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Fantasy / Romance


Imagine yourself waking up abandoned in a hotel bedroom with the smell of sex loitering in the air, bare as the day you were born and with no remembrance of the previous night while sporting two small mysterious holes on the side of your neck. What would you do? That's exactly what happened to Kaitlyn Monroe one morning. She couldn't explain how she got said hotel room or why she was stark naked, only the fact that she needed to get out of there, she also couldn't understand why she could not remember the night before; all she feels is sore and exhausted. She didn't want to dwell on the fact that she had spent a lingering night with a stranger she no doubts lost her virginity to. Time flies by in a shape of a few weeks and Kaitlyn starts to feel. . .strange. Constant vomiting, sleeping more than she does, sore feet, cravings, you name it. The first thought that comes to mind is that she might have caught a cold but no, what she didn't know was that something was growing inside of her. Another being was taking place in her stomach, she's scared and definitely didn't plan on getting pregnant anytime soon. Expect the unexpected they say. As a man pops up at the doorstep of her apartment she's faced with many things exceeding the knowledge of the made up fairy tales that humankind has created. Thrown into a world where mythical creatures come out to play and live in a totally different reality than humans, how does Kaitlyn cope with the thought of her pregnancy and the fact this man she tangled in the sheets is letting on more than it seems? Misfortune and corresponding events soon follow Kaitlyn as she's confronted with things that will make her question her existence and find out who she really as she's dragged in a world that tells so many secrets. _____ ONGOING BUT EDITING INTENSIVELY


I shouldn’t be here. Why am I here? I don’t belong.

The music pumped in the background of the subdued lighting of the club, the deep bass of the song vibrating against my ribcage, the air was clogged with the smell of sweat and combination of perfume and cologne. The atmosphere sizzled and caressed at my skin, trying to lure me into its core with temptation; but I ignored it all. A loud gasp escapes the seams of my lips when a hand smacked against the bare skin of my back, pain tingled on the assaulted spot as I whirled around my eyes clashing with green ones.

“Stop looking so stiff, loosen up will you!”

I stared into the eyes of my best friend, before glancing away, proceeding to stir the straw that was within my cup of poison.

“How can I? This place is making feel weird, I think we should have gone to that other one,” I told her, my eyes sweeping over the area.

Maddie rolled her eyes before assuming the position of her Wonder woman’ stance. She always did this when she was about to get serious.

“You have a problem.”

I raise a brow, angling my head to the side, “And that is?”

“You think too much. Live in the moment for a little while, you’re not getting any younger, you know?”

My eyes reach heavenward, turning my attention away from her to gaze into the mass of dancing bodies. “I do know, but, I’m not rushing anything, I’m taking my time.”

The groan that traveled from her reached my ears over the changing music before her hands suddenly clamped down on my shoulders, swiveling me around until her face was leveled with mine.

“You’re a twenty-five-year-old virgin for heaven’s sake!”

The volume of her voice attracted unwanted attention toward me, mainly men as they stared with lust beginning to cloud their eyes. I scowled up at Maddie.

“Tell the whole world why don’t you!”

“I’m sorry!” she chuckles a little, brows curving downward. I simply huff. “I’m just looking after you, I want what’s best for my baby girl,” she ends, hugging me.

I pat her back while nodding, my eyes fixated over her shoulder. “Yeah, I know.”

She pulled back abruptly, my eyes cutting to her face which held a huge grin on her face, “Great! Now drink up!”

She slid me a shot of Tequila. I looked up at her and took a deep breath before grabbing the shot and drinking it one go. I slam the glass down, a cough forcing its way up my throat.

“Another,” I wheeze.

My mind was clouded, just like the sky before a storm released its agony upon the city, I was in between the space of being drunk and tipsy. I lost sight of Maddie just after my second round of shots, she had said something along the lines of ‘going to dance with a hottie’. The drinks started getting to me then, making it their home inside my system, the atmosphere that once tried to lure me earlier; achieving its goal.

My body began to feel hot, the rise of my temperature making it rise as the crimson fitted dress, I wore, drew in tighter against my sticky, sweaty flesh. The humidity of the club made me feel hotter than I already was, perspiration beginning to cling to my face and body. The current song came to an another started anew, licking at the flames in my blood; slicking back into my subconscious, I start to sway to the beat of the music.

People cleared a path for me as I glided my way to the center of the floor, their attentive gazes swallowing me whole. At this moment, I wasn’t myself, it was like someone replaced me and masked the real me into the calm essence of my mind. The music slowly began with the movement of my hips.

Wet The Bed by Chris Brown ft. Ludacris

Running my fingertips from my neck down to my exposed thighs, I was seductive with the swing of my hips. I was an r-rated swan, capturing the attention of every eye as I took center stage. My body was graceful but fluid like a fox as I moved. In a trance, I felt the heat of hands latch onto my hips as hard body pushed against my backside.

The music began to drown as the silhouette body engulfed me with its heat. No doubt was it a male by the grip of his calloused hands. They guided me in a direction of twirling my hips, my own hands lying over his as I let him direct my movements for a short moment; each roll urging me harder against his groin. A small smirk settled on my rosy lips. Taking back control of my body movement, I move my hips to the rhythm of the music, bending until my bottom nudged at the rise of his pants; a sharp inhale of breath reached my ears.

I stand back upright, my hands lifting and encircling around the man’s neck. I lean my head back on his shoulder, fitting into the curve of his body. He bowed his face into the crook of my neck before I suddenly felt his hot breath caress my skin as he planted a delicate kiss in the region of my neck and shoulder. My lips part in a gasp, a shock-wave coursing its way through my veins the second his lips made contact with my flesh.

I twisted in his hold, lifting my gaze to stare into his eyes. They were a striking baby blue, the dim lighting blocking me from seeing any more of his features. My arms didn’t move from their position as I continued to sway, the noise in the background now was nothing but a blur.

No words were spoken, only our eyes projecting something deeper than our desires, his grip on my hips hardens, my teeth digging into my bottom lip, smiling suggestively up at him. His eyes flickered down, growing darker in color to an almost ocean blue. And before I knew it, he swooped down and obtained my lips in a spine-tingling kiss.

I expected the sense of alarm bells to begin ringing, warning me that I shouldn’t be doing this; but nothing awoke me as I kissed this gorgeous eyed man. His lips were unbelievably soft as they move against mine. The liquor in my system seemed to pass, leaving me a little sober but I couldn’t find it in me to pull or push him away, his hands trailed over my body all while he deepened the kiss drawing a moan from me, this continued for a few more seconds and he slowly pulls away, both of us breathing heavily.

“Come with me,” his voice was deep and rumbled against my chest.

He seized my hand, interlacing our fingers, small tingles ignited as he pulled me through the crowd of people. Those alarm bells were still non-existent while I was dragged through the crowd of people. I knew things were getting dangerous and unpredicted by the direction he was steering me, but this is just what I needed. I couldn’t help but also want this deep inside and only with him.

Who knew I’ll be regretting that decision? Who knew that I’ll be living among the supernatural? Who knew that humans weren’t the only species in this world? But the important one of all, Who knew I would find love?

I didn’t.

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