Dark Indiscretions

By Shakuita Johnson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

Chapter 13

Luckily or unluckily, no one had discovered the bodies left behind by Jenny and Krista. Now all they had to do was manage to sneak into the couple’s home undetected. The street was busy and people were coming and going. Surely if they got out of the car now, people would start to notice them and maybe even remember their faces. Hell, it wouldn’t even be smart to park near the home.

“I saw a park two streets over. We can park over there for the time being in a secluded spot, and Krista and I can teleport us all inside the home. You didn’t hear movement, did you Krista?” Jenny asked.

“No, Mom, there are no sounds coming from the house. I’ll find us a spot to stop and hide the car at the park.”

Jenny looked around as they were driving off to make sure no one was paying too much attention to them. She didn’t see any immediate threats, but then again no one ever did until they were caught. It wouldn’t do for anyone to be able to place them at the scene once the bodies were found. She didn’t have the ability to make people forget completely, especially if they were specifically looking at her. The trick she pulled at the club was different. It was all low light and hardcore drugs. No one really knew what they did or didn’t see. She sometimes wished she could erase memories. If she could, she would erase her own.

They found the perfect spot at the park, hidden behind a worn, dirt road. Not many people came back here, and those who did were most likely up to no good. They wouldn’t notice the car, but to be on the safe side Jenny and Krista used their witch powers to do a small concealing spell. That should last long enough for them to check out the house.

“You guys ready? You may feel a little queasiness once we appear in the house. It’s perfectly normal for people who aren’t used to teleportation,” Jenny said to the group. Everyone nodded their understanding and a few moments later they all appeared in the couple’s sitting room. Jenny told Krista to aim there because it wasn’t in the open and no one should be able to detect them from the outside. Once inside, Jenny evoked a cloaking spell on everyone, and Krista reinforced it so no one would see them poking around.

“Ugh, those bodies are getting ripe in here. Once we are done we should call in a tip to the police. The smell and decomposition is only going to get worse,” Taylor remarked. They smelled and looked around for hours. Jackson eventually spoke up. “There is another smell by the bed besides Jennifer’s and theirs. It’s faint...like he/she tried to cover it up. But it’s there and it’s Mystic.”

Just what she didn’t need, Jenny thought. Some Mystic nut job following her around. “So why did this person leave me alive and kill them? There is no message to pass on to let me know they are watching. I just woke up to death with no explanation,” Jenny stated.

“I think we should also try to make a trip to the library and look at old newspapers to see if there have been anymore unexplained deaths around where you’ve been,” was Taylor’s reply.

Jenny just wanted to be left alone. All this excitement wasn’t her thing. “Let’s get back to the car and then we can see those twins you were talking about, Nate,” Krista said. They teleported out of there and took the spells off of the house. Once they were back in the car, Taylor used the park phone to make the call to the police. No one was at the park so no one would be able to place him at the phone.

An hour and a half later they pulled up to a small, secluded house thirty minutes away from the main road. They parked in front of the house and the door started to open as everyone got out of the SUV.

“Jennifer, long time no see,” Angeline and Fatima Capricé said in unison.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me,” Jenny said. “Really? If I had my way it would be even longer. If I knew you were the twins Nathan was talking about, I would have told him no. In fact, we’ll just be leaving. Let’s go, guys. I don’t need help from the double mint twins.”

Jenny knew she was probably being unreasonable, but she hated these bitches with a passion. Always thinking they were better than everyone. Plus, they always knew things that were best kept private. She had stopped trying to be their friend in her teens and was glad when their family moved away. They were creepy, and if a Mystic thought you were creepy then that was saying something.

“Mom, come on. We are already here. Whatever your baggage is, get over yourself. If Nate thinks they can help, it’s worth a try,” Krista remarked.

Damn kid. Who did she think she was talking to? Jenny hated when she got all uppity, like she knew what was best for her. She really didn’t feel like participating in this foolishness. They just didn’t understand. “I don’t want them knowing my personal business. Do you know how their sight works?” Jenny looked at all the blank faces. “That’s what I thought. I know how they work, and I know their little bullshit tricks. I’m sure we can find someone who isn’t going to waste our time with mind games. It was always their favorite past time.” Jenny was getting annoyed.

“Jennifer, we understand your concerns but that was centuries ago. We have grown up since then and are no longer taking our sight lightly. We can help. We know we can. Just give us a chance to prove it to you,” the twins replied together.

She really hated when they talked in freaking unison. The shit was disturbing. She looked at them to see if this was a joke or if they were sincere. She still didn’t really trust them, but they were already here.

“Jenny, we’ve come this far. Let’s just finish it. I’m hungry,” Taylor said.

“Damn it! Fine, let’s go inside and get this over with then.” Jenny hoped this wasn’t a waste of their precious time.

“We took the liberty to gather everything we would need. We knew you were coming, so we wanted to be prepared just in case. If we could have Jenny sit at the center of the circle we can start shortly. Everyone else, please wait in the foyer to your left,” the twins said.

Yes, definitely not something you see every day, was Jackson’s thought. This day just kept getting weirder. He was still reeling from the shock of finding out he and Taylor had another mate who was a Mystic and now they were surrounded by a bunch of psychos. He couldn’t wait to get back home so he could lie down. “Could we all possibly get something to drink while we wait?” he asked the twins.

“Sure, we were just going to get sandwiches and drinks for you guys while Jenny gets settled in the circle. Sometimes the visions come quickly and sometimes not, so we prepared for both outcomes,” the twins replied.

A few minutes later the twins returned with the food and drinks and laid everything out. “Eat up and please try not to disrupt the spell. It could have dire consequences if uncompleted. The bathroom is down the hall and the kitchen is through that door. Feel free to help yourselves. We will return when the sighting is complete,” the twins informed.

Angeline and Fatima returned to the spell room where Jenny was relaxing. “Jennifer, we will begin shortly. Do you remember how a sighting works? If not, it’s okay. We will guide you through it,” they said.

“I clear my mind and allow you to read my aura and magic. I don’t resist or move so the spell isn’t disrupted,” Jenny replied.

“Very good. Now get comfortable while we get ready to recite the spell,” said the twins.

As Jenny settled her mind and her body, she could smell the herbs and hear the humming of the twins. She let go of her worries and got ready for the sighting.

Angeline and Fatima sat on either side of Jenny and started to sway and hum so the magic could catch them. After several minutes they felt the spine tingling sensation of magic flowing through them. Abruptly their eyes glazed over and their humming stopped, replaced with the spell of the sighting.

Mirror image, look at me,

See what I see.

Mirror image same as me,

Tell me what it is you see.

Mirror image merge with me,

The future is what we aim to see.

He stalked closer to the home of Angeline and Fatima Capricé.

“So my prey decided to see the twins so they could show her the future. No matter. This will not stop me from getting back that which is mine. She has been away from me for too long as it is. Knowing her future won’t change it. She will be mine and the twins will deliver my message. Soon, my love, everything will be as it should have been.”

He would let them cast their spell before he made his presence known. It was time he stopped hiding in the shadows and revealed himself. He couldn’t wait to see the look on her face once she saw him. The anticipation made him giddy. This has been the longest hunt of his life, but it was all about to come to a head tonight. It better have been worth it or he was going on a killing spree that made Jennifer’s look like child’s play.

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