The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 74: Narrator

He watched helplessly as his mate collided against the wall. Cohen was hoping that the injury wasn’t too severe but Mira didn’t get up from the floor. Her eyes shut closed and her chest wasn’t moving anymore. Just like that, the Alpha snapped from the remaining of his control. His wolf took over his mind while he locked himself far away. Rage and hatred surged inside his soul, sending continuous adrenaline into his body.

He wanted to spill Damien’s blood all over the place. He wanted to rip him from limb to limb and piece by piece. He wanted to splatter his blood all over the place as if he was painting the walls.

The brawl continued between the Alpha and the vampire prince while everything else frozen in time. Nothing else matters to Cohen other than spilling this bloodsucker’s blood. Every hit Cohen was giving to the vampire, a short flashback of his memories with Mira appeared before his eyes.

One hit, a flashback of his first kiss with Mira by the cliff appeared.

Another hit, the first time he slept by her side in that cabin. Feeling her body against him that was all that matter at that moment.

A third hit, the moment he danced with her during her quest to kill Erdington.

And it all continued with more hits until he felt an agonizing pain on his chest before his hand went through Damien’s chest, ripping his beating heart out.

Cohen stumbled backward at the pain of his own chest. Not result from the wounds he had sustained, but the result of losing his mate. Everything was suffocating him right now. His wolf was howling in pain while Damien was on the floor, mutilated beyond recognition.

His wolf crawled slowly on the floor towards Mira’s body as if he had lost the function of his legs. Even his own body was weighing him down. The heaviness on his chest was unbearable. Slowly, he returned to his human form, completely ignored the fact that he would be naked. He held her body close to him, hoping to see her opened her eyes once again.

“No, baby....please....” he pleaded, kissing her forehead as he continued to mumble, “"

That was how mating worked. When it worked, it would be the most beautiful thing to ever happen. And when it didn’t, it was the most heartbreaking thing to ever happen. But the pain that the Alpha was currently feeling, there were no words to describe it. His wolf continued to howl in pain in the back of his mind. The number of wounds on his body was nothing compared to the pain of losing his mate.

He could have sustained several broken bones but this pain would just be temporary. His wounds would heal and the physical pain would fade away. But the pain of losing a mate? There was no telling how long he would feel it.

He had lived his life with no meaning. Just led his pack and be a responsible Alpha. He never really looked forward to coming home. He spent most of his times in the office or in the woods, patrolling because a home was where he was supposed to be with his mate. He hadn’t get that privilege yet. There was no home for him. Just a place for him to sleep, eat and work. But never a home. Until that one particular night, he crossed path with her.

He began to see a new light in his life. He saw a meaning in his life. To spend the rest of his life with her. To hold her close when she was sleeping. To hear her laughter when he made lame jokes. To see her smile when he made her intrigued by something. To kiss her lips whenever he wanted. To come home. That was the true meaning of home. His mate was his home.

Now, it was meaningless because he wouldn’t get the privilege to experience those with her anymore. The only person who gave a meaning to his life had been taken from him. He just got her after years of waiting. With a blink of the eye, he lost her just like that. His life had no meaning now. What was the point of surviving until his old days if his mate didn’t get the same? What was the point of living at all? When he didn’t get to see her smiles, hear her laughs, feeling her body close to him as she slept?

Cohen looked up to the ceiling and roared. Roaring his pain with a hope it would fade but it didn’t. It was just getting worst. The thunders greeted his roar and rain was pouring out just as much as his heart bled. Cohen nestled his face on her neck as tears fell.

“Open your eyes, baby,” his voice cracked. “Please, please,”

No matter how many times he begged, her eyes remained shut. Cohen didn’t want to lose her. No, he couldn’t lose her at all. He needed her just like how he needed the oxygen to breathe.

Amanda dropped on her knees, crying before Vincent held her body into his. Winston was releasing his anger towards the wall. They all had come this far. And Mira—she was supposed to have a long life. A life of happiness, love, and affection after what she had been through. But why Fate had to be cruel?

It felt like it was just yesterday the four of them were enjoying the beer in a bar in a small town. Winston was telling his stupid tales. Mira was chuckling as he continued to slur his words. Amanda was flirting with the bartender which caused Vincent to glare at him right then and there. That was one of the few times when all four of them got together in one night, just enjoying life. One of the few moments where they didn’t have to worry about getting killed.

Without a word to anyone, Amanda controlled the curtains and used them to tie around the grieving Alpha’s arms to let go of Mira from his grip.

“Amanda, what are you doing?” Vincent asked, puzzled by her action.

“Fulfilling the prophecy,” she said.

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