The Exiled Dragon

By CynderBaby All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 5

Ryuu woke up with a start, cold sweat dripping from his face. He shook his head as he tried to regain his composure. He looked around, trying to recall where he was at the moment. The cave was empty and silent, and there didn't seem to be anyone else nearby either. He sat up and tried to remember what he was doing here. When he started to recall, his main thought was whether Ferlis was alright or not. As he was about to get up and leave the cave, a serpent slithers its way into his cave. He recognized it as the one that took care of Ferlis earlier.

"How's the wolf?" he asked before anything else, it telling him that she would be fine and should recover very quickly. "That's good," he said, lying down again. But the serpent didn't leave the cave, which kind of ticked him off. "Was there something you needed?" he asked, lifting his head so he could see him properly.

"The real reason I came here was not to inform you of the condition of you partner," he started, Ryuu not sure what else he could want to tell him. "I know why you're here, Ryuu," s he said his name, he narrowed his eyes and was about to get up. "Do no worry, I have no intention of fighting with a dragon. I came here to enlighten you,"

"Enlighten me?" he asked, calming down a bit. Though he didn't lower his guard just yet. He told him he had gotten his name from an informant who was getting information about what was going on in the Dragon Domain. Since they never tell the creatures that live down here what they're doing or what they're planning. Even though sometimes they actually affect their lives. "So you intent to tell me the information you gathered to me?" he asked, the serpent nodding. "Alright, 'enlighten me' then,"

"First off, we gathered knowledge about why you were exiled. But I don't think you need to hear that," he started, Ryuu looking away. "However, about a day after you exile, there seem to be a lot of trouble that some of the younger dragons caused. There are also some older dragons that seem to be doubting the verdict they gave you. Some of them even doubt that you had anything to do with that dragoness that was-"

"Don't say anything else concerning her, or I might lash out on you," Ryuu interrupted him, and he could feel his eyes on him. His voice wasn't threatening, and it wasn't warning him either. It sounded sad and lost, almost like someone who was the last member of a family right after their parents death. He asked him what had happened, Ryuu sighing as he was contemplating whether he should tell him or not.

"If you tell me, we might be able to clear your name so you can join your friends back in the Dragon Domain. You might also be safer there than here," he told him, Ryuu understanding that he meant well. but he didn't feel comfortable reliving that memory. He just woke up from a dream about it as well. In the end, however, he sighed and got ready to explain whatever he could.

"You know what I was blamed for, right?" he asked, the serpent nodding. He told him it was for the death of many innocent dragons. And that he claim he had only injured a lot of them. "So you do know," he smirked, giving a complement before continuing. "He said I had killed many dragons, and that I had no reason to. Both of those statements are wrong. I didn't kill them, like I claimed before. As for the reason I went and attacked them to being with," he took a deep breath before finishing his sentence. Even though this wasn't the worst part of it, he felt that he was unable to stop thinking about where this was going to lead. "Striker forced me to,"

"Striker? Isn't he the one who leads the Dragon Ring?" the serpent asked, Ryuu nodding. He could tell that this was already hard for him to believe, but he just kept talking. He explained his and Strikers relationship before going further into the reason he injured the dragon. They were one of the strongest dragons in the Dragon Domain. Maybe the strongest. They had always trained together when they were young, and they were very even for many years. But at some point, Striker started slacking off with his training so he could become a member of the Dragon Ring. Despite not being too pleased with their service. "So he wanted to change their ways?"

"That's what I thought in the beginning, but he hasn't done anything like that," he scuffed, continuing. "After his 'studying' of how the Dragon Domain worked or whatever he was doing, he met up with me again. Although, unlike him, I had been training just as much as I used to. It was the only way I could kill my time. Let's just say I wasn't a very popular dragon because of the power I had," the serpent made himself a bit more comfortable as he was talking. "In any case, we had another brawl like we used to, only I utterly defeated him. Since then he's been having nothing but a bad grudge against me,"

"Does that have something to do with the current events?" he asked, Ryuu looking over at him. He nodded and said it could have been the main reason this happened in the first place. "So what exactly did Striker do to force you into hurting those dragons?" he asked, Ryuu looking down.

