The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 71: Mira

“What about the Commander?”

“Leave him be. He’s right where we wanted him to be.”

“You know he wouldn’t stop.”

“I’m counting on it.” Mira watched as he went to the old mustang. “And Winston, it’s glad to see you again.”

He beamed a smile and bowed, “It is good to be back again with the group.”

Winston Forest, yes, younger brother of Dalton Forest, who was supposed to die during an incident at the brothel. Except he actually died. There was no faking it. Not like Vincent’s case. After his funeral, Mira and Vincent dug him out of his grave and sent his corpse to a vampire woman named Talia who had been helping them for ages in hunting Damien because he was the reason why Talia lost her young sister who couldn’t survive the transformation.

Every now and then, Winston did his own thing. He went hunting and did many different kinds of assignments like her to survive in the world. Sometimes he would occasionally aid Mira with her quest. Although he was a hybrid now, he could survive without drinking blood. His status as a hybrid was kept in the dark just like how Mira kept her status as a demon wolf in the dark. This was the only way to ensure Winston would never be hunted by Damien. Yes, Damien was interested in anything that was peculiar like a hybrid and a demon wolf.

“Well his magic traps weren’t that easy to dispel for a starter,” he responded to her, holding a paper with a list of unknown words as he continued. “He had over a hundred traps. Goddess, so much hard work.”

“What about the air circulation?”

“Overridden. No silver in the air right now.” he inspected the needles that were embedded into her flesh. “No sudden movements,” he mumbled to her.

She watched as he was extracting the needles out of her body. Those needles were specifically made to open the blood artery to allow the blood to flow out faster. One sudden movement could cause the needle snapped the artery during extraction.

Her wounds healed as soon as he took each of the needles out but with so much blood loss, Mira could barely clench her own hand. Hooking his arm around her waist while his other hand was freeing her body from the strap, Mira fell into his embrace, unable to command her own legs to support her weight.

“Easy now,” Winston guided her to the floor and leaned her back against the wall. “Maybe you should drink your blood back, you know, to regain some of your strength.” He headed to the blood machine. “Or we could hook these blood bags to your arms while I work on another spell to break.”

He grabbed three blood bags of her own that was from the blood machine and hooked them to her arms. Winston cupped her face and inspected her.

“You’re getting weaker.” He mumbled in concerned. His brows furrowed. “We might need time to let this blood back into you.”

“I’m fine,” Mira said. “Cohen and the others are heading here. We need to proceed with the plan.”

“Mira, you lost too much blood. How are you going to battle Damien if you could barely stand?”

Grumbling under her breath, Mira reached for one of the blood bags and tore it before she chugged the red and warm liquid down her throat. Winston winced in disgust. For someone who was a hybrid, he had a massive disliked towards blood. Maybe that could explain why he was easily resisting himself from feeding.

“Destroy the machine.” She ordered him as soon as she could feel herself was gaining better grip of the reality.

When she was telling him to destroy the machine, he was opening a bag and took some explosives out. He placed them around the room and most importantly on the machine that was able to separate her venom from her blood. Mira’s legs were still wobbling as she forced herself to stand up. Every research inside this room must not survive the fire no matter what. Everything had to be destroyed. She grabbed all the files on the desk and threw them into the fire. Damien’s research must not be continued.

The doors swung opened and a guard entered. He stared back and forth between Mira who was throwing more files into the fire and Winston who had explosives in his hands.

“Intruder! Ring the alarm!” he shouted at last.

Winston jumped to the guard, killing him instantly with a snap of a neck just before the alarm rang throughout the castle. It would take a few seconds for Damien to come up here. Winston scooped her into his arms and he ran to the window, detonating the bombs a second they were falling down. Instead of landing on the ground, they landed on the walls that were surrounding the castle. Well, technically, they landed on the wall but with Winston’s failure to plan his land, they skidded to the other side of the wall. His right hand quickly grabbed the brick of the wall as they both were dangling thirty feet above the ground on the outer wall. Mira was holding onto his left hand. Mira could make the thirty feet drop but if she was considering the spikes planted just below them, she refused to entertain her crazy ideas.

“Swing me,” Mira told him.

Winston’s grip around her hand tightened before he swung her left to right, again and again, to create enough momentum for her leg to reach the rail. And when she did, she pulled him up right away. As they were making their ways to the main gates, Damien’s men began to open fire on them, sensing splinters to fly around them. From her position, Mira saw the werewolves were running out of the tree lines to meet the vampires army positioned outside the walls.

“Hold tight. This is going to be a rough landing!” Winston shouted over the gunfire and carried her in his arms again.

“How rough?” Mira shouted back.

“Very rough!”

He leaped twenty feet into the air and the gravity did the rest of the job. She could hear another explosion from the castle just right before Winston’s rough landing happened and she was thrown across the field and he had rough rolls on the uneven ground. Even so, they landed way too close to the vampires. Winston didn’t waste any chance. The landing did no damage on him when he took out two daggers and began running to her, protecting her from the incoming attack.

The battle had started.

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