The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 75: Narrator

An invisible force dragged Mira’s body to Amanda’s reach. She grabbed the broken glass and sliced her palm before hovered it above Mira’s slightly opened mouth, hoping that her blood was good enough to resurrect her back. Amanda ripped her own shirt to wrap around her bleeding hand and she put her hands on Mira’s neck, enchanting silently and the chain materialized. Breaking this chain had many outcomes. One of them was unleashing the demon wolf.

Amanda knew Mira had warned her about it. No matter what happened to her, the prophecy must not be fulfilled. This time, Amanda was being selfish.

“No, Amanda!” Mira snarled. “The prophecy cannot be fulfilled even if my life is depending on it!”

“Why are you selfish, Mira? That prophecy could help you!”

“You have no idea what a demon wolf with a full potential could cause to the world!” she slammed her hands on the dining table. “Promise me you would never do that.”

“I promise.”

“Forgive me, Mira, for I am about to break my promise,” Amanda whispered.

The truth of a demon wolf — the real prophecy stated that one demon wolf would be born into the world. It would be born from the blood of a vampire king and a blueblood of a female werewolf. It would be fed with the blood of a lycan King and a white witch.

Amanda didn’t want to be the one to fulfill the prophecy but for the sake of everyone, she had to. She would be the final ingredient to Mira’s demon wolf. The Goddess could damn her for all she cared. She didn’t survive this long and fought this hard just to see her friend died in the hands of a vampire. No one of them was looking forward to this battle just to witness Mira’s death.

Lightning struck the sky loudly as she continued with her incantation. The chain glowed more and more until the link broke one by one and melted on the floor.

A moment of silence fell into the throne room. Everyone was hoping to hear the sound of a heartbeat from Mira. Amanda’s voice grew louder and louder but there was nothing happening. She started to break down right then and there, didn’t want to stop the incantation until Mira came back to life.

“Amanda, she’s gone.” Vincent crouched next to her. “Baby, she’s gone.”

“No, I can save her!” Amanda shouted at him. “I..I just need more time.”

He pulled her into his embrace as she struggled to break free to continue but eventually she just broke down harder. Vincent’s heart clenched. He would have wanted to see Mira back to life too but this incantation wasn’t going to help her. Mira was gone.

“She’s gone....” he whispered, closing his own eyes as tears were threatening to fall. “She’s gone...Honey, she’s gone.”

“She should live,” Amanda choked. “She promised to survive.”

“I know.”

Cohen shifted once more but a lot painful than before. He couldn’t control himself anymore and just let it all happened. He broke free from the curtains and dashed out of the throne room. Liam and Brandon who had just arrived there cussed under their breath when they saw what happened.

“Go after him,” Vincent told them. “We’d bring Mira’s body back to the mansion.”

The two men nodded in understanding and ran after the Alpha. An Alpha who went berserk was a lot worse than a tyrant vampire like Damien. There was no telling where Cohen would go or what he would do along the way. They were hoping he wouldn’t get innocent blood in his hands. He would never forgive himself if he did that.

The three Alphas on the battlefield saw the Southern Alpha was rushing towards the woods with the Beta and Gamma were following close behind.

"Cohen went berserk!” Liam linked to the Alphas.

They didn’t question what the reason of Cohen went to berserk because there was only one reason. All three followed the hot pursuit with a plan to intercept the Southern Alpha before he reached the nearest housing area. Liam pushed his own limit as much as he could. They had to stop Cohen. The Alpha wasn’t that far from his position. Leaping over the log, Liam tackled Cohen towards a tree. The Alpha kicked him off and was lunging for his neck. Jaxon collided against Cohen, saving Liam’s neck in the process. Growling menacingly with his pitch black eyes, Cohen was ready to kill them all. He was totally in a predator mode.

"We can’t contain him like this!" Jaxon shouted in the mind link. ”He’d kill us all before we get to do that."

"His wounds aren’t going to slow him down either," Zachariah added.

"We can’t just let him go!" Liam protested. “He’s gone berserk.

"Liam, if we all die in his hands, that would be even worst. 5 Alpha blood isn’t able to contain one berserk Alpha.” Nathan interrupted. ”The best thing we could do is to let him go. Let him find his own peace."

"You can’t be serious, Alpha Nathan." Brandon scowled.

"Nathan is right. Cohen is still sane even if he locked himself away. Either he kills us all right now for trying to contain him or we let him go and find him later on." Zachariah reasoned out. ”We all know Cohen. He’s not going to get innocent blood in his hands."

"Alright, back out slowly," Jaxon ordered.

Reluctantly, Liam and Brandon had to agree with them. Slowly, they retreated away from Cohen while they were keeping their heads low as a sign of submission. Liam hoped everyone realized what they had done. As they were retreating backward, Cohen ran and disappeared into the dense forest.

Back in the throne room, Vincent tore the curtain and wrapped Mira’s body with it before he carried her out. Winston set all the corpses of the vampires into the fire. On the outside, the Enforcers had piled the vampire corpses and put them on fire. Some others were bringing their fallen comrades home for proper burial. As Vincent carried Mira’s body out, everyone bowed to pay a final respect to the Luna of their ally.

Like she always said, there would be no victory without sacrifice. Mira was among the two hundred who sacrificed their lives to prevent another great war.

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