The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 70: Mira

He pressed the tip of the needle into her flesh and injected the liquid in. Mira blinked weakly. With so many tubes connected to her body draining her blood out to the machine, she couldn’t do much. After her surrender to Damien, he strapped her on the same metal table he used to strap her when she was a kid. The same metal table where he experimented on her. He walked in a circle around her and was making sure everything was going well for him.

Mira watched the vampire that shared the same blood as her. He was a carbon copy of Ethan Kincaid, his father. Their deep brown eyes, dirty blonde hairs, and sharp facial structure. Damien could pass as his father’s twin.

She let out a painful chuckle when she recalled something. “Is the throne really worth it?”

“Are they worth saving, Mira?” he fired back. Damien’s cold hand touched her jaw. “Is he worth your sacrifice, dear sister? The Alpha. His pack. Then, those who shunned you. Are they all worth saving?”

“You tell me,” she whispered. She stared at him. “Working alone? Where’s the beloved sister?”

Damien gave her a small smile. “Emma has things to do.”

“Hmmm,” Mira hummed. “Controlling the Council, I assumed.”

“I don’t have to control anyone. I just showed what they wanted to see and they would follow without questions.” he used his hands to support his frame as he watched her. “You don’t have to fight me, Mira.”

“There is no victory without sacrifice.”

“Funny,” Damien stared at her. “Father used to say the same thing. He sacrificed thousands of his own kind just to save her. Just to save his beloved.” He spat on the last word. “I used to look up to him. The greatest king in the vampires’ history. He won countless battles against the werewolves. Then he decided to become a benevolent king. Falling in love with a werewolf woman. To build peace with the werewolves. To make a better world.”

“I’d bet you didn’t feel the same.”

“Vampires are called as dark creatures for a reason, Mira!” Damien shouted in rage, pacing back and forth. “We were born to conquer those who aren’t our equal. War is what we do best. There would never be peace.”

“Maybe you were afraid of peace,” she mumbled.

Her vision was starting to freak her out. She began to see someone she didn’t supposed to see. She knew her eyes were playing tricks on her. But it felt so real.

“I’m not afraid of peace, Mira. There is no fun in peace.” Damien whispered. “You can’t save everyone. You can’t stop the war from happening.”

“I could try.”

“Many years from now there would always be war.”

His eyes were piercing into her as he hovered his face above her, watching her attentively just like in the past. He was always like that. Watching her suffered under his machines just so he could create the perfect soldiers to take over the whole world. Would he feel satisfied after that? After everyone was dead? Would his hunger for blood be sated?

“Was it worth it for all the pain you’ve put me through?” she questioned him.

He laughed. His hand caressed her neck, right on her pulse. “Hmm, if it wasn’t because of that pain, you wouldn’t have survived this far. You’d probably dead somewhere.” Damