The Exiled Dragon

By CynderBaby All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 6

Ryuu woke up after his sleep and didn't waste any time leaving his cave. He noticed that no one else seemed to be awake yet. And considering how much they despised dragons, he thought it was good that no one was around. He was planning on leaving anyway. He walked towards the entrance and looked around. He had told Ferlis that he would wait for her if she still wanted to join him, so he thought he should at least wait a bit before leaving. He sat down and patiently waited.

While he was sitting there alone, he kept thinking about what the serpent told him last night. The fact that things had gotten worse instead of better when he left the Dragon Domain. He was also worried about Kaler. He knew he had something to do with the riots that were started, since he was already very against the Elders decision before he even left. And there was another dragon he was a bit nervous about, though he didn't feel like thinking about her right now. He closed his as he waited for Ferlis to arrive. He started thinking about what it would be like to go back to the Dragon Domain. He knew he wasn't too welcomed here, and he could be causing trouble for the creatures here.

"Ryuu?" he heard a voice say, opening his eyes and saw Ferlis in front of him. She seemed a bit tired, though awake enough to be unable to fall asleep again. He stood up and asked if she was ready to leave. "Yeah. But I couldn't find Silverwing. I thought we should at least tell her that we're leaving," she told him. Ryuu didn't answer right away, not too sure what he wanted to do. He thought it would be wise so she wouldn't go worry about them. But he wasn't really the type to worry about things like that.

"I am already aware. My assistant told me last night when he came back," they heard a voice, turning to see Silverwing walking towards them. Ryuu thought she looked a bit smaller than she did yesterday. Probably because she had her wings open for the most part. "I only wish to say one thing before you leave, Ryuu," she turned towards him and ignored Ferlis for the most part. "You will not be accepted here because of the way the dragons have been towards us. Though I will always have a room for you, they will not welcome you with open arms,"

"Thanks for the warning," was all Ryuu said, very half-heartedly as well, before turning and leaving. He didn't need her to point out what he already knew. Nor did he really care. He wasn't sure if he would be accepted back into the Dragon Domain to begin with, so he might have to spend the rest f his life down here and deal with the harassments of the creatures here.

"Ryuu, wait a bit!" he was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard Ferlis call behind him. He noticed the distance between them, guessing he had walked faster than he had first thought. He stood and waited for her to catch up, as well as get her breath back. "You seem a bit out of it after talking to Silverwing. Is something wrong?"

"Not really, just deep in thought," he said as he started to walk again. He looked over at his companion and saw the disappointment in her expression. He sighed before he spoke again, getting her attention. "The eagle kept warning me about what will happen if I stay here for too long. But it's not for me to chose whether I go back or not," he told her briefly, noticing that she wasn't really with him. "I was exiled, remember? I can't just go back whenever I please,"

"Oh, right," she said, feeling a bit down. Ryuu saw the look in her eyes, as if she had felt something similar before. He didn't want to ask about her, but he was also worried that if she didn't pay attention she might get jumped and not able to do much. He kept contemplating whether or not he should ask, but she beat him to it. "Since I'm an Outsi, I was thrown out of Gatres. So I'm kind of in the same boat,"

"What's this Gatres like?" he asked, not having heard about it before. She explained that it was the area were most of the canine species lived. Mostly wolves since they were the ones who were in charge of that specific area. Ferlis herself was actually the daughter of the leader. Though that part in particular didn't come out on purpose, as she stopped walking and thought about what she said for a second. "So your own father had you exiled because you were different," he stated, Ferlis nodding. He could guess why he threw her out, but didn't want to pry more into it than he needed. He decided that he had heard enough from her about this and just kept walking.

He thought more about what might be going on in the Dragon Domain. He heard the gist of it from that serpent, but he couldn't be sure that he was telling him the truth. But he didn't see a reason for him to lie either. Well, besides the fact that he was a dragon and their not too keen on them. But he believed what he said, and was wondering about what he did not tell him. Like what the Elder was doing or what they planned to do to the young dragons. He didn't want to get them into trouble just because they were against him leaving. Ferlis caught his attention suddenly, as she was jumping up and down against a tree. He looked up and saw a large, squirrel like creature in the top. He looked over at Ferlis again, who seemed to want to play with it more than anything. He let out a small chuckle and continued walking, hearing his friend running up behind him.

"Hey, I was wondering something," she suddenly spoke as she was running up beside him. Ryuu turned his head slightly so he could see her and waited for her question. "Is there someone you're interested in back where you're from? You know, like a lover?" he hadn't expected a question like that, but from her expression, he knew she was just trying to lighten up. He looked to the sky and thought for a bit. There had never really been a dragoness that he felt he was in love with. But there was one he was close to. Before she died, that is. He shook his head as an answer to her, noticing that she seemed surprised. "Really, I would've expected you to get a lot of attention, since you seem so strong,"

"I wasn't very popular back home, let's just say that," he said, a small smile on his face. He always used to laugh at the fact that he was disliked back home, since he couldn't care less at this point. He didn't know how to continue the conversation, and Ferlis just kept talking about how he could become more popular around the other dragons. He stopped listening after a while, but he didn't specifically ask her to stop talking, since she seemed to be enjoying a normal conversation. Though talking to a dragon wasn't exactly normal. She seemed to really enjoy herself a lot as well.

"Boy, do you ever shut up? Such a talkative, inferior being shouldn't be bothering someone like Ryuu," a very stubborn, female voice said, interrupting Ferlis' fun chattering. Ryuu recognized the voice immediately, and did his best to keep in a growl in his throat. "A chatter box does not belong close to the most dangerous dragon around," the figure came out of the shadow, a dragoness walking towards them. He looked over at Ferlis, noticing the shock in her expression. He stepped forward a bit, so he was just barely standing in front of her. But he did it a way so the dragoness didn't notice it. She was white, her horns and wings golden. Luckily they were folded or Ryuu might have been blinded by the light reflecting off it.

