The Exiled Dragon

By CynderBaby All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 3

Ryuu had been resting under Ferlis' care for the past few days. Although he kept telling her she could leave him alone and go home, she refused to leave him by himself. There were a few times when smaller creatures, which Ferlis called Outsi, came along. But he was strong enough to scare them away even when injured.

According to Ferlis, an Outsi is a creature that is different from the rest of its race. To explain simply to him, she said that if there was a dragon that had feathered wings, unlike Ryuu, then they would be considered an Outsi in the eyes of the creatures of Kaltik. Having seen the wolves from before, he thought Ferlis also counted as an Outsi. But he decided not to ask her about it.

He tried getting up once again, feeling a slight sting of pain in his leg when he put a lot of weight on it. Though it was more than he would normally while walking. So he decided it was in good enough condition to move again. His wing and tail had also recovered now, so he started making his way out. Although, so caught up in the moment of finally being able to leave, he almost accidentally walked on top of Ferlis. She had been lying next to him in order to keep him warm.

"Hey, wake up," he said, shaking her a bit. Although it didn't seem like it really did much. "Wake up," he said a bit louder this time, shaking her a bit more violently. She finally made a noise at least, but it didn't seem like she was going to wake up anytime soon. He sighed, getting himself in a better position, and slightly kicked her. She groaned in pain, lifting her head. "About time you woke up. I can't get out unless I want to crush you underneath me," he said, though she saw she wasn't completely awake yet.

"Oh, sorry," she said, finally getting out, yawning, and went out of the cave. Ryuu followed her, his eyes hurting form the sudden ray of sun. He had been stuck inside that cave for what felt like forever. So seeing light very unusual for him at the moment. He walked completely up, watching Ferlis shake her fur from the mud that had attached to it. "So, what do you intend to do now?"

"Wander about and see what this world has. I'm going to be stuck here for a while, until my-" he stopped himself mid-sentence, not sure he should talk too much about why he was here. Since his welcome party seemed to 'enjoy' his presence. Ferlis kept looking at him, waiting for him to finish. "Until my friends catch up to me in class. I'm stronger than any of them, so I was given a harder task," he finished, finding a loop hole without really lying. He was the strongest, and his teacher when he was younger was thinking about sending him down here for training.

"Wow, you must be really strong for your teacher to trust you enough to come here by yourself! And in your strength, none the less!" she said, rather energetic all of a sudden. "I've never met a real dragon, I've just been hearing about them since I was young. I didn't know dragons went to school, nor did I…" she kept going on and on. Ryuu started ignoring her half-way through, looking around the area. He was trying to find a good route to take. Ferlis was still talking, though it sounded more like she was talking to herself at this point. He found a path he could take, getting up.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Thanks for taking care of my wounds. I'll be leaving now," he interrupted her blabbering as he walked towards the path. Ferlis asked him to wait, wanting to join him. He quickly turned his head towards her, his gaze meeting hers "No, I work better alone," he said very strictly to her. She flinched a little, Ryuu turning his head away from her and started walking again. However, he could hear Ferlis walking behind him. He decided it would be best to not encourage her to keep following him.

The reason for his harshness towards her before was to make sure she stayed safe. He knew that if she followed him, she could get drawn in any trouble that he would attract. She had saved him, tended to his wounds and kept him safe in that cave. He didn't want her to end up like a rag doll. He didn't know how strong he was, but he didn't want to risk it.

He kept following the path, ending up having to go over a small mountain. But it was incredibly steep and a very uneven path. He could have easily flown over, but he still heard Ferlis behind her. Sighing, he decided to at least take some consideration to her and find an easy path up so she could follow. Besides, he didn't really trust his wing to carry him over the mountain at the moment. It hadn't completely healed yet. He started walking up, using his claws to get a steady balance.

He could hear Ferlis wincing in pain, guessing the ragged path wasn't too good on her paws. But he ignored it as best he could, wanting her to think he was unkind and ruthless. That way, she might reconsider following him. Once he got to the top, he could get a better view of the area. He saw a mountain like area. He quickly looked behind, Ferlis still following him. He could also smell a hint of blood, making him feel guilty. But he closed his eyes and started walking down. He knew this was for the best, making her think he was the bad guy.

