The Hunter

By Tinkerbelle Leonhardt All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Erotica


His fingertips manipulated my clit and within mere seconds, the orgasmic volcano erupts and I cry out his name in earth-shattering ecstasy. Ulric swells and releases too - with almost a primal howl of pleasure that shuddered my entire being. He collapses on top of me with his mouth buried in the crook of my neck - and without hesitation he bites down hard - piercing the soft delicate skin. A surprised shriek escapes my mouth, the bite causing a onslaught of climactic waves to ravish my being and I erupt into oblivion all over his now flaccid length still tucked safely inside me. The powerful bliss so intense, I convulsed beneath him. Our gazes finally meet as we chastely brushed our lips against one another’s, gently and mournfully sliding out from in me. "Fuck me, HARD!" He mocks as I bury my face into his shoulder mumbling.

Chapter 1 ~ The Stranger

The music reverberated around her, bouncing from wall to wall before it hit her ears, vibrating down through her body. Her hips circling rhythmically as she moved the sound through her arms, escaping out her fingers and down her legs, spilling out through stomps in her black open-toed heels.

Beads of sweat began to gather on her forehead, top lip and the base of her neck. She had been dancing for hours, feeling the sound waves pulse through her body, grasping her in the hypnotic highs of the music while she mouthed the words silently, like a chant, soaring her energy higher and higher.

Her long caramel coloured hair flipped lucidly with every movement of her head. Her black dress shorts showing off her killer muscular legs, a feature she always adored on her body, paired with a black button-down dress shirt, exposing just a hint of her ample cleavage and sleeves rolled to the elbows, the outfit completed with large diamond studs, one in each ear.

Ryder had always enjoyed the rhythm, it would encapsulate her very soul and she would disappear, losing herself completely until a song would come along and leave her crashing out of her haze and back to reality.

Opening her chocolate brown eyes as the bass left her body, she realised it was time for a much-needed drink and probably to find her friends she actually arrived with. Looking out, she noticed she was surrounded by a gaggle of horny looking men that had been watching her as she moved. Giggling to herself, she pushed through the circle, breaking them from the trance of her hips and headed for the bar.

“Ry, I’m surprised you didn’t slip in amongst all that drool.” Her breathtakingly gorgeous, short but muscular friend sat at the bar with her Lemon Ruskie.

Ryder threw her head back and laughed, “I had no idea any of them were there.” Leaning across the bar, “Vodka and Redbull.” The bartender nodded with a wink.

Ryder glanced at her beautiful friend, her shoulder-length black hair curled to perfection, her bright blues stood out against the dark make-up and her bright red lips sat in a natural pout. “You should get out there,” Ryder pointed to the dance floor.

“No thanks,” she shook her head, “I’m next on the pool tables.” She motioned with the neck of her drink, “Myka and William are waiting for our turn whilst trying to ‘tune’ those girls.”

Ryder looked out on the pool tables as her heart sank for her friend, “Claire, just tell him.”

“Tell who, what?” Claire failed to hide the jealousy that flashed in her blue orbs.

“Myka, I know you like him, I’m not blind ya know… but I think he is.” Ryder placed her hand on her friend's shoulder just as the drink appeared in front of her.

Giving her a small smile, “We are just friends and that’s it… c’mon, it’s probably our turn.” Claire grabbed her drink and headed towards the tables with Ryder falling in behind, feeling sad for her friend, knowing her night out will be spent pining after a guy that had no concern for her feelings.

“Well, here they are.” William slapped his hand down on the felt, “lovely ladies, may I introduce Britney and Bobby,” he gestured to the two very young women standing there. They looked at William with stars in their eyes, oh, how naïve they are; yes, William was attractive, with his forest green eyes, tanned skin, blonde curly locks slicked back with gel but his cock had been shared enthusiastically around the town and Ryder knew those girls were guaranteed to go home the same as the others he mercilessly used and then tossed with the empty promise of more.

“Um… it’s like actually… Briley and Brianna,” the smaller one of the two spoke, causing Ryder to spit her liquid from her mouth as Claire burst into a hysterical fit. Tears escaping from the girl's eyes as William stiffened and just like silk, Myka slid in with his chocolate skin, bright blue eyes and jet black Mohawk.

“You’ll have to excuse my friend ladies; he’s had a long day at work and barely any sleep.” Myka, William’s trusty wingman, smoothing the situation over for his best friend.

“Yeah, that’s what it is.” Claire sarcastically responded, “can we play already or are we going to waste time on barbie1 and barbie2?” William’s eyes narrowed into slits as he glared menacingly at her.

“I’m not in this,” Ryder threw her hands up and leaned back against the wall.

“Looks like you’ll need a partner cutie?” A strapping lad dressed in a leather jacket had been watching from the opposite wall and slid in next to Claire. “I could be yours” he loudly whispered causing her to close her eyes as chills ran through her body.

“Yes please, she would love that.” Ryder smiled viciously feeling the jealousy practically shoot out from Myka as Claire threw daggers at Ryder. “No one can quite keep up with our Claire here, she’s very good at more than just sinking balls,” Ryder winked at her.