"What are you doing here, Kale?" he said in a low voice, which he hadn't used since he was talking to her the last time he saw her. He hadn't done that to anyone here, more surprisingly he hadn't used it towards Ferlis yet. She asked him if he was pleased to see her, Ryuu looking confused at her. He didn't see what he said made her think he was enjoying her company. He just shook his head and asked his question again, wanting his answer.

"I came to say hi, of course. Why else would the most revered dragoness come all the way to this forsaken land?" when she said 'most revered dragoness', he could feel his blood boiling. He knew it was true, but he knew someone else who would've had her title. If she was alive. "And here I find you, being bothered by such an inferior being. She can't even fly. I'll get rid of her in a minute, my dear,"

"You try and hurt one hair on her and you'll be the asking for forgiveness, not me," he said in a cold voice, lowering into a defensive position in front of his new friend. He could see the utter disbelief on Kale's face, and he could hear Ferlis whimper slightly. The dragoness asked him why he was protecting her. "Unlike you, she's actually a friend," was all he said, lowering his guard slightly. He knew she wouldn't attack him, she wasn't stupid. But she was certainly angry at Ferlis. Ryuu didn't care too much about it, since he could easily defend her.

"Well, seems things didn't really turn out as easy as you would've thought, my dear. Maybe you require my assistance after all," another voice came from where Kale came from, Ryuu growling as it moved out into the sun. It was a large, grey lion with coal black wings attached to his back. His eyes were blood red and piercing, a low growl escaping him as well. Ryuu didn't take his eyes off him, but his focus was taken away from him when he felt Ferlis' body against him. Her fur was slightly tickling him, but there was something else that caught his attention. She was shaking. He turned his head a bit and saw fear in her eyes as she looked over at the newcomer. "Well, I'm glad someone knows me,"

"He's not a friend," she muttered silently, Ryuu barely catching what she said. But he heard enough to know that she wasn't comfortable around this feline. He turned his head again and asked him who he was. Kale got in the way and said that she didn't need his assistance with persuading Ryuu. Which made him confused. "Let's go, please," he heard Ferlis whimper behind him, looking back at her. She was terrified of something, and he had a good idea of what. When Kale said that she was here to bring Ryuu back with him, he told her he couldn't go back even if he wanted to because he was exiled. Kale said she could get him in without any trouble, which only made him more angry.

"Well, maybe we should go somewhere else were we can talk in peace. Don't you agree, Ferlis?" he said, Ryuu's expression turning from angry to surprised. He could hear Ferlis' whimper getting higher, making him more protective. He asked him how he knew Ferlis, making the feline laugh. "We met each other about two years ago. I'd say were pretty close," he snickered.

"I highly doubt that," Ryuu growled, making the lion smirk. He told him that it was true that the two of them had met, and they were close for a short while. "And what happened after that?" his eyes changed expression from calm to lustful. His salvia started dripping from his teeth as he let out a small growl.

"I grew rather hungry, and Outsi have an incredible delicacy that is hard to ignore," his voice sent shivers down Ryuu's spine. "They have a strong, sweet taste in their blood, and their flesh is easy to rip off, making it easy to get a big bite and chew it thoroughly. Even their fur doesn't seem to get in the way of the rare taste," he kept babbling, Ryuu turning to see how Ferlis was doing. She was shaking a lot more than she was a few moments ago, her eyes widen in pure horror, most likely picturing him doing this to her.

"You have a strange sense of taste," Kale butted in, walking closer to Ryuu. "In any case, I want you back in the Dragon Domain, so leave that pile of trash here and we'll-" Ryuu just gave her a cold glare before turning back to the lion. He seemed calm, and like he wanted to say something. Ryuu eased up a little, signaling him to speak up.

"My name is Drak, is a pleasure to meet you, Ryuu," he said, bowing his head in respect. But Ryuu guessed that he was just playing to get on his good side. "I joined you friend to ask you to form a deal with me," he said in a very teasing voice, Ryuu looking confused. "I will not harm the young wolf, since females aren't that good," he started, Ryuu feeling Ferlis' fur by his tail now. "How about the two of us work together, and have your name cleared so you can return home?" he offered, Ryuu taken aback. He guessed Kale had told him something about his exile, though he hoped she hadn't been talking too much about the reason for it. "I'm sure you would like to go back, playing with your friends and visiting the place of a dear friend," after the last bit, the dragons guard was down. He didn't expect him to mention her of all people. He didn't know what to say at this point.

"What are you so hesitant about, Ryuu?" he heard Kale say, looking towards her. "You know Striker was unjust towards you and we can prove that with his help," she continued, using her tail to gesture towards Drak. "I don't see any need to doubt him," even though he didn't care for the dragoness, she did have a point. Although it wasn't too bad here, the fact that dragons weren't accepted could make it a lot harder for him to actually live peacefully here.

"Don't," he could barely hear Ferlis' voice, but he caught what she said and turned to face her. "Don't trust him. I know that you can get home if you accept his offer but," she trailed off, probably not sure if she should say more or not. He told her to speak her mind and that he'd listen. Though he said it low enough so Kale couldn't hear him. The last thing he needed was a jealous dragoness. "It might be because he's been mean to me before," she started, looking at the ground. "But I don't think he's interested in just getting you back home. There must be something else that he wants," she didn't look up at him as he spoke, but he knew she wouldn't lie like that.

"Well, have you come with a decision?" Drak asked, not giving him much time to think through it. He closed his eyes and let out a deep breath before giving his answer.

"Thanks for the offer," he started, making Kale's expression light up, Drak smirk and Ferlis uneasy. "But I'll have to pass,"

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