The Exiled Dragon

By CynderBaby All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 4

Ryuu kept walking, the extra weight of Ferlis taking its toll on his injured leg. He went s bit too far in the fight, so the wound had started acting up again. But he couldn’t just leave her out there either, or stop. Her wounds were more serious than his at the moment. Although he wasn’t too sure where he could really go that would be safe. He knew someone wanted her dead, just because she was an Outsi. He didn’t really understand what was so bad about someone being an Outsi.

He kept hearing leaves rustling, branches breaking and other sounds indicating there was someone nearby. Despite that, he never stopped to make sure there was no one following him. He just kept walking, though he was more than ready to fight unwanted followers if they tried to do something.

“Wait a moment, would you?” a female voice said from the trees somewhere, Ryuu looking around. Though he couldn’t see anyone on ground level. He looked up, seeing some movements in the leaves. A large eagle sat in the trees, looking down at him. “You don’t look in the best condition. Were you in a fight?” she asked, going down to a lower branch. Ryuu didn’t answer, all he did was give her a suspicious glare. “Do not worry, I’m no enemy. Follow me. I know of a place where you can rest until you’ve recovered,” she reassured him.

“Where?” he finally said, still reluctant to follow her. She told him that the place was called Carves, and seemed surprised that he didn’t know of it. “I’m a dragon, in case you didn’t notice. We don’t go on a tour here,” he said, very coldly. Despite the fact that she was actually giving him help. She apologized and started flying in a different direction then what he was already going. He sighed slightly and followed her, more concerned for Ferlis at the moment. And if she really knew a place where they could rest without worrying about being attacked,

Ryuu followed the eagle to a very large mountain. It was easily the tallest mountain he had ever seen. Despite its huge size, it was solid, and didn’t even seem to have been damaged at all. Ryuu’s first thought was that fighting didn’t occur around this area. But he could smell the dried blood, only a couple of days old. So that theory was already out the window. But he still didn’t understand how it has gone without any injuries to the stone if that’s the case.

“The reasons for the fights are to protect this mountain. And we always succeed,” the eagle said, as if she read his mind. He asked her if this was Carves she was talking about. “Yes, this is the domain I am the ruler of. My name is Silverwing,” she introduced herself, Ryuu asking what this area was. “A safe place for Outsi or creatures that have lost faith in their own homes. There are many different creatures here. The has also been a couple dragons of the decades this place has been standing here,” she pointed out, Ryuu looking over at her. He couldn’t recall other dragons being sent here the way he was. But maybe there’ve always been some dragons that have just vanished without explanation. “Though they’re only here for a short while before leaving,”

“How come?” he asked, Silverwing looking a little sad. She told him that even though this place was where any creature, even the dragons were welcomed, the other creatures weren’t too fond of them being here. They kept making it hard for them, even though they didn’t say anything. Just the aura that emanated from them when they arrived was enough to make them uneasy. “So they were mentally troubled by the creatures that normally live here?” he asked, Silverwing nodding. “That’s reassuring,”

“As long as you don’t let it bother you, you’ll be just fine,” she tried reassuring him, though it didn’t really work. But at the same time, he was thinking more of Ferlis than himself. She started flying again, going through a very small entrance. Big enough for Ryuu to fit in, but very small compared to the mountain. He was first walking through a narrow path with no space to turn around. He kept his head down, since the ceiling was low, and he had to put his wings on Ferlis to be able to get through easily. He started seeing a slight glow as he was walking, not seeing Silverwing anywhere. He kept walking until he reached the glow, and found out what it was.

It was a green moss, glowing strongly despite the small size. The entire cave was covered in it, making it seem like you were walking in bright sunlight. The only thing that contradicted that was the fact that they were inside of a cave with no way of getting sunlight. So he guessed this moss was the replacement for that. He saw many holes in the walls, paths going everywhere to connect each and every hole. So he guessed they were smaller caves. He noticed some change in movement from Ferlis, quickly turning. He saw Silverwing looking at her wounds, most likely making sure they weren’t fatal. Once she was done, she turned to Ryuu and gave a soft smile.

“Welcome to Carves, the Sanctuary for the unwanted and injured,” she welcomed him, Ryuu taking note of the ‘unwanted’ part. He recalled the reaction of the wolves when they met Ferlis.

“So this is where the so-called ‘Outsi’ live?” he asked, Silverwing nodding. Though she asked him in the end to not call them by that name while here. “That won’t be a problem. But you said you could help her,” he said, getting back to why they were here in the first place. She told him that someone would come and look after her in a little while, and to also check his own wounds. “Mine will heal by themselves, don’t bother spending your time on me,” he said coldly, carefully placing Ferlis on the ground.

“You may be alright now, but if there are any internal wounds or weak poisons in your wounds, that might not be the case in a while,” she explained, Ryuu surprised she seemed to know so much. “Before I was the only one who had any knowledge of taking care of wounds. However, a few other winged creatures have come here from all over, some of them staying to assist with the other creatures seeking refuge,”

“Makes sense I guess,” he said, hearing someone walking beside him. He turned and was met with a glare from a feline. He couldn’t really tell what he or she was. Only that it was a cat-animal. “And you are?”

“She’s one of the ones that helps place the creatures in their own caves. You’ve probably seen all the small entrances?” she asked, Ryuu nodding. “Each one is occupied by one or two creatures. It all depends on their size, past and how they get along with other creatures,” she said, a little hesitant with the last part.

