The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 9: Cohen

“Mr. and Mrs. Julliard, are you sure you have nothing to do with this?” Dalton questioned the couple, parents to Rebecca Julliard.

Cohen stayed in silent. He let the Commander gave his best effort in interrogating. Dalton wasn’t just the Commander of the 1st Battalion, he was also one of the lead interrogators. It was one of his many talents in his forty years career.

“The rogue deserved for what he did to our girl,” Mrs. Julliard snarled with venom in every word left her mouth.

Hatred filled their eyes, but there was a brief calmness in them. Did they feel calm knowing someone had killed their daughter’s killer?

Dalton rubbed his temples. “You know the consequences of obstruction of justice under the Werewolf’s Council. You involved in the investigation of a case.”

In their eyes, it was certain they’ve contacted someone else to solve the case. If they really cared about the consequences for obstruction of justice, they wouldn’t have done this. They did it because the Werewolf’s Council was nowhere to solve the case.

“We had to reach out to someone else because your investigators got nowhere to solve the case,” Mr. Julliard said. “We heard stories about someone who can contact another person who is brave enough to break the laws to do our bidding.”

Cohen straightened his sitting posture to show his interest piqued to know more about the person who was brave enough to break the laws to do their bidding.

“Who?” He questioned.

“We didn’t know who, but we went to someone who knows how to contact such person.” Mr. Julliard glanced at his wife and she nods for him to reveal more. “Cole Griffin was the one who arranged the contract for us. He’s working at the pawn shop in the town. Good lad.”

Brilliant moves.

Cohen resisted smirking. Mira knew how to use her human contacts to her advantages. Knowing the Werewolf’s Council wanted to maintain its secrecy, it was easy to say they wouldn’t give out the orders to bring humans in for interrogation. Once again, Mira was off the hook. Dalton couldn’t bring Cole Griffin in for interrogation—not when the latter’s status as a human.

“He’s a human.” Cohen nodded to the Commander.

Mrs. Julliard’s eyes fixated at them. “Now, the rogue got what he deserved. Let him rot in hell.”

As there was no further question from them, the Commander closed the file and sighed. “Thank you for your co-operation, Mr. and Mrs. Julliard. You’re dismissed.”

Watching the couple left the office, Cohen relaxed on his chair, earning suspicious attention from the Commander. The Alpha skimmed through the lists of the kills made by Mira herself once more. All the victims were connected to at least one serious charge, especially murder and slavery. Slavery and murder were still two common cases in the supernatural world.

The lists suggested his mate was a lot more interesting than he had expected. With her heavy involvement in hunting down murderers and slave masters, Cohen could feel it had something to do with her turbulent past. The medical file she had with the Werewolf’s Council after the 4th Battalion rescued her, showed she suffered the signs of trauma—staying at the corner of the room, screaming in the middle of the nights, unable to sleep, sometimes refused to eat or drink, and rejecting any form of verbal contact.

He flipped to the next page—an extensive medical information. She underwent several tests in the Werewolf’s Council. One test was a rape kit. From the result, the doctor found three different DNA. Cohen’s hands clenched on the file as he read more about it. She also suffered torn muscle in her private part.

“Why are you interested in her?” Dalton asked, snapping the Alpha from getting angry at the things he had read on the file.

“We’ve crossed path. I wanted to know who I’m dealing with,” He replied casually, closing the file.

He pinched the bridge of his nose to contain his anger from emerging out. He didn’t expect his mate had suffered this much. Someone raped and tortured her for fourteen years before the rescue. How many more girls shared the same fate as her?

He didn’t know the answer to that question.

If he needed to be honest, he was not a big fan of her profession. Then again, she had saved many slaves from the people she had killed. People viewed her as the bad guy. But, she was just a person who tried to make the world a better place for everyone else.

Her profession made her moving from one place to another. Everyone had a hard time to track her down especially the Werewolf’s Council. As long as she moved around, she was untouchable. He didn’t even know if anyone could touch her when she was a sitting duck.

“Don’t take her case lightly, Alpha,” Dalton warned him. “She’s outsmarting us by doing her work through human contacts. She’s a gun for hire.”

“Rogues rarely go that far with their thinking.”

“We’re not talking about a normal rogue here. Mira might be a rogue for her whole life but that doesn’t make she’s the same as other rogues. The Werewolf’s Council thinks she’s weak than any of us but I doubt it.”

