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"what are they doing here? and why are you with them?" Tori roared at his brother. " I am joining them" Agni replied in a calm tone. "Agni you don't know what.. sati began " I know what I am doing " Agni snapped cutting her off. "why?" Tori demanded. " you ask me why? they abandoned our mother and even killed her, its because of them we lost our father, its because of them we were left homeless its because of them who we are today , cold hearted merciless murderers, out of all people YOU my brother ask me why?" Agni shouted. Tori remained silent knowing what ever his brother said was true. "I am switching sides dharmander. I am no more a pallava." he spat looking up at the old man and turned around to leave after glancing at his twin.

Chapter 1

“I want him dead. I want him dead now! “The guy shouted.

“Don’t worry he will not see the sunrise tomorrow. “Tori sipped his glass of wine.

Agni was feeding the raven while Tori finalised the deal with their new client.Though being the younger one among the twins Tori was more matured .On the other hand Agni was a humorous guy and never take things serious.

Just like their character they don't posses similar appearance . Agni has a Indian skin tone with jet black hair and bearded v-jawline whereas Tori was lean British skin toned guy with silver hair and a inch shorter than his brother. The only thing they have in common are their eyes. A deep forest green. A thing both possessed from their mother.

Despite the differences, they share a strong bond which was the sole reason for their survival till today. Life was never easy for the twins, orphaned at the age of 12 their life was a bed of thorns. They roamed in the streets, begged for food striding around the city in hot sun and rain. The life taught them only one thing, Whether you are tall or short, handsome or disgusting, fair or black, ambitious or not those thing never matters, the only thing that matters is power. The world praises you, admires you, loves you till you have power, the instant you lose your power the world forgets you how ever good you are towards them.

There are many ways to acquire power, the twins chose the popular and the most effective way-FEAR.

Fear makes you powerful.This may be the against the morals but the morals wont feed you when you starve, it wont give you shelter when you shiver in cold.‘Nothing is a sin benefits you’

“So who does the guy want us to kill? “Agni entered the room.

Tori sighed. “I don’t know, his business rival may be. “Tori walked towards the full size mirror.

“What about the mysterious message? “Agni enquired sitting on the couch stretching his legs.

Few days ago they received a message through a raven. True that most their clients don’t like to meet them in person, they either call them or send one of their men to talk about the deal.

But a raven is something.... Unusual. This is the first time they receive a message through a raven . It was just a single line message.

Mar-27 kailasanthar temple at 18.30

Tori felt disturbed from the day they recieved this message. ‘Why would someone want to meet at a temple when they want to talk about killing somebody. ’

Who ever the guy was, he has definitely got a heavy purse.with the message the raven also carried a pouch full of gold coins. The coins seemed to be some ancient coins with symbols inscribed on them which made Tori more suspicious. The letter felt more of an order than a request. However they decided to meet him.

“The temple.... It’s on the way to the address that the guy gave right? “Agni’s words snapped Tori out of his thoughts.

Tori nodded positive.

“So we finish him before we go to the temple, what say? “Agni asked with a raised eyebrow getting up from the couch.

Tori nodded with a small smile.

They both exited the mansion and moved towards their car, a military green pontiac streamliner with a 4-speed Hydra-Matic transmission engine. Agni sat behind the wheels and Tori in shotgun.

Tori still had a unsettling feel about the message. ‘the kailasanathar temple. ’

The temple was one of the ancient structures that was present in the city which was built during the pallava’s rule by Narasimhavaraman-2. Though being built around 685-705AD it still stands without any damage till day. The pallavas ruled tamil nadu with kanchi as capital and has built a number of temples in around the city. The temple was not only built to express their gratitude towards god, it also one of the reasons that made pallavas unbeatable during the medieval era. The temple has....

Tori came out of his thoughts when the car came to an alt. He turned towards his twin and Agni motioned towards the mansion to his right.

It has a sky blue painted walls with a big lawn. The lawn has few statues of animals and a statue of a man. ‘Maybe the statue of the man we are going to kill’ Tori thought.

They took a revolver each from a box below the steering and exited the car.

“So... how do we do it? “Tori asked.

“ we go in,kill him and come out.“

"yeah right" Tori muttered rolling his eyes.

They walked towards the gate but was stopped by a guard.

“We are here to meet mr. vishvanath. I am kavya’s brother and he his her uncle’s son. “Agni told the security.

‘Now who is kavya? ’ Tori looked at his brother dumbstruck.

“Who is kavya? “The security voiced out his thoughts while another guard with same uniform came and stood beside him.

Agni’s lips crooked upwards ” she is his fiancé.“Agni replied which made Tori’s eyebrows shoot up. The securities had a horrified look plastered on their faces. “so shall we go in?” Tori interjected. The guards looked each other and back at the twins. Seems that they haven’t came out of the shock yet.

‘Is the guy already married? Agni! what have you done’ Tori slowly placed his hands over the revolver on his back.

