Pregnant and Rejected.

By Shadowbear All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Nikki Smith, an almost graduate of college is having the time of her life with her two best friends, Andrew and Becky, when Andrew finally finds his mate and throws a huge party. Unknowingly, Nikki just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. When she meets, her mate, Hunter. Hunter Remington, alpha of the Midnight pack comes to celebrate his sisters mating when he finds her. His other half. But one thing gets in the way. He doesn't want her. Things get twisted as a new character joins in and everything becomes more complicated. Will Nikki and Hunter ever be together? Or are their fates ever destined to be apart?

Chapter 1

“Please come to the party? Pretty please with a cherry on top?” My best friend, Becky says as she kneels in front of me on the floor, giving me her famous puppy dog eyes.

“I don’t even like cherries.” I reply laughing at her small form, her light brown hair in curls around her shoulders and her blue eyes shining with excitement.

“I know, but I’ll do anything to get you to go!” she says exaggeratedly as she throws her hands in the air. A chuckle leaves my mouth as I stand up from my bed, before walking into the connecting bathroom. A squeal of excitement sounds behind me causing my chuckle to become a full blown laugh. As much as I don’t want to go, I still love to party. It has always helped relieve some of the stress of going to college, more exactly Medical school.

I’m in my last year of college, but not just any college. Werewolf college. Where you can go to learn almost anything you need to be a were. I myself am going to become a doctor in the world. It’s like a cross between a veterinarian and a regular doctor, how weird is that?

But due to me being in college so long, I never moved out of my parents house, not like I’m here anyways, I lived on campus up until this last semester.

After showering, I throw on a pair of ripped skinny jeans, a red tank top, a leather jacket, and black knee high leather boots.

Walking downstairs with freshly straightened hair, I find Becky lounging on the couch talking with my parents. I go to open my mouth to ask Becky if she was ready, but am cut off by my mother, Carol. ”Nichole Ann Smith! Why do you have no make-up on?? It is the best part of getting ready?!!” My mother says standing up and ushering me back upstairs an into my room. See my mother owns a beauty salon in town and is huge into makeup, but since I don’t wear much of it, whenever she gets the chance to do it, she takes it.

“Mom, you know I don’t wear make-up that much. I always mess it up anyways” Ignoring me, she sits me down before starting her whirlwind of beautifying. What felt like hours later, but mere minutes, she finally allows me to look in the mirror. I had to admit that even with a small amount of makeup, it goes a long ways.

The girl in front of me didn’t seem like her usual shy, nerdy self, but one of outgoing and fierceness. “Thanks mom.” I say as I wrap my arms around her a smile gracing her face.

Walking back downstairs, my mother sits back down next to my father who was reading the paper, who gave me a wink before turning back to his articles. I look over to find Becky had found my moms famous brownies.

A clear of the throat has Becky jumping up from the recliner while finishing stuffing her face as crumbs fell down her body before dragging me out the door, but not before saying “bye Mr. And Mrs. Smith! We will be good, also Nikki is sleeping at mine tonight! And sorry about the mess!” I chuckle at the last part, she knows my mother is a clean freak.

The drive to Andrew’s house was short and sweet thanks to Becky’s reckless driving. I swear that girl thinks she is in Grand Theft Auto or something.

When we arrive Becky parks in Andrew’s garage. He specially cleaned out his garage for the party, so he said she could park in there. The celebration is for Andrew finding his mate, Caitlyn.

Yes, you heard me right, I said mate. We are in fact 100% werewolves. Sounds silly right? Werewolves have always been myths, but ever since I was born I’ve lived in the world of were’s and human’s. Sure, vampires, witches, and others exist, but we all kind of live separate lives.

So, back to topic. Mates are like your soul mate, your other half that you are destined to love and to be with forever. Andrew was the first of our triangle to find their other half. Becky and I had yet to find ours.

I myself don’t really want one since I’m not really ready to settle down or start a family. I’m only 24, the same age as Becky and Andrew. We have all known each other since middle school.

I secretly thought Becky and Andrew would end up being mates when they turned 18, but sadly my wish didn’t come true. See when you turn 18 you can finally find your mate. Before that you wouldn’t feel the pull towards them or anything really, since you don’t shift into your full wolf form until than. You only have the senses and power of a wolf until than.

Except of alpha blood, they shift at a young age in order to prepare them for leading a pack. An Alpha is the person in charge of each pack, which is exactly what it sounds like. A bunch of werewolves that live together or near each other. Kind of like a community.

As Becky and I walked through the door, lots of yelling and banging are heard coming from further into the house. We share a worried look before charging into the house and crashing through the kitchen two way door only to die laughing.

Andrew is cursing like crazy as he runs around the kitchen trying to cook and prepare all of the food for the party. Oh, and don’t let me forget the hot pink apron hanging around his neck that says, ‘kiss the cook.’ Caitlyn sits off to the side smirking and taking pictures on her iPhone.

Laughing, we join her at the table and just watch Andrew suffer. “So, what has happened now?” I speak up knowing Andrew has been up to no good. Like usual. I warned him it would get him in deep doodoo one day.

“He decided to take pictures of me while I was sleeping...naked. After sex with him to be exact. So when I found out I told him I refused to cook the food for the party.” She said smiling proudly of herself. Bursting out in laughter once again, we share high fives with her as Andrew stops what he was doing and shoots glares toward us.

“I said I only wanted them for myself and its not like I got to keep them anyway. You made me delete them,” he says pouting, which makes Caitlyn get up and kiss his cheek before taking the pan and pushing him aside.

“I’ll stay in here and help Caitlyn, why don’t you two finish everything else?” Becky says standing up to go cut up the vegetables. Nodding, I take Andrew’s hand and follow him to the alcohol room, which is the dining room packed full of every alcohol you can think of.

Finally after we finished preparations we were all relaxing on the couch only to be interrupted by a doorbell ringing. “Party time bitches!” Andrew yells, making Caitlyn smack him on the arm, while he just laughs and hits the button on the stereo remote.

Music starts blasting all throughout the house, causing a laugh to come out of my mouth at the song choice, Justin Bieber’s Sorry. Andrew opens the door and people start piling in from the different packs all the way to humans that overheard about the party.

Becky and I grab our previously picked out alcoholic drinks for the night, which consists of 2 bottles of vodka. One for each of us.

We open our bottles and clink them together, “To a good night, Cheers.”

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