Burning Broken Chains: Rising Ashes

By J. P. Garland All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 10: Maxxar Karsus Part 2

I slam myself into the ground in front of my damaged friend and start helping him take off his clothing.

My wife was the one who made the white robe and black coat that has become the symbolic look of the Phoenix. I’ve had to make repairs to it over the years since her passing due to Mechal’s many adventures. Undoubtedly I’ll have to do it again, but I would do anything I could to help my younger friend.

After I’ve unwoven the different strings and zips and ties that keep this intricate set of clothing on Mechal, I help him pull his arms out of the sleeves of the robes. Next, I help him untie his dark brown leather vest that is used to prevent any stab wounds to his chest. It’s not a perfect piece of protection against any type of weapon, but it is a special type of leather hide used mostly by Generals and other high ranking military officials to help protect them from basic attacks.The robes are worn over the vest as the robes need the vest to be properly tightened to the wearer. Once the vest has been dealt with, I wreath it off the body of Mechal. Next is a shirt, fucking hell Mechal you will be the death of me. Fortunately, this isn’t always normal, the shirt is just because it’s been mostly cold this year and it seems that three other layers of clothing don’t keep Mechal warm enough for battle. The shirt is a short-sleeve so there are no blood stains in the fabric, however, it is absolutely covered in his sweat. I feel like I’m going to gag just from smelling the stench that comes off of it.

After taking all of his clothes on his top half off revealing his black chest, I start searching for the injury on Mechal’s arm. It’s a small, but deep gash in his upper arm still bleeding from yesterday.

I reach down to my kit, undo the latches and open it up. I search around for any ailments I have inside it, I should have something for cuts of any kind.

I find a tiny glass phial like bottle with a small cork stuck in it to prevent the dark red liquid that’s almost identical in appearance to a dead deer’s blood. I know from past experiences of treating Mechal’s battle wounds that this is the ailment that will at least ease the pain for him.

I take the cork out of the bottle, put my right pointer finger over the top of it and tip it upside down so little stays on my finger when I tip it back upright.

I rub my pointer finger, now slightly covered in the pain easing liquid, on the small gash in my wounded ally’s arm. Mechal winces at the scorching pain that comes from contact with the gash.

Mechal does his best to restrain himself from any violent reactions, he at one point bit his bottom lip to stop him from flinching his left arm at me in retaliation.

Once I’ve finished with the lathering up of his arm, I grab some old bandage rags from inside the kit. I make a small knot just above his cut and then start to wrap the bandage downwards around his arm, keeping it tight to slow the blood flow. At the end of the wrapping, I make another neatly small knot below the wrapping to keep this end tied up and prevent the bandage from unwrapping itself.

After I finish taking care of Mechal’s arm, I just fall backwards in relief that he’ll be alright now. I hit the ground with a quiet thud, I feel the dust beneath me rise up from the small gust my movement created. My back straightens back up and it feels this sense of freedom in my bones, I’m getting to the stage where bending over for too long can be quite painful on my back.

“My gods, you scare the shit out of me, Mechal,” I say in a croaky voice.

“Wouldn’t be worth the trouble if I didn’t get a kick out of you every now and then, to be honest, Maxxar,” Mechal responds with a smile on his face just as boyish, nefarious and ambitious as his smile was when we first met.

We just start laughing amongst ourselves, we have been through that much together that a small gash in Mechal’s arm lands more on the less worrying end of the scale.

When I finally regain myself, I pick myself off the floor.

“So what have you been working on lately, mate?” asks Mechal as he watches me walk over to my workbench.

“Helix Karsar.”

“That little bastard. Can’t think of a more psychopathic child to be in the lineup for the Head Councillor’s position.”

“I don’t take pride in making weapons for them, you do realise?”

“Of course I know that. Doesn’t change who he is.”

“Yes, you’re right there. I also just got an order from the Lieutenant of the army today.”

“Fucking, Huxley Parker?” asks Mechal in a slightly aggressive voice, but the aggression not directed anywhere particularly.

I turn around and nod.

“Mother fucking, Lieutenant Huxley Parker.”

“Wants a special sword, no House pommel.”

“He never did care for symbols, thought it was idolism, which conflicts with his religious beliefs. Then again this could be an opportunity.”

“How so?”

“Well in your small dealings with him, you could try to get close to him, at least learn some basic information.”

“Like what?” I ask as if he’s asking quite a lot from me since it’s just a basic business transaction.

“Such as...urrr...I know, where he lives, where General Tull lives, where they do their briefings.”

“I thought that they did their briefings in the military compound?”

“No, I’ve spied out that entire building over the past few years and still can’t find where the rank officials meet and do briefings. Did you get his address?”

“Shit, no I didn’t, I’m supposed to do that.”

“That’s okay mate, we’ll figure something out. Maybe when he comes to collect, you could ask him and say it was out of interest?”

“That could work”

“Perfect! Once we get his address, I can possibly learn of General Tull’s address and maybe even their meetups,” I can see the glistening in Mechal’s eyes as he says his thought process out loud.

“Are you intending to assassinate either of them?”

“Parker is a possibility, one he’s in a relatively high position and has influence which stifling in any form would hinder the Monarch, two he also not all that important to keep him in his position.”

It does sound harsh for a trained assassin to say that half the reason they’ll assassinate a target is because he’s not important enough to stay alive. However, it is true that Mechal must play this game strategically and politically if Mechal kills someone who is more useful alive it could badly damage his efforts or even backfire.

“And what about Ricker?”

“I’d probably prefer to keep him in charge for now. The Monarch hasn’t been enjoying his presence in his position lately, wanna see how long I can stretch that out.”

Mechal jumps up out of the chair he’s been sitting in and puts on the shirt he was wearing underneath his infamous clothes.

When he fits himself in the shirt, he walks over to stand by me at the workbench. He leans against the bench with his lower back, his arms crossed over his chest and have his head facing right ahead.

“Came across a kid during the fight too. Don’t know his name, but he looks familiar” he says while still staring right ahead of him.

“It’s sad to hear kids getting mixed up in those kinds of messes.”

“Well okay he wasn’t a kid, he was a young adult, probably late teens I’d say”

I continue to sort my tools and materials on the bench, getting it prepared for tomorrow.

“I gave him one of those tokens, the ones I typically give to escapee Pryias so they are accepted into the camp. He’s noble so there’s no need for him to escape, but he was the one who defied General Tull and yelled out against him. He almost got killed just for saying the rebels deserved a fair trial. I think there’s potential in that boy, I sense a real fire within his heart,” Mechal says passionately raising his right fist.

I have yet to hear any news about the events yesterday, other than the fact it happened. This is all new information to me, about some young man arguing against Ricker. However, I do find myself agreeing with Mechal, maybe we should consider contacting this noble again in the future.

I think Mechal has possibly just found his next successor to lead the revolution, I just hope this young man can keep together what Mechal has worked so hard to build.

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