Dark Indiscretions

By Shakuita Johnson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

Chapter 11

“Let go of me, damn it! What the hell is wrong with all of you?” Jenny was being ignored deliberately. Her brothers were dragging her down to the basement while her parents followed. Her father’s face was bright red from anger the entire time. Her mother was smoothing her hand down her father’s back while quietly murmuring. Jenny had to get the hell out of there. She was trying to remember the curse she knew, but she was too shaken to concentrate. She had no idea what they had planned. They put her in a room and tied her to the chair in the center. She saw all kinds of weapons decorating the walls.

“Just how stupid are you?” Sammy sneered while backhanding her. She was going to kill this jackass first. Why couldn’t she remember that damn curse? It’s all she had been working on the past several weeks. She had to calm down, but that was hard with her brothers’ hands smacking her around. The hitting she could deal with. The torture devices were another story. Hopefully, she got her shit together and remembered that curse before they decided to use them. Her parents just sat back and watched her being beaten. She hated them both. All they had to do was leave her the hell alone. That’s all she wanted.

“I’m going to kill you all,” Jenny managed to gasp out through bloodied lips. The beating had finally stopped. Her brothers were giddy and covered in her blood.

“What next, Father?” John asked.

“Grab the butcher knife, John. You know what to do with it,” was the reply from their father. This wasn’t good at all. John was a sadist with the butcher knife. She really needed to remember that fucking curse. The first slash to her face hurt like a son of a bitch. After the tenth cut to her body she stopped feeling them, but it didn’t stop her from screaming every time the blade touched her skin. Her throat was sore and her ears ringing from the sound of her screams. Her parents looked bored in the corner as John worked. Jenny guessed it was a good thing she healed fast or she would already be dead. After roughly one hundred cuts to her body, her father told John to stop. He still got twenty more cuts in anyway. Sammy watched with glee and eagerly awaited his turn. Jenny passed out for a little while then.

Jenny awoke, chained to the wall and with the sound of a whip whistling through the air. At first contact she felt like liquid fire was being poured on her back and flesh ripped from her carcass. Sammy loved the cat o’ nine tail whip. It was his favorite toy as a child. After the fifth hit she gratefully passed out.

Jenny woke a short while later. She was bloody and sore all over. She could barely make out the words her family was saying to each other in the corner, but she had no doubt that they were planning her next torture session. Just when she had almost given up hope, a spell made its presence known to her. She remembered now. With the last of her strength, she repeated the words aloud.

Blood of my blood,

Flesh of my flesh,

I call forth your hearts to rest.

From the names picked from my mind,

For this world they will surely part.

To those in my sight who bare ill will towards me,

You no longer are to be.

Jenny watched as her family’s faces went ashen as they started to burn from the inside out. She could hear their screams drowning out all other sounds. Then she heard her name being called. That couldn’t be possible. She had killed them all.

“Jenny, it’s Uncle James. Can you hear me? Jenny!!! Oh my God, Jenny, what have they done to you? Let’s get you out of here,” James Johnston exclaimed.

Jenny was too weak to protest to anything. In fact she felt kind of numb. She had finally done it. She had killed her family. Even though they deserved it she still felt bad. Her uncle sounded sincere but something was off. She could feel it but she couldn’t think clearly. She wasn’t healing fast enough to focus.

“Don’t worry, Jenny. I will take care of you,” James stated.

Take care of me...What the hell is he blabbering about? Jenny thought. I just need a few hours to heal, and I’ll be great. Then I can get all my things and leave this place. Jenny definitely felt a tingling in her spine, but she still didn’t know what it was trying to tell her. They pulled up 40 minutes later to her uncle’s house.

“Here we are, my sweet. Home sweet home.” Yes it was official: her uncle was as crazy as the rest of them. She would bide her time, heal a bit, and then she was out of this place. “Let’s take you to your new room. I hope you like it.” Outstanding, just what she needed right now. Well at least he wasn’t beating and torturing her.

Four hours later she was still sore, but she was feeling much better. It was time to get the hell out of this place. She got up on unsteady feet and made her way to the door. She didn’t know where her uncle ran off to, but she didn’t care. It was time to go. She ran into him in the hallway. “Jenny, sweetie, you shouldn’t be up.”

“It’s okay, Uncle Jamie, I’m feeling much better now. So I’ll just get out of your hair.” There. Hopefully he would let her go peacefully, but there would be no such luck. Especially when she saw his face darken.

“Leave? You can’t leave. You are mine forever now, Jennifer. It’s time you got used to it. Now be a good girl and go back to bed.” She was done arguing with crazy. She saw the back stairs and started for them. She only got about five steps in before a heavy weight landed on her; her uncle screaming things she couldn’t quite make out. Before she knew it her clothes were ripped from her body.

“You think to leave me. I’ll teach you. I would have gone slow and been patient, but now you leave me no choice,” James screamed as his full weight held her down and raped her. She was wrong, this was much worse than the torture the rest of her family had inflicted on her. Much worse. She was mortified and humiliated. She just wanted to die. Then grief turned to rage. How dare he do this to her? The spell flew out of her lips ever so smoothly.

Blood of the living,

Blood of the damned.

Take this evil,

Send it back to hell.

He was so wrapped up in his climax that he didn’t know what she had done until the spell took hold of him and threw him across the room. He was screaming and clawing at his face. Jenny used the last of her strength to flee and never once looked back. Even with her uncle screaming her name. She had to get away from Virginia, and she had to do it tonight.

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