Cohen crossed his arms over his chest as he was getting intrigued for his family’s friend had said. Out of nowhere, it sounded like Dalton had a personal vendetta against the Alpha’s mate.

The Alpha’s mate.

Cohen’s wolf smirked at that. Damn, it felt so right and yet so wrong to call her such while she was out there, poking every nerve of the members of the Werewolf’s Council.

“You seem to have crossed path with her...” The Alpha trailed off. “if not once, maybe more.”

The Commander sighed and his hands massaged his forehead as if he had a massive headache. For someone at Dalton’s age, he should have retired and took care of his grandchildren at home. Now, he gambled his entire career to chase after Mira. Everyone knew the story of the legendary Dalton Forest. No criminal ever walked freely unpunished and no criminal ever escaped from his grasp. Whenever he said he would get the job done, he would truly get it done.

Then, there was Mira—the greatest challenge in his career.

Whether or not they wanted to admit it, she was elusive. She was a ghost who could get in and out of a territory without getting detected. That skill needed years to hone it perfectly. Cohen had more than a hundred Enforcers patrolled his territory and the town every day. Yet, they never came across her until they chased after the two rogue pups. Mira could have been on his territory far longer than they told him. If it wasn’t because the rogue pups, neither he nor his pack would have known she was on his territory.

“Twelve times,” Dalton answered after a long silence. “Each time was always so close. For fourteen years, I’ve been chasing her since she escaped the rehabilitation facility. But, she slipped away each time. It feels like someone informed her before I even made my first move.”

For someone who was barely a pup she was slick enough to escape Dalton that much. Let alone she had successfully escaped the most secure facility in the history of the supernatural world. The rehabilitation camp crawled with highly trained Enforced twenty-four-seven. From what Cohen had heard ages ago, Mira was the first one to escape successfully.

“And, each time she continued to add more pile of work,” Dalton expressed his anger.

“Do you think she has a mole inside?” The Alpha questioned.

“I thoroughly investigated everyone. We’re underestimating her. She has a wide connection to the Black Market and can get any info she wants.”

“But, you think there’s a mole,” Cohen pressed.

The Commander drank the remaining of his Bourbon in the glass and answered, “That’s got to be someone inside working for her.”

There were over twenty thousands werewolves working in the Werewolf’s Council. Even if he investigated everyone, there was still a chance the mole still inside there. The mole wouldn’t have risked their own lives to help her if they knew it might expose them. Whoever the mole was, they knew the risk.

“Someone who could access everything,” Dalton added.

It was still hard to find the mole even if they narrowed to those who could access everything.

“Anyone in your mind?” Cohen asked the Commander.

Dalton shook his head. “I couldn’t point fingers since I could access everything, too.”

“Alpha.” Brandon knocked the door twice before entering. “We’ve received a report from the town’s hospital about two girls reported missing a few days ago. They identified Monty Olsen as their captor.”

Cohen opened the file. Someone found two girls—age 17, high school students, and blonde at a rented cabin.

“Who found them there?” Cohen asked the Gamma.

“It was an anonymous tip sent to the local precinct,” Brandon responded. “I sent Oliver to the hospital earlier. He heard a chatter between the two girls. They said a redheaded woman was the one who found them in the cabin before she phoned someone else. She left a minute before the police arrived in the crime scene.”

“Redheaded woman? Sounds familiar?” Dalton said suggestively.

“And this.” Brandon showed his phone.

A photo of Mira was leaning against the wall as she watched someone. No, she was watching the victims from afar.

She did it again.

The next photo showed she was smiling in front of the hospital as she looked up to the sky. She looked thrilled and… beautiful in that.

“What’s your conclusion, Alpha?” Dalton questioned him.

Mira hunted Monty Olsen down because Julliard’s family hired her to. But, they didn’t hire her to find the two surviving victims. Did she know he had captured the two girls?

She solved two cases within twenty-four-hour time interval. Saving the rogue pups to killing the murderer of Rebecca Julliard.

“She killed him to save the girls,” Cohen concluded.

She killed to save people. Taking a life to save another. Mira had saved the two girls and the future victims of Monty Olsen. If she didn’t do it, more girls would have died in his hands.

“Case closed,” Dalton told them.

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