“I can already tell where this is going,” he said, the feline walking over one of the paths. Ryuu looked over at Ferlis one last time before following her. As he was walking, he could feel the anger towards him from every direction. Silverwing had mentioned before about how they reacted to dragons in the past. “Seems like she was exaggerating about the presence of a dragon,”

“A lot of them have a bad history involving the Dragon Domain. You can’t blame them for giving you the cold look,” the feline said, Ryuu noticing the anger in her voice. He asked if that included her, and she stopped and turned her head towards him. “Not directly, but they destroyed my life only a couple of days ago,”

“Wait, a couple of days? Does the Dragon Domain actually do anything down here?” he asked, a little shocked by how recent it was. He had heard ever since he was young that the dragons kept to themselves and let the creatures in Kaltik have their own space. She herself seemed confused by his question, but answered him anyway. She said a couple of dragons came down here every once in a while to do a check. Some just fly by after observing for a while. But some feel the need to give an example of their power. “And I’m guessing the latter happened to you,”

“Yes, there used to be a small place where we feline creatures called home. Right next to Carves. The name is long forgotten, so I don’t know what it was called,” she started, Ryuu remembering hearing about a place like that from his mother. A place that the ‘traitors’ lived and was destroyed as punishment. “Me, my family, and others went there again to try and rebuild it. We had gotten pretty far, before that damn dragon showed up and destroyed everything. Scolding us for trying to rebuild something that was destroyed as punishment. I didn’t understand what he meant, and neither did my father. However, he yelled back at him, saying that we had right to do this. And after that,” she stopped, Ryuu already guessing what had happened to him.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” he said, the feline looking away from him. He let her lead him to the cave before he spoke again, so they could have some peace before he started the conversation. “I might be able to shed some light on why that ‘damn dragon’ destroyed your hopes,” she turned quickly, a small glow in her eyes. “I don’t know if this is true, but I was told when I was young that your kind were messengers before for the dragons. They did something to betray our kind and the leader at that time decided to destroy their home as punishment,”

“But why linger on that now? That must’ve been so long ago,” she asked, annoyance clear in her voice. He told her he wasn’t sure, trying to think of a reason. When something came to mind. He asked her what kind of power he had. “I couldn’t really tell, there were more than one there,” she said in the beginning, Ryuu asking if there were any weird phenomenon at the time. “Well, what set fire to our progress was a bolt of lightning. Despite the day being clear until the dragons arrived,”

“Striker,” he mumbled, the feline asking if he knew who he was. “The leader of the Dragon Ring, the second in charge. He will do anything to get what he says is right to be true. He’s the reason I’m down here to being with,” he said, a low growl escaping his mouth. Another voice suddenly came in, making him look to the entrance. A snake was making its way into the cave and towards him. He looked like your run-in-the-mill snake, except the wings that were growing out from its scales. Six, three on each side. He also asked the feline to go and help some of the others in Carves. She nodded and left. “I’m guessing you’re one of the ones helping Silverwing take care of the injured.

“Yes, my name is of no important,” he said the second after he answered, Ryuu having no intention of asking him for a name. He didn’t say another word before he checked his wounds. It took about 10 minutes before he was done. “You’re wounds are not fatal, nor are they bad enough to restrain you from doing any fighting. They have been slightly re-opened, probably because you were carrying that wolf,” he told him, Ryuu asking how Ferlis was doing. “She’ll live, but she cannot fight for a while,” was all he said before leaving. He was definitely glad she was OK, and moved towards the end of the cave. He laid down and closed his eyes, exhausted from the walk.

Ryuu was flying through the flames, the screams of his friends ringing in his ears. He was frantic, and kept flying into rocks that were loose. But he didn’t care, and he ignored his pain. He flew away from the flames and the screams started dying out. He wasn’t sure where he was heading, only that he had to get there before it was too late.

He arrived at a mountain peak, landing neatly on the ground. He saw three dragons when he arrived. Two of them were standing, while the other was pinned down by one of the ones standing.

“Let her go,” he said calmly, trying not to late his rage take over. The one hold it didn’t move, only looked back at him. “I won’t use it. So stop trying to force me into it by using such a dirty tactic,”

“Ryuu, do you not realize the situation we’re in? You’re the only dragon alive at the moment who can even use it. We have to fight with everything we have to stop this war from breaking out,” the one who wasn’t doing anything said, Ryuu recognizing the voice very easily.

“If it wasn’t for you, this wouldn’t even be happening, Striker. Fix your own problems. Don’t drag me or her into this,” he scolded him roughly, making Striker furious. He turned around and headed towards the dragoness, Ryuu’s eyes widening. “Don’t you dare!” He dashed forwards, but he was a second to late reacting.

Striker didn't hesitate as he bit down her neck and broke it within seconds. She didn’t even have time to react. Her eyes went dull, and her breathing had stopped. Her neck was crooked, half her neck facing up while the other was facing down at the ground. Almost like a spiral. Ryuu just stood there, horrified by what he had just witnessed. Striker just turned to him with a cold look. But he could make out a smirk on the dragons face.

And that's when it all went black for him. He doesn't fully know what happened, but he could tell he had killed many. Whether they were dragons or not, he didn't know. The blood of his victims slowly slid down his neck as he went to the next. His throat was burning with power, and was giving him immense pain. He let out a roar to release the burning, easing the pain for a bit. But he heard screams as he did so, knowing that someone was hurt every time he did it. But he didn't care. All he cared about was what had happened, and the only thing he saw was the smile of the dragoness who had just died.

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