The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 73: Narrator

Mira followed Damien into the castle without caring for her own safety or having any sort of back up. She knew Cohen and the others would catch up. While the vampires were busy battling the packs, Mira wanted to battle her big brother. He would be strong because he fed on her earlier but that wouldn’t lessen any of her determination to end his life.

The moment she stepped into the castle, her breath hitched. She remembered everything inside this place. There was nothing change. Nothing at all. This castle was just the front of what truly lurked behind. Mira could still sniff the stench of blood that used to cover the floor she was walking on. During her enslavement, this entire castle was filled with the sounds of screaming, dead bodies and the stench of blood. There was no peace in this place. There was always death. Mira shook her head, trying to focus on her real intention of reentering the castle. She knew where he would be.

The throne room.

Damien spent a significant amount of time in the throne room. Mira recalled that well. His obsession to be the King of the vampires was undeniable. She could just see it in his eyes. Power had turned him against his own family. She pushed the big doors of the throne room and entered.

It was hard for the Alpha to keep track of her scent. Especially there were too many scents around. But he remembered the layout of the castle that Vincent provided during their planning. Room after room, they finally reached where Mira and Damien were. The vampire prince was sitting on the throne, looking amused while Mira stood a few meters before him. There were many vampires in the throne room as well, standing before Damien and they were looking like they were ready to do anything to protect the tyrant vampire from Mira.

“I knew you had someone in the inside,” he muttered with a hint of amusement. “I was wondering who it was. As always, your movements are so predictable.” he stood up, inhaled deeply. “What father would say if he was here?”

“I’m not here to walk down memory lane, Damien,” she responded.

“You could severe the blood ties but you could never severe the family ties between us, Mira.”

Cohen, Vincent, Winston, and Amanda looked at each other. Now, the Alpha knew what Mira saw during her time travel. The truth of her parents.

“Boo hoo, brother.” She laughed sadistically. “You’re just the villain with daddy issues.”

Damien smiled at her. “Come on, Mira. Are you really going to kill your brother? Could you even walk properly?”

His words were served as a mock to her. Mira knew he was referring to his feeding on her earlier. Granted, her blood enhanced his strength, it didn’t mean she shouldn’t try to take him down. She would give up her own life just to end his.

“Too bad my blood didn’t change you into a demon wolf.” she snickered, wanting to provoke him. “We’re blood-related but still your blood wasn’t compatible to my demon wolf’s.”

The blood wasn’t enough to transform him into a full demon wolf but it was enough to boost his inhuman abilities as much as a demon wolf.

Damien laughed, “I didn’t feed on you to turn myself into a demon wolf,”

Cohen’s attention snapped to Mira instantly. Damien had fed on his mate. His eyes spotted two punctured holes on her neck that seemed wasn't healing at all. Her blood was flowing out but at a very slow rate.

“Where’s the fun in having two demon wolves at once?” Damien stepped down from the throne. “Mira, did you really think your bloodlust would lessen if you killed me to severe the blood ties?”

Mira’s eyes found Cohen’s as she answered, “I’m not here to severe the blood ties.” She looked at Damien. “I’m here to take back what you’ve taken from me.”

“And what’s that?”

“My future.”

Her claws extended and Mira hissed at him before she dashed into his direction, pummeling some vampires along the way. While Vincent, Amanda, and Winston battled the vampires, Cohen shifted to help his mate. He growled ferociously as he made his way towards the vampire prince. There was no turning back now. Cohen would help Mira to take down this tyrant once and for all.

A deathly brawl happened between the three of them. Damien charged first, slashing Cohen’s ribs. He had upper hand because of his enhanced strength. Cohen howled at the pain. Sure he had speedy healing but healing wounds from a vampire with a demon wolf’s blood, that was a different story. His wounds were taking time to heal than normal. It didn’t matter whether the wounds were poisonous or not.

But he wasn’t going to back down even if his life was at risk. When he stumbled backward, Mira lunged forward, replacing him and attacked Damien. Cohen got up on his foot, taking another turn to attack.

“Why fight when we could be a family?” Damien taunted Mira again.

“Why become a family when all you did was tormenting me?” she fired back.

With that, she charged towards him. Cohen bit his leg, pinning him on the same spot as Mira continuously slashed her claws on his skin. But her strength was fading again.

Damien caught her by the neck, raising her up. “You don’t have to fight me, Mira.” his grip tightened, puncturing her skin. “I told you that. You didn’t want to listen!”

Blood began to ooze out of the wound. Mira struggled to escape but losing too much blood earlier was taking a toll on her. Cohen attacked again to make Damien loosened his grip but the vampire prince caught him on the neck as well and sent him across the room. His body collided hard on the wall.

“You are fragile just like her! Just like father!” Damien shouted before he snapped her neck and her hands fell on her side, lifeless.

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