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Clash of Supernaturals.

By Lovina S. All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


It is said that long time ago, at the beginning of evolution, when humans appeared for the first time, something happened...

Zeus, Poseidon and Hades came on Earth from Olympus to see the beautiful humans God had created. They were mesmerized by this new species. Their thinking capability, adaptability and defense techniques were all advanced, so the three gods decided to teach them better ways to survive, including farming, fishing, weaving and whatnot. They turned the tribal self of humans into civilized ones. It took them almost a century to accomplish their goals.

While venturing around, teaching ways and humanity to these new creatures on the heavenly beautiful Earth, they fell in love. It was unbelievable, but yes. They fell in love with three peasant sisters.

Athena, Katara and Thalia.

These three girls were most beautiful. The gods married them, and after a year they departed from Earth. Being gods, they couldn’t stay between the people longer, as they had forgotten their actual selves and indulged in the humans’ culture which had many bonds and strings. They fell in love. All brothers regretted leaving due to the heartache they suffered, the hurt to leave their wives behind.

But they were completely blind to the fact that the broken girls they left behind were pregnant.

Thalia, the eldest sister, wife of Hades, gave birth to dark creatures. They were slaves of darkness. Monsters and beasts that everybody feared. They were known as ogres, demons, giants, werewolves and vampires.

Katara, wife of Poseidon, gave birth to creatures of light. They were angels, elves, witches, and warlocks. All became slaves of nature.

Athena, the youngest sister, wife of Zeus, gave birth to Benders. They were just like regular humans, save the power of controlling the five elements of nature; air, water, fire, earth and ether [sky]. Since they were able to control all elements, they were treated as gods and saviours by humans. Benders always protected them from the other monsters, maintaining balance among all species.

But with increasing cries, prayers of pain and fear, the gods took a decision. They separated few of their children from Earth. Angels were sent to a place known as heaven because of their inhuman appearance, light and capabilities. Demons were sent to Hell because of the havoc they caused by terrorizing the humans. Ogres and giants were bound and caged at the end of the Earth, away from all humans and other species until a high being opens the gates, initiating the end. The rest of the children of gods took an oath to their fathers of living in peace with humanity, under the shadows. This way, the gods ended the suffering of the people by hiding their children from the rest of the world.

As time passed, and centuries trudged on, their children became folklore and bedtime stories.

The supernatural.


I screamed as I slipped on the mud and landed on my butt. Their sinister laughs echoed in my ears. Monsters have been chasing me for the last hour. They could have me in their grasp with barely the lift of a finger, but what was the fun in that? I sniffed, holding back tears and stood up on my tiny legs, running as fast as they could carry me. For a 4 year old I was very tough.

My mother and I were going to meet Grandma, when suddenly few monsters ambushed us. When we started getting outnumbered, Ma asked me to run and not look back. She promised she’d come soon to fetch me after killing all the monsters. Now true to the promise, I was running in this dark, dense forest to save myself and wait for her return. But the loud, hungry growls and sickening laughter were prohibiting me to do so. She said that I was her star, so I’d have to run as far as possible and secure the fate of us all.

I effortlessly jumped through fallen logs thanks to the regular training my uncle Baltzar gave me. The wind made it difficult to move forward, pushing me with all its might, but I had to survive today for Ma to find me. I gritted my teeth and fought against it. I weaved in and out of the trees, making the wind’s attempt futile.

I did not take heed of the pain that shot through my small legs when they scraped against forest floor littered with stones and thorn-filled shrubs. I may have been small, but I had resilience beyond my few years. My eyes and ears perked up to the gurgle of wobbling stones alongside the bushes and snaps of the forest fauna as the forest floor surrendered to the creatures advancing toward me. I pushed myself harder as I bolted towards the comforting veil of darkness, making it impossible to see. My heart was pounding in my head, tears and dirt decorated my whole self. Ma will not be happy if she saw me in this state. She was quite the hygiene freak.

In the darkness, I tripped on the roots of a nearby tree and fell face-first, this time tasting the mud caused by heavy rainfall. A sob escaped my mouth when I heard a dark chuckle. Cold hands grasped my neck and lifted me up from the ground effortlessly. I choked and gasped for air as the hold tightened on my neck with each passing second. The creature let out a hungry growl. He brought his nose close to my face, nudging my cheek.

“Mhhhh……. You smell so tasty. I can’t wait to feast on you tonight.” The creature mumbled, licking my cheek as I whimpered in his hold. Another one of his kind came of nowhere and snatched me from his grasp. “Give this little trouble to me. We need to kill her first and then we can share. Master said to finish both mother and daughter as soon as possible. Our men on the road took her mother down, now it’s her turn.” He growled loudly only to get a smack on his face and I get snatched from his hold. “Then I will do that fool. You look out for your way.”

And just like that, both the ugly creatures started fighting on who will kill me first and then taste me. I was beyond terrified and praying to god for some miracle to happen so that I can escape and see mother again.

Suddenly a loud howl was heard in a distance making both the creatures jump. I whimpered and cried loud for help. “Shut up you bitch.” One of them screamed and started running in opposite direction clutching my waist. In no time we were thrown against a tree and the creatures screamed. A big black wolf, probably 8 ft tall, appeared from nowhere and growled at all of us. I whimpered and backed away in tree as he attacked the creatures tearing them apart. His sharp canines dug in the neck of first creature and a sickening sound echoed in whole area making me cringe. While he was busy eating the first one, the second creature picked me up and prepared to run. But he was not lucky as the wolf caught his leg when he took his first step. The creature screamed bloody murder, throwing me on the ground in process. Unfortunately my head banged against a big rock in the way. I felt a hot liquid crawling down my eye and the last thing I noticed through my blurry vision was the wolf approaching me elongating his canines.

I coughed and tried to sit back but failed. “Ple… please do….don’t kill me…em… mommy will………. Find… me soon…..”

And with that statement my world darkened and the wolf let out a painful howl.

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