The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 72: Cohen

Two hours later, they finally reached the castle. Cohen led a small scout team to ensure they were at the right place. Behind the tree line, they crouched down, watching the commotion in front of the castle. Damien’s army was already positioned outside the castle, blocking the only entrance into it. If Cohen and his group were to make to the front gates, they had to go through the army.

“Could be over five thousand,” Zachariah said.

Now Cohen understood why the vampires chose such location. There was barely any sunlight penetrated through the dark clouds and with the mountains around it, this wasn’t an easy terrain but Amanda and her group took that as a challenge as they positioned themselves around the cliffs and any place around the mountains to have a better view for their guns. Vincent was against the idea of having Amanda with the ground team but Cohen could tell the white witch wouldn’t listen.

“We wait,” Vincent mumbled, keeping his eyes to the castle.

All four Alphas looked at him but he didn’t budge to look at them back.

“For what?” Cohen questioned. “The longer she’s in there, the dangerous it would get.”

“Be patient, Alpha.” he checked his watch. “He’s almost there.”

“Who’s he?”

Vincent pointed to the castle. “Him,”

Everyone watched when someone leaped out of the window while he was cradling something. Cohen recognized the man. It was Winston Forest. Was there anyone who actually died and didn’t fake their deaths? He couldn’t ask such a question, not when he was too focused on someone that Winston was carrying. It was Mira curled in his arms and was looking a lot paler than before. Watching Mira and Winston were escaping was like watching an action movie where the main characters had to leap over the window and landed over the wall, hanging thirty feet above the ground. Cohen gritted his teeth when he saw that. Winston swung her until her leg could reach the edge of the wall and pulled herself up before she did the same for Winston.

Gunfire from the castle could be heard. Mira and Winston ducked down several times while running until he carried her in his arms again. As much as Cohen hated seeing that, he had to let the matter go because Winston took another leap with her in his arms but higher than before and landed a few meters ahead of the vampires’ army line. Mira was thrown to other direction due to the impact and Winston landed in a different direction.

“Now!” Vincent shouted.

Everyone shifted into their forms except for Vincent and Cohen as they ran towards Winston and Mira both were trapped in the middle. Amanda’s mercenaries began to open fire, clearing the way for them. The battle that everyone had been preparing for days was finally here.

“Hello there!” Winston shouted while his hands kept swinging the daggers, decapitating the vampires. “I know it’s a surprise but here I am, old friend!”

“Winston, you were dead! I was at your funeral!” Cohen shouted, killing several vampires along the way.

His eyes were frantically searching for Mira but with the vampires were lunging towards him, Cohen put his focus on killing as he was making his way to her direction. His eyes spotted her. Her claws were extended and she was slashing the vampires with it. However, she didn’t look in good condition. One small hit on her, she stumbled. It was like her legs were giving up on her. Cohen had to clear his way faster to reach her.

“I was dead! They dug me out!” he pointed to Vincent and Mira. “Sent me to a vampire woman named Talia.”

“How’s Talia?!” Vincent asked.

“Oh, she’s great. She sent her regards though.”

“It amazed me how you gents could do conversation in the middle of a battle!” Amanda yelled, joining the ground team.

Vincent rolled his eyes. “Nobody ever listened!”

“By the way she needs blood!” Winston turned around just to find Mira wasn’t there. “Oh shit!” he spun 360 degrees before he spotted her figure through the crowd. “Woman! Get back here!”

“Mira!” Cohen shouted, running after Mira.

She pushed through the army, breaking them apart as she continued to make her way to the castle. Despite losing so much blood, she was fueled by her rage to end Damien’s life after everything he had done to her. There was no way she was going to let him slipped away again. Enough with the previous mistake.

Everyone’s movement was halted when something exploded near their proximity. Cohen was thrown away like a feather ansd landed roughly on the ground. Someone had thrown a hand grenade close to their position. It wasn’t from Amanda’s mercenaries. It was from the vampires. Cohen saw Mira was kneeling not far from him with her hands were covering her ears as she stood up. As he tried to recover his senses from the explosion, another one happened and it continued. His ears were buzzing crazily and soil was covering his body as he got up again. He shook his head, looking up just to watch something was flying straight towards the bunker on the wall before it exploded. Another bunker faced the same fate.

Mira was long gone from his sight but not long before he spotted her walking past the front gate. Damien, who was sitting on the chair at the stairs of his castle, was watching her and the battle happened at his doorstep. He looked very entertained by the scene unfolded before his eyes. Of course, he would feel entertain. He had anticipated this very moment.

“Mira!” Cohen shouted, hoping to get her attention.

He didn’t want her to go in the castle full of vampires alone but he was too far from the front gates because of the explosions earlier. Mira ignored his call and continued to make her way inside. This had to come to an end.

Damien smirked, retreating back into his castle. Cohen, accompanied by Winston, Vincent and Amanda chased after Mira who could possibly fall into a trap.

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