"He killed a close friend of mine," he said very bluntly, the serpent looking at him in shook. "I'd rather not go into much detail, but she was one of the only ones that accepted me aside from Striker. And the only one after he changed. He knew how close we were and used that to his advantage to make me angry," he said, the serpent asking why he wanted to make him angry. "Because I'm something called a Drektars. Know what that is?"

"I've heard the word before, but we have been unable to actually get any details on what they are or what they do," he said, Ryuu sighing. He knew he wouldn't understand anything if he didn't know what it was. So he stared explaining. He said he could be considered an Outsi, since it wasn't a very common thing. He said it was a second source of power that some creatures had. They had their natural strength, just like any other creature, and could train it up. "So it's just like other creatures?"

"At first, yes. But here's where Drektars are different. Though I'm not entirely sure, but they say that Drektars have a power that is granted to them by the one that created the world and all of us creatures. Though I don't know whether that is true or not, we do have incredible power that we can use," he explained further, the serpent asking why it was so bad. "Yeah, it sounds pretty good in the beginning, doesn't it?" he laughed, making his listener confused. "But there's a back draw to that power. We can't control it at all. And if we can, it's only to the point that we won't kill anyone. It's a destructive power that destroys everything. There's even an old saying that the ones who are given this power are destined to destroy the world,"

"Is that why you were not accepted when you were younger?" he asked, Ryuu nodding. "I've understood it so far, but I still can't piece together why Striker would want you to use such a dangerous power," he said, Ryuu asking if he knew about the situation in the Dragon Domain before the trial. "No, there was no one that mentioned anything special,"

"There was a war. Between us that lived the good life and the ones that had gotten the junk and thrown out," he said, sounding upset. "There's a isolated area in the Dragon Domain where the 'trouble makers' are kept. Whether they caused a lot of trouble for other dragons or are just a bother for the Dragon Ring. One day, they left that area and went on a rampage throughout the good side of the Dragon Domain. They destroyed just about everything, though they didn't kill any dragons. They barely touched them actually. In my opinion, it can't even be called a war. But that's what the Dragon Ring named it,"

"And because of this 'war', Striker did what he could to unleash the power that you had?" he asked, Ryuu nodding. "Does you anger trigger it?" Ryuu shook his head at the last question, telling him that it made it harder for him to control it if he got angry. And after what he did to his friend, he had absolutely no control over his actions. He was just glad he hadn't killed anyone. "I find it hard to believe that someone who is supposed to take care of the area would do something like that. But I do not doubt your words," he said, Ryuu appreciating it. But he tensed up when he felt a presence right by the cave entrance. He got up and looked over in that direction.

"Who's there?" he asked, noticing the confused look of his acquaintance from the corner of his eyes. But he turned his head towards the entrance as well, allowing him to focus only on the opening. A figure walked into view, and Ryuu relaxed his muscles a bit. "Ferlis," he said, sitting down again. The wolf slowly walked into the room, looking almost guilty. "How long were you out there?" he asked, making her more upset.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to," she mumbled, Ryuu sighing. He told her it was fine, and that he didn't particularly mind. The serpent asked if she was feeling OK to actually move around, Ferlis nodding. "I feel a bit light headed, but I'm OK. It helps to move around a bit as well," she told him, Ryuu secretly smiling. He was OK her condition had improved, and that she was well enough to walk. He asked her to head back to her room, however, to make sure she was well rested. "And what about you?"

"I think I'll leave here once dawn comes. If you're still set on following me around, I'll wait until you've woken up," he told her, Ferlis' face lighting up as he said that. She left to go to wherever she was staying. The serpent asked if he was really OK with allowing her to accompany him. "She followed he to where Silverwing found us by her own free will. And it ended with her getting injured because I didn't stay and wait for her to catch up. If I walk beside her, she might be safer. And I think she still wants to accompany me no matter what I say," he said, the serpent. He bid Ryuu farewell and left the dragon alone. He laid back down and hid his head underneath his wing. He slowly fell asleep, hoping to avoid any more nightmares.

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