He reached the bottom of the small mountain and started hearing towards the area he had seen before. However, after walking for a bit, he could sense Ferlis' presence less and less. Hoping it was because she gave up, he kept walking. But when he could smell blood again, and a lot more of it, he started getting worried. Then, as another red flag to him, a pained howl echoed from behind. Without a second hesitation, he turned and ran towards the mountain once again.

Once he arrived, he saw three wolves, biting and scratching at Ferlis. One had golden fur, and was more a spectator than doing the actual work. Another was a more dark golden color, and his fur was covered in mud. He had blood all over his jaw and paws. The last once was pitch black, and the largest of the trio. He had scars all over his body, and he was missing lumps of fur in various places. With his anger boiling, he was about ready to charge and rip them to shreds. But when one of them started speaking, he kept his ground.

"An Outsi like you shouldn't be allowed to wander out to another territory. Or did you forget that you have no freedom? Wandering around the place like you own the place," Ryuu recalled Ferlis' explanation about the Outsi. He had thought she was one, but didn't really know for sure. "You ought to be killed right here and now!"

Ryuu didn't hesitate anymore. He took two long steps towards them and bit the one who was talking in the neck, throwing him so he pushed the other two along with him. He moved so he could get a good look on Ferlis' condition. Her fur had been ripped off from various places, and blood had stained the color of her fur. Since the color of blood was darker than her own fur color, it stuck out like a palm tree in a rain forest. He moved so his front legs were in front of her and his body was hovering over her. This way, he knew exactly where she'd be at all times.

"You plan on protecting an Outsi? I know you lizards keep to yourselves, but even you should know that an Outsi is not someone you should be protecting," one of the other ones said, Ryuu ignoring the 'lizard' comment. He didn't say anything in response, at least not until it seemed like one of them was going to talk again.

"I couldn't care less about this 'Outsi' stuff you keep mentioning. I don't know how bad it is, but is it really a good enough excuse to take someone's life away? To tear her from a freedom she deserves?" he knew his words angered them, since their intent to kill grew immensly. He got ready for an attack, all three of them pouncing on him simultaneously. He went after the golden one first, hitting it with his tail. With the darker colored one, he used his uninjured wing and knocked him to the ground.

The black one however, he had to stay on high alert for. He could already sense that he was a highly experienced fighter, and he had survived many battles. He kept his eyes solely on him, relying on his instinct if any of the other tried attacking him. The black one was also wary of him. Ryuu guessed it was because he was a dragon. But he wasn't too sure. The two clashed for a while, Ryuu tearing off more of his fur and leaving wounds that would eventually turn into scars. The wolf had also made more wounds on his body, though none of them had been deep enough to become scars. They had clashed for a while, Ryuu almost forgetting Ferlis. Luckily, the other two had kept trying to butt into the fight between the two superior warriors.

"You fight well, dragon. And here I thought that you all just slept all day and never trained," the wolf said, Ryuu not lowering his guard. He told him they fought every day, and they had their fair share of problems. "I see. Is one of those problems the reason you have come here, dragon?"

"That is none of your concern," he said, trying to keep that a secret for as long as he could. The black wolf only kept silent for a bit, as if planning out his next attack. Ryuu was anticapating it, but heard a weak whimper behind him. He quickly turned, seeing a fourth wolf about to kill Ferlis.

"She's an Outsi. She deserves to die," the last words said by the black wolf was the last Ryuu heard. His vision went red, and he could feel his blood boiling. He focused a lot of his power into his mouth, and let out a huge roar. As a result, black flames were shot out of his mouth and towards the newcomer. He didn't was any time making sure he was done for. He used his power and controlled his shadow, binding the other two wolves so they were unable to move. "So, this is the power that a dragon possesses,"

"You haven't seen anything yet. This is nowhere near how powerful we can become if we let our emotions control us," he said, as if warning him to make him angrier. The black wolf took the hint, and also asked him to release his comrades. "So you can kill her?"

"So we can leave. I know when I'm outmatched. I do not stand a chance against you at the moment," he explained, and Ryuu knew his words were true. He calmed down, and released the two he had trapped, and the three of them quickly left. He turned and looked at Ferlis, who had lost consciousness. He looked over at the wolf who had nearly killed her. He was walking towards her again. Ryuu closed his eyes and placed her on his back. The wolf looked up, and he was already terrified. Ryuu ignored him and walked on the path once again.

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