel, Sara, Sam Jr., and John had been super pissed when they got here. He was also going to have to lay down some ground rules. They couldn’t go after Jenny until they killed her little friends. In fact, they wouldn’t be going after Jenny at all because as soon as they wore out their usefulness, they were going to die again.

Yes, this is the perfect plan, James thought. He was so damn smart sometimes he surprised himself. If only his former best friend, Kain, could see him now. He had always said that James never had the patience to get things done. How wrong he was. James was all kinds of patient. He had looked for Jenny for centuries, and when he finally found her he bade his time until the perfect moment. Those silly Oracle twins forced him to up his timetable a bit, but no matter. He would have Jenny if it was the last thing he did.

James was enjoying recalling the look of horror on Jennifer’s face when his sister strolled in like she owned the place.

“Brother dear, what have you been hiding?” Sara asked James.

“Who the hell are you to question me, girl? I brought you back from Hell, and I can send you back with a simple snap of my fingers,” James spat.

To think all those centuries ago he was bitter because Sara didn’t want him. He dodged a fucking bullet. Jennifer was perfectly suited for him, unlike Sara, who always schemed and plotted to get what she wanted. She may play her twin like a fiddle but not him. He would not be distracted.

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