The Exiled Dragon

By CynderBaby All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 2

Ryuu lands on the ground of Kaltik. Since he was a dragon, and rather heavy, there was a loud thud as he landed. He looked around the area, making sure there wasn't anyone that could be a threat to him. Even though he was powerful, one of the strongest dragons at that, but this was a completely different area. He was at a disadvantage when it comes to the area.

Looking around, he couldn't see or sense anyone nearby. Feeling uneasy, he started walking through the open field before him. He kept looking around, trying to find a route for him to take. Since he didn't know the area, he could easily get into big trouble.

"I don't know if anything beats being exiled though," he thought quietly to himself. Just as he was making his way towards something that seemed similar to a path, he started hearing something moving towards him. He stopped and looked behind him, which was empty before he arrived. Three coal black wolves stood there, growling at him. "Can I help you?" he said, very calm.

"What's a dragon doing in Kaltik? Weren't you more superior than the rest of us so you had to have your own domain much higher than the rest of us 'worthless beings'?" one of them said, making the other two angrier. Ryuu had never really known why their domain was cut off from the others, he was born after that. Although he's learned dragons are more powerful, he didn't think that meant they were superior.

However, instead of saying this, he kept silent. He was interested in how they would act towards something they despise. And it wasn't long before all three of them pounced at him simultaneously. He faced them completely, ready to defend himself. Of course, when it's three against one, it's bound to end badly for him. He was able to stop two of them, but the last one ran around and bit his wing.

Ryuu had never had his wing bitten, so he panicked for a second and beat his wing down as hard as he could. Which ended with the wolf getting injured pretty badly. However, he lost his concentration of the other two, who got loose from his grip and attacked him. One went for his leg, the other for his neck. He growled in pain, moving his neck and bit the back of the one who went after his leg, ripping his fangs off his flesh and threw him away. The movement made the other lose his grip, jumping back before Ryuu could hurt him.

Since he pulled the other wolf from his leg forcefully, there was an open wound that blood was gushing out of. He was already unable to stand on it completely. The three wolves once again prepared to attack him, Ryuu realizing he won't have as much of an easy time as he would like. He also got ready to defend himself, though he was a lot more tense than he was the first time.

The three charged towards him, one of them going straight towards him, while the other two went to each side. He tried following them, but the one going straight for him was faster. He quickly turned his attention to him and roared before biting down at his neck. The wolf whelped, Ryuu tightening his grip on his jaw. As he did this, one of the two other wolves jumped up and bit his neck. Though he didn't feel it as much as the wolf he held because his hide is stronger. The last wolf had gone around and bit his tail, making Ryuu feel a painful sting.

Although the other two were hurting him pretty badly, he didn't loosen the grip of the wolf he held in his jaw. Instead, he turned his head with the wolf still in his jaw. As he turned, the wolf that bit his neck was being tossed around, and eventually the skin he held gave away and another wound was added to Ryuu. He used the wolf in his jaw and threw him at the one who held his tail. Though it wasn't enough to make him let go, Ryuu lifted his tail and threw it to the ground as hard as he could. Like he had done with his wing earlier. This made the wolf let go, as well as crush him to the point where he couldn't fight anymore. The wolf he bit was in pretty bad shape as well.

"Heh, you're not half bad for a creature that's been living like a King for all his life," the last standing wolf said, Ryuu breathing heavily. His wing, leg, neck and tail were all injured, and he had already lost a lot of blood. He recalled Agros talking about beings in Kaltik that have strong enough fangs to inflict fetal wounds to them. And he just fought against three of them. The wolf seemed like he was going to say something else, but a loud roar echoed towards them, making him stop.

"What was that?" Ryuu said to himself, seeing the wolf run into the forest, that Ryuu didn't notice when he arrived. He looked back at the other two wolves, and saw they were still both breathing. Satisfied, he started walking towards the path again. However, his leg was badly injured so he was limping. And the bleeding hadn't stopped yet either. His vision was already getting blurry, his head pounding and he started feeling dizzy. His strength was getting weaker and weaker with every step. Soon, he couldn't hold his own weight and collapsed by some large rocks, losing consciousness.

When he opened his eyes again, the area was darker than where he recalled being. He slowly looked around, seeing a bright light through an opening. So he assumed he was in some kind of cave. The question was, who brought him here?

He noticed something on various parts of his body, looking at his leg. There were sticky leaves over the wound, which were called herblet. They were known for healing wounds and stopping the blood from gushing out. He looked over at his wing and tail, noticing the herblet was on there as well.

"But who did this?" he asked himself, not sensing anyone nearby. Though he still wasn't fully recovered. So his senses were dull. Though he couldn't see anyone either. He tried getting up, but the wound on his leg was more painful that he thought. The second he put some of his weight on the leg, he growled in pain and fell back to the ground with a thud. He tried moving his wing a bit as well, feeling more pain from bending it that he did from standing on his leg. "I'm in a really bad situation if someone comes here with the intent of killing me,"

Just as he finished saying this, he heard someone nearby. Not wanting to seem vulnerable, he got up on his three of his legs and got in a defensive stance. He tried to move his injured wing and tail as little as possible, seeing the shadow of someone coming towards him. As soon as the one walking came into view, he growled. He startle whoever was there, Ryuu studying the new comer.

It was a wolf, which didn't help calm his nerves. But this one was different from the other three from before. This one seemed more like an outside among them. Its blood red fur was, with a glint of orange here and there, was the first thing that caught her eye. The second thing was the three tails. At the moment, they were down, almost between its legs.

"R-Relax! I'm not here to hurt you!" it stuttered, Ryuu guessing it was a female based on the pitch of its voice. He eased a little, but only so she felt a bit more secure that he wouldn't attack her. "I found you passed out. You were pretty badly injured as well, so I moved you in here so other creatures wouldn't attack you or your wounds got infected by something," she explained, moving a little closer. But she was very cautious. Most likely because of how he acted towards her before.

"So you just happened to come across me and treated my injuries?" he asked, not really believing her. Though he was used to being treated like he was nothing but a splinter in someone's skin. All she did was nod, and her tails starting moving about. She was definitely more calm now than she was before. "Thanks," he whispered silently, not even sure if she heard him.

"No worries, I couldn't just leave someone in your state just out there," she said, seeming very cheerful. Ryuu just closed his eyes and laid down again. He didn't understand why she seemed so happy about him thanking her, though he honestly didn't care too much. He knew it would be best to take this oprotunity to rest up. The wolf moved a little closer, Ryuu opening one of his eyes to see what she was doing. And it seemed she was checking his wounds. "Did you try and move?"

"A little, yes," he said bluntly, thought didn't know what the problem was. She told him she noticed that the leaves had been moved a bit, though it wasn't anything bad. Although she did add that he shouldn't try and move anymore before the wounds have healed properly. "I know that," he said, closing his eyes again. After a few moments complete silence, the wolf asked his name. "Ryuu,"

"Ryuu? Interesting name," she said, though Ryuu didn't see what she meant. "I'm Ferlis, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ryuu," she said, Ryuu once again looking over at her. She had a very comforting look in her eyes, making him somewhat more calm around her. He closed his eyes for the last time, and fell asleep very quickly.

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