Burning Broken Chains: Rising Ashes

By J. P. Garland All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 7: Marc Cal

I can hear sounds around me, but I can’t quite identify what they exactly are.

There’s nothing around me. It’s complete darkness.

I remember I was fighting someone, a man, a rebel. That’s right it was the Phoenix, did he kill me?

So many questions are swirling around my mind, my consciousness, my being.

There’s something that’s happening to me, it feels like I’m being pulled away from myself, not physically, but mentally and psychologically. It’s pulling at me hard, dragging me to somewhere else. Is it going to take me away from the darkness? To somewhere that can answer my questions?

“Aarrrrrgggh,” I yell out loud with a blood-curdling growl.

I’ve forcefully pushed against multiple people’s hands and arms trying to keep me down. I find myself sitting upright after I’ve lurched myself up out of my dream world.

“Sir, you need to lie down, it’s best for you.”

A woman dressed like a nurse in brown rags is leaning towards me on my right.

I obey her command and lay back down on the surface I previously lying on during my unconsciousness.

I’m in a white plastered room; the room appears to be roughly three lengths by three lengths. Within the walls of my seclusion is a door in the wall to my right. On the left of the door is a painting, which I can’t correctly see to describe it’s artwork reasonably. It looks like a farm as far as I can see of it. On the wall to my left where my bed is pushed up against, there is a window sitting a length high off the ground near the end of the bed.

There are three other people in this room with me, including the nurse who told me to lay down. The other two are also nurses identifiable due to their clothes.

“Where am I?” I ask the nurses looking at me with shocked expressions.

“You’re in the hospital. You got injured during the fight earlier today,” the one right next to me replies.

“What happened? Is the city alright?”

“Mostly...the army is doing it’s best to clean up the mess. All the injured have been brought here for medical attention.”

The other two nurses remain silent with worried faces showing as if a menacing threat would come if they broke their silence.

The responsive nurse looks over to the other two and commands “you two, go get a meal sorted for Sir Cal.”

The two nod and scurry off out the door. The door slams shut causing a minor shake in the walls of the room.

The nurse next to me walks over to a black wooden seat positioned at the end of my bed. She picks it up and presses it up against the left wall and then sits in it.

“Sir, can you answer me some quick questions please?”


“What’s your name?”

“Marc, Marc Cal.”

“What is your occupation?”

“Rachker...I’m a soldier in the army.”

“Where were you last that you can remember?”

This one causes me to pause, where was I? I remember being in Quay Square, so I’d assume that’s the last place.

“Quay Square maybe.”

The nurse pauses before saying “seems like everything checks out. Your memory doesn’t seem to be lost or anything.”

I lean my head back straight, so I’m facing the roof instead of watching the nurse. I feel the bones in my neck be at ease, and relief flows in me.

I turn my head to the left and listen to the quiet cracking of the bones of my neck. Then I turn my head to the right and listen to it again. I bring my head back to its original straight position and begin to breath more calmly.

I listen to the air coming into my body as my nose inhales vigorously. A large gust flows through me at such an immense speed and fills my lungs with its gift of life.

I then exhale, which feels like a flood of air pouring out of me. The wind smashes along the sides of my throat as it is exhaled out through my mouth.

The smell of the room is disgusting as if there is a sickness in here left from the previous person and they haven’t made any attempt to fix it.

I sniff to try to make out what the smell is, but I start to feel my stomach feel uneasy and get aches and pains from the stench. I stop trying to figure out the scent, and it’s probably best for my health to live in denial on this one.

I lift my head so that I can look at the nurse sitting down again. I notice that she’s writing against something that she’s holding, it seems like a thin piece of wood.

“What are you doing?” I ask the nurse.

“I’m writing down some information for the healers.”

“What kind of information?”

“The reason you’re here...by the way, you’re going to have to do some basic tests later today. They’re simple, so that we can get your height and weight.”

“Ok then,” I say as I lay my head back on the pillow.

I look out the window to my left, from my angle I can only see the sky. It appears to be a clear sky except for three small clouds. The clouds are sitting at the top of my view through the window, shaped like the bodies of sheep along with their bright white colour. The sky beams a light blue like a calm ocean coast, colourful and magnificent in appearance. There are streaks of gold striking across the blue ocean sky as the sun, which I can’t see, is beaming its light upon the world.

“Sir Cal?” a voice from the other end of my bed asks.

“Yes, nurse?” I reply.

“About half an hour ago, we got word from someone within the council wanting to come and talk to you a-”

“What do they want with me?” I cut in, not intending to offend by doing so.

“It’s because word of you fighting the Phoenix is making its rounds in rumours and gossip around the city already. A bloodmage, who had to be healed here shortly after the fight, heard about you from some of the nurses. He’s now out, quite the fast recovery, and he wants to talk to you about your experiences fighting the Phoenix.”

“Do I have much of a choice?”

“You can only really choose WHEN not IF he talks to you.”

“Alright then...may as well get it over and done with. If the bloodmage wants to meet me, let them know tomorrow anytime after lunch is fine with me.”

“Alright thank you Sir Marc Cal,” says the nurse with a bright, broad smile stretching across her face.

I watch the nurse get up out of her seat while holding the piece of wood, which appears to have a tuft of scroll paper showing along the bottom, in her right hand. The thin plank of wood must be some writing support when there isn’t a table to lean against. In her left hand, she’s holding an ink quill.

She walks across to the other side of the room and stops at the front door.

The nurse turns around as she places the quill in her right hand with the scroll and writing support.

“The other two will come shortly and give you your meal. Until then rest your eyes,” the nurse says as she turns the doorknob and opens the doors.

She walks out the door and closes it behind her.

I take her advice and close my eyes to get some rest.

I think about what this bloodmage could be wanting to learn from me. I didn’t beat the Phoenix in our fight, so there isn’t much to tell. Also, I only survived as long as I did and put up as much of a fight because he was already tired and I took him off guard. Well, it’s not my fault that they won’t get what they’re looking for out of me. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to help, I’d do anything I could for the Monarch, but I don’t see how.

I stop thinking about today, and my mind goes blank towards the darkness of sleep as I find myself calmly drifting away into the abyss of sleep.

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