Dark Indiscretions

By Shakuita Johnson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

Chapter 12

Well, the cat was out of the bag now. So many secrets. Jenny didn’t know how she felt now that everything was out in the open. She had held it in for centuries. Never telling anyone. Not even Krista knew the extent of what had happened back then. Now she knew and she hoped it didn’t break her. She was afraid to speak or even look around at the faces in the room. She didn’t want to see the pity or looks of disgust.

Jackson felt like the world’s biggest asshole. If he were her, he would have killed every last one of them as well. Only thing he would have done differently was use his bare hands. Her family had been a bunch of sick, twisted, sadistic monsters, who should have been put down like rabid dogs. The uncle was the worst. How she could live all these years knowing what her family was and raise the child her uncle forced upon her, were beyond him. What do you say to someone after they bare their soul like that? To top it all off she was also his other mate. Baggage didn’t even begin to cover the cluster fuck that was now his life.

“Jennifer, I don’t know what to say. To say sorry would seem like a joke,” Jackson remarked. He looked around the room and everyone still seemed to be in shock over this new revelation. Poor Krista Belle looked on the verge of a mental breakdown. I’m sure her mother never wanted her to hear the story of her conception, and here I go making her yank the cat out of the bag, thought Jackson.

“You don’t have to say anything. No one does. It’s out in the open now. You know I’m not the monster people make me out to be. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. Krista, honey, I never meant for you to know this. You are the best thing in my life, and I wouldn’t trade you for anything. Please don’t be angry or blame yourself. You are mine, and I wouldn’t change that fact for a minute. Do you understand?” Jenny had to make her understand or at least listen.

“I understand, Mom. I just... God, how could they do those awful things to you? How could you carry around all this by yourself for so long? I don’t ever want to be like them.” Krista was at a loss for words.

Everyone had fallen silent. The tension was thick in the air, and no one knew how to break it. Nathan’s brain was working overtime. He couldn’t begin to rationalize any of what he had just heard. There was so much going on. He only had one question. “Jennifer, I don’t mean to keep you thinking about your trauma, but you stated you knew your family was dead. Does that also include your uncle? You never said for sure. You just said you heard him yelling your name as he was screaming in pain. Are you sure the spell worked?”

“Am I sure? Of course it worked. It must have. If it didn’t he wouldn’t have waited this long to make his presence known. He has to be dead. The spell I used was one of great power. It was almost just as powerful as the one I used on my mother, father, and brothers, and they all died within minutes. That’s one spell taking out four people. My uncle was only one person, and it was a powerful spell.” Jenny just knew he couldn’t have survived that spell. That could not have happened.

“Well, someone is trying to call you out or hurt you,” said Nathan. “Could anyone else have it in for you? Why would someone kill your prey? Something isn’t adding up around here. I know of two Mystics. They have the fore sight. They see things no one else sees. They are mirror image twins so their power is that much greater. Maybe they can see something we can’t, unless there is a similar power between the two of you.” Nathan was all for making suggestions.

“Your friends could be of great help, Nathan. Thank you, honey, for the suggestion. My power is reading minds and my mother has a photographic memory, so they could possibly be of great help,” Krista replied.

Photographic memory? That could be of some use, Taylor thought. Maybe Jenny saw something that she didn’t realize was in her memory. “Jennifer, your memory; maybe you saw something but you aren’t sure you saw it. We need to see the place you were last night again before the cops start crawling all over it. We can sniff around, and then maybe we can see these friends of Nathan’s.”

Ha! His baby was so freaking smart, thought Jackson. Always coming up with the plans. “Tay, that sounds like a great plan. Anyone have any objections?” Jackson asked. Nobody spoke up, so everyone gathered their things to leave. Jackson kept stealing glances at Jenny from the corner of his eyes, and he knew Taylor was doing the same. They would all have to find time to sit and talk about their bond later after they did some investigating. The feeling that Jackson had was getting stronger. He just knew something foul was afoot, and he didn’t know if they were ready for what was to come. But damn if he wasn’t invested now whether he wanted to be or not.

He just hoped he didn’t get Taylor killed before this was all over.

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