Burning Broken Chains: Rising Ashes

By J. P. Garland All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 6: Zorrie Panatell Part 1

My heart is pounding too fast for my chest to handle, it makes a thudding pain in me. I just knocked out a noble, I mean he should’ve been looking where he was going, but the courts won’t see it that way.

I crouch down to his body and touch his shoulder with a poke. No response. I can tell he’s alive because he’s showing signs of breathing. But it still worries me that he’s just laying here alone unconscious. Well, I don’t think he’s coming too anytime soon.

I stare at his face, intently examining it. He looks young like he’s just recently grown to adult. Handsome face with short brunette hair sprawled across his forehead. Average sized nose with a point, a clear indication of old Calerian Empire heritage. His slightly tanned skin reflects the burning sky above us like it’s a mirror. His face has smudges of black ash along the forehead and the cheeks as if he’s tried to rub the ash away. He looks more like a coal miner than a noble; it’s kind of funny to look at, to be honest. He’s wearing a leather suit which is suitable as the basis of where a Rachker’s armour plating is strapped on for the armour to stay securely on the person. His fur coat hanging over his leather suit sags down by his wrists as if he was caught mid-way through taking it off. His sword strapped to his side ready to be drawn for battle. The sword has a flame pommel attached to it. He looks familiar, but I can’t place it right now.

I grab his legs to pull him across the street. There’s an alley on the other side that I can leave him in. He’ll wake up unaware of what happened and inevitably move on.

As I drag him down from the pathway to the road, his head drops and hits the ground.

“Oh, shit...” I gasped raising my hands to my mouth.

Without realising, I accidentally dropped his legs on the ground, collapsing with a giant thud.

All my gods! Why is it no matter what I do I make things worse? Wait, he’s moving, he’s waking up, I can see his eyelids twitch like his sleep has been disturbed.

I give him his time as I look around making sure we’re alone. It appears we’re safe from being seen. Everyone’s run inside scared of the fire sky.

The stench of ashes creeps into my nose, and I flinch to react to the awful smell. The ash must’ve just reached this part of the city. That means I had outrun it, but now it’s caught up.

I was in the large crowd of Pryias during the Culling, but when the rebels and Rachkers started to fight, I hid inside the banking building. I’ve over time gradually moved from building to building to make my way back to my master’s homestead.

The young man’s eyes start to open slowly. I can see that his eyes are coloured a beautiful blue like lapis lazuli. I know that I’ve seen him somewhere before.

The young noble opens his blue eyes to stare into the gaze of my eyes. It feels like an eternity as he lays there staring into my soul as if he’s searching for my inner deepest darkest secrets and motives.

In realisation of the situation, I quickly avert my eyes, turn around and begin to walk off. I’ve observed the nobleman too much, that can be regarded as offensive towards a noble for a Pryia like myself to stare at them for too long.

I hear the young man jump to his feet; he’s going to try to confront me. I can hear his footsteps scrape along the cobblestone road.

“Hey, who are you?” he calls out.


“What’s your name?” he presses me further.


“Mine’s Aron, Aron de Eramont,” he yells out as if that’ll change my mind.

I stop in my tracks at the hearing of his name. Now I know where I recognise his face from. The next inheritor of the de Eramont House. He’s attended a few dinners and parties held at House Panatell.

I’m a Pryia who is owned by House Panatell. They owned my mother and her mother and her mother’s mother.

Because I’m a young Pryia woman when there are parties and dinners I have the role of the waitress for a select few tables. I tend to come across a lot of wealthy faces, so it was only a matter of time before coming across the de Eramont boy at one or two of these parties.

Most of the party attendees were complete pigs. So many older men trying to take advantage of Pryia girls like me. However, I tend to hate the noblewomen more because they were aware of their husband’s inappropriate activities, but since I’m a Pryia, they ignore it.

Even the young noblemen are bad, and some are worse than their fathers and grandfathers because the simple act of making life a living hell for Pryias gets boring and they take newer and scarier steps.

The House Garriken eldest boy is famously known for being ruthless towards their Pryias for some of the smallest errors. Once a Pryia didn’t retrieve his arrows fast enough for him, so he had the Pryia pick up each arrow as he shot the arrows at the targets. Some even say he was aiming at the Pryia.

This one here, however, he doesn’t cross my memory of following any of these young noblemen’s actions. I remember him once helping me clean up a table that I had accidentally spilt wine on, and it wasn’t even his table.

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