“Claire?” Her name seductively rolling off the leather strangers tongue, “Well cutie, my names Roland and I should very much love to see what other things you are talented at?” Claire’s gaze captured by Roland’s steel grey eyes.

“Well, I’ll break, smashing balls is what I do best,” Myka spits out with seething venom.

“Smoke em bro.” William’s flirtatious face had twisted into competitive and fierce. Ryder watched as both men ignored Barbie1&2 and focused on the leather stranger who had dared to encroach on their short but beautiful friend Claire.

The game began as Roland paid the boys no mind, instead, focusing all his attention on Claire, whispering sweet things in her ear, asking her questions, this, of course, was driving Myka insane and Ryder’s lips curled in satisfaction. She knew the way Claire fantasised about Myka and to see him falling apart at not having her attention was a very good sign. Perhaps he would realise just how desirable she is and how he now had sexy competition.

Unbeknown to Ryder, she too had an admirer watching from the other side of the pool tables. His eyes raked up and down her sexy body and lingering a little longer on her sexy legs, while his light brown eyes focused on every inch, line, smirk and bend. He was visually encapsulated the moment he saw her lost on the dance floor, surrounded by weak, filthy boys, all of whom she never once paid attention too, which further piqued his curiosity of this seductive temptress.

Feeling eyes on her, Ryder scanned her surroundings as her chocolate browns fell upon an alluring and fascinating figure leaning against a stool, cue in his left hand; his right slumped loosely across his lap. He wore black Jeans and a blue button-up shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, taut across his obviously, well-built shoulders and chest. His sexy dark brown hair styled messily, his light browns watching her as he mouthed, ‘shit,’ before sucking in air sharply causing Ryder’s eyebrows to rise.

She swallowed the rather large lump in her throat before turning on her heels and headed for the bathroom, her temperature had spiked well above boiling and she was flustered. Ryder had always been well admired by the opposite sex but she loved her life, just as it was and didn’t need a sexy distraction causing chaos in her peaceful world.

Splashing her face with freezing cold water and looking deeply at her reflection as she dried herself off with harsh, rough paper towels, agreeing to continue her night, on the dance floor, where she was in her element, far from the captivating stranger that leered at her.

Stepping out into the crowd of sweaty bodies grinding against one another, all in the hopes of causing enough spark that their respective dance partners would follow through with the grated promises of sex and all things deliciously wicked, she moved into the middle and closed her eyes.

She had not been lost in the moment long, when a rather heavy-handed tap, pounded on her shoulder. “Piss off,” she hissed.

“You kiss your mother with that mouth?” A rather annoying but familiar voice rang in her ears, snapping open her eyes.

“What are you doing here?” An almost mirror identical to her, only double her size, looked back with a raised brow and folded arms.

“Ryder, you know you’re not meant to be in places like this?” He stated clearly.

“Arrow, I’m just dancing,” she whined.

“Yes and it’s almost two in the morning, you should have been home hours ago.” He grasps her wrist and removes her from the floor.

“Arrow, let me at least say goodbye to my friends?” He nodded and she headed for the pool tables.

By now Claire had been moved to the other side where Roland and the alluring stranger eyeing her from before were. She turned to reach Myka and William, whispering to them both in their ears before saying goodbye as the Barbies that had wrapped their tentacles around them, gave her deathly gazes, both of which she ignored before heading to Claire.

“Clay, I’ve gotta go.” The stranger's eyes un-breaking from the girl's exchange.

“Okay, I’ll come with you,” the disappointment obvious on her face which Ryder suspected meant Claire had been enjoying Roland’s company.

“No, you stay, Arrow’s here.” Claire knew what that meant, she checked her watch.

“Nothing good ever happens after one,” she laughed,

“I’ll make sure she gets home safe,” Roland winks.

“Good, because I’d hate to break your legs if you didn’t,” Ryder was NOT joking.

“Ryyyyy,” Claire whined.

“Ccccllllaaaayyyy,” Ryder laughed back.

“Who’s Arrow?” The stranger spoke sending shivers up her spine, interrupting their banter, as everyone’s heads shifted in his direction.

“Do I know you?” Ryder cross-examined.

“You will,” his face unreadable.


“Hurry up, Ryder!” A pissed off man shouts.

“Hey Arrow,” Claire waves.

“Carebear, you look… incredible,” he smirks then licks his lips as Roland and Myka stand, ready to attack.

Spinning her head around she sees a very red Claire. “Clay, eeewwww, that’s my brother.”

“I said hello,” she turns her attention back to Roland, “so back to our conversation…”

Ryder rolls her eyes and goes to walk off as the desirable stranger grips her forearm, “See you soon sweet Ryder.”

She furrows her brows before departing as Arrow’s gaze hardens and he rolls his gigantic arms and cracks his thick neck, attempting to intimidate the stranger but he just laughs while leaning towards Claire.

“So Claire, tell me about Ryder?”

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