Dark Indiscretions

By Shakuita Johnson All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

Chapter 9

He had a spell he needed to cast before he made his move. Reinforcements would need to be summoned before he showed his hand to Jennifer. She would not expect this turn of events. Making his way to the basement of the townhouse he’d bought, he went to the giant pentagram he’d etched into the concrete. The amount of magic he was about to channel would require a few herbs to focus the energy. Could he do it without them? Absolutely, but using the herbs would make the task quicker. Raw energy channel was always risky, no matter how old and experienced the Mystic doing the channeling was. And resurrecting people took even more energy and focus.

Going over to his impressive bookshelf, he looked through each tome until he found the one he’d written centuries ago. It had the spell that would help him do this summoning right the first time. Looking over what he’d written, he went over to his herb cabinet and pulled down some anise, gardenia, and thistle. They were good for conjuring the dead. The spell would make them whole again once the herb mixture summoned them to him. He took down a bowl and crushed the herbs inside it. After sprinkling a bit of oil over them, he struck a match and threw it in. Gently picking the bowl up, he walked back over to the pentagram and put the bowl in the center.

The smoke started to thicken as the herbs burned. He started to slowly fan the smoke out from the bowl with his hands, thinking of those he wished to summon until their shapes formed around the circle. Once he could clearly see their confused spirits, he stood up tall and put as much power behind his words as he could.

Blood of my blood

Mind to mind

Ripped from your bodies

Now turned to spirit

My power calls to thee

Come back and follow me

Taken from this world too soon

Now on this day of a crescent moon

I hereby grant you all your power

So come and reclaim what was taken in your weakened hour

Revenge is close, within your grasp

Snatch it quick before the opportunity can pass

Or something like that. He was never good at the writing spells part. He preferred just blasting raw power into his enemies. Once Jennifer was his, he’d make her write him better spells. For now he stood by and watched his handiwork. The spell worked and that was all that mattered. Jennifer wouldn’t know what hit her.

In the middle of the forest

He shot up in bed next to his sleeping lover. He didn’t want to wake him, so he tried to be as quiet as he could. Damn! He’d hoped the words he foolishly spoke in his youth would never come to pass. What the hell had he been thinking? There was nothing to do now but hope for the best. He couldn’t interfere. Not yet. He had to let the first phase run its course. It was only a matter of time before ‘The Prophecy’ would inevitably begin. In the morning he would start the preparations, but for now he just hoped he was wrong about the direction of his visions. One more day of denial wouldn’t kill anyone. He hoped.

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