“sorry for that. you can go in, the butler will take you to sir’s room.” the guy who appeared second said with a bow.“Agni gave a small smile and walked into the gates leaving Tori behind. Tori followed Agni with a raised eyebrow.‘definitely not the reaction that I have expected.’

“seriously, sir wants marriage at 71?“Tori smiled hearing the guards whispering.

A bald butler escorted them towards their target’s room. “sir has never mentioned about this mystery fiancé to me?” he asked suspiciously.

“he wanted to keep this affair a secret.“Tori spoke before Agni can say something stupid. The butler and Tori shared a meaningful look.” if you don’t mind can we have some private time with my soon to be brother-in-law.“Agni asked when they reached his room. The butler gave a brief nod and went away.

“No guns” Tori warned Agni while entering the room. “brother stop acting as if this is my first kill. I know what to do.” Agni said irritated.

“who are you?” They heard a voice from their right. A old man in red tux stood in front a chair with a book in his hands.

The room has cream coloured walls with flower patterns on the sides. The room was dimly lit with a huge curtain drawn window. There were hardly a photo on the walls, all the room had was books.

" who are you and what do you want?” vishvanath repeated his question. “we are here to kill you” Agni blurted.

vishvanath just looked both of them for few seconds and stumbled back on his chair laughing. “look-" Tori was silenced by a gun shot.

The old man slides to the floor blood oozing out of his head. Tori looked at the corpse and glared back at his brother. “what did-"

“yeah yeah... I know but that guy irritates me.” Agni replied coolly. ” so you shot him, do you-" Tori trailed off knowing that arguing with him is useless.

“Quick, the guards would have definitely heard the gun shots , we should get out before they come.” Tori said hurrying towards the door and Agni followed him.

Before they could open the door ,it burst open and in rushed the bald butler. “what is that noise? is everything all right?” he panicked.

He horrified seeing his employer laying dead in pool of blood. “GUA-" his shouting was muffled by tori who placed a hand over his mouth and sandwiched him between himself and the door.

Agni swiftly came towards them and gave a chop at the back of the butler’s neck making him faint.

They exited the room and ran towards the living room where the two guards were waiting for them fully armed. Before Agni could lunge towards them, tori took out his gun and shot one on his arm and other on the leg.

" I think someone asked me not to use the gun” Agni told and frantically searched around the room.

“you are one who broke the rule first” Tori snapped. “That doesn’t mean that you can break it too. don’t you think he is being childish?” he asked the guards who were whimpering in pain. Tori groaned in frustration and started dragging his brother towards the exit by his collar.

“Do you think we should stop by a restaurant before we make it to the temple?” Agni asked with one hand one steering and other caressing his tummy.

“just drive, will you?” Tori gave a big sigh.

" I am hungry” Agni whined. Tori closed his eyes ignoring his brother.


“MOM” A 12 year old Agni ran frantically shouting on the deserted road.

The dark clouds advanced swallowing the stars that were on their way. the clouds hungrily waved towards the moon who seem to running for her dear life. But soon the clouds reached her swallowing her as well and again leaving behind only darkness. Complete darkness.

“MOM” Agni shouted searching for her mother with tears all over his face. Tori followed him thinking that his brother was searching his mother to complain that he had beaten him up but still wondering why he was searching for his mother on the streets.

A women in bright green saree lay crouching on her knees with ragged breaths leaning over a street lamp which flickered occasionally. As soon as Agni’s eyes landed on the petite figure he sprinted towards her shouting ‘mom’.

As he neared her, his pace slowed down and he took slow steps towards her. Even at that age he could somehow guess what was happening. He crouched beside her and held her hands , soon Tori reached them and crouched beside Agni.

She looked at her sons lovingly through her green eyes with a bright smile. Agni’s gaze shifted towards his mother’s stomach which had a huge stab that spits blood and black smoke continuously. “mom” Agni sobbed.

“sh.. sh.. hey it’s fine baby boy mama is fine” she cooed in mere whispers.

Instead of pacifying, this made Agni sob more and he clenched her hands harder. Seeing his mother and brother crying, Tori’s eyes welled up. Though he is oblivious to the situation he feels as if something is wrong....terribly wrong.

“Don’t worry sweetheart you’re safe. ” she laced her finger with her son’s. “it dies with me for now.... forever.” she said looking at the sky hugging her two sons.

The twins stayed in her embrace until she went limb and feel lifeless on the ground. “momma don’t sleep here come let’s go home” Tori frantically shook his mother.

Agni watched her mother’s now lifeless body while Tori keep on shaking her. “tori stop” Agni ordered.

“Agni ask amma to wake up. momma come let’s go home” Tori cried.

“TORI STOP.” Agni shouted getting up. “she won’t” he choked and feel to his knees sobbing.

Tori woke up startled with fear evident in his eyes. Agni gently placed his hands over his brother. ” nothing it’s just.....”

“I know” Agni said wiping a lone tear from Tori’s eyes sharing a weak smile.

“we are here” Agni said and Tori looked at the massive structure in front of him.

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