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Loneliness eats you alive, swallowing every ounce of hope you had yet to spare. It feasts upon any happiness you have left, leaving behind empty carcass; full of despair and memories you can't seem to hold onto anymore. A tragic accident steals away Adina's parents. But there is something more, something messy, something that will change her life forever. As she struggles to adjust to a new life of loneliness and separation, she learns the truth about herself. For seventeen years she lived a life full of lies. She's different. She is the heir of a royal clan. One of the most powerful clan. She is pulled into a world of vengeance and betrayal. She is forced to decipher the puzzle of her life while avoiding the enemies who shadow her every move.


The white clouds seen during the day shifted into streams of gray the color of charcoal. They covered the sky, hiding the moon in its full glory behind them. But the moon fought, oh how it fought to shine its light on the earth. But the clouds stretched over the sky, giving it a hazy ominous feel.

The prince pulled out the cell phone and dialed the number he memorized so easily.

The prince had tousled dark brown hair, which was thick and lustrous. His eyes were mesmerizing deep ocean blue. His face was strong and defined. He had dark eyebrows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression.

She picked up after two rings.


“Son, how are you? Your father and I were just talking about you.”

“What about me?” He asked in a gentle tone as he played with the small wave shaped ring in his hand.

It was the sigil of his house. It was the element gifted to his family.

Life-giving, blue blood.

“These things are not to be discussed on the phone, Alec.
We’ll be waiting for you tomorrow. The Invitation has been sent to all the clans.”

Her voice was soft as a kitten and as radiant as a sunset. She can speak with kindness, but never hesitates to say ‘Do the right thing!’
Her every inflection and every atonement are audible. She still commands, correct and commends.

Queen or not, she’s one of the strongest women he’d ever known.

He hummed in response.
“How is everyone?” He asked, closing his eyes.

“All are good.
Busy in coordinating the event-”

A low shuffling sound came from the room. The prince did not miss it.

It was low but he heard it loud and clear.

He was trained by the guardians. His first lesson was to keep his senses high and alert.

He didn’t cut the line so as to fool the person into thinking he didn’t notice his presence.

He walked slowly to his room. His steps were light and defined.

He pulled aside the drapes slowly to enter the room.

It was dark in there. He must have forgotten to switch the lights on.

But he was familiar with this room. He could even walk with his eyes closed.

The room was silent. Too silent.

He looked around in the darkness. He didn’t have to turn the lights on to see the silhouette of the man.
There he was, standing near the bed.

The prince could tell he was well built with broad shoulders and masculine body.

He would’ve lunged at him if he didn’t saw the shadow of a gun in his hand pointed at his head.

He was far from his reach. Too far.

One wrong move and it will all end.

There was no other way.

This was it.

“I love you, mother” he whispered into the phone though his voice came out a little raspy.

“Son, what’s wrong?” He could hear the concern in her voice.

But he couldn’t answer. He knew it was meaningless. He was waiting for his assassin to make the move.

As though sensing his thoughts, the man in the shadows pulled the trigger of the hard metal gun.

No sound came.
But the pain did.

The prince fell on the carpeted floor, the phone beside him.
He could hear the voice of his mother, but he couldn’t make out the words.

A sigh left his mouth as he took his last breath.

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