Rise of the Dragon (Book One of A Tale of Kings and Queens)

By A.M. Clay All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


Fireborn Ren isn't part of this world. Born in the mystical world of Lostea, she has trained in the art of war and fire, alongside her dragon Nyra. When Ren starts having nightmares of a past life, she learns what her role is in the war against Borryn, the god of death. Exile Kieran is on the run. Hunted his whole life for being Fireborn, Kieran and his dragon Max flee to the only safe place left for them: Earth. When they arrive, he meets the deadly and enchanting Ren. Together, they must search for a way to defeat Borryn, before he destroys everything. Ranger Shey is the lost queen of Interis. Driven from her home at a young age, she grew up among the Rangers, training to be one of them. Posing as a princess from a foreign land, she must infiltrate the Azkadian court, in an attempt to kill King Marjhen. Rebel Asher is a rebel. And the Crown Prince of Azkadia. When he's given an opportunity to play a part in the death of his father, he jumps at the chance to liberate his people, alongside the Ranger Shey in a game of court and death.


To my wonderful Aunt Candice, for being my number one fan for all of my books, and for always believing in me and my book writing.

To the people I haven’t pissed off yet—Don’t worry, I’ll get to you in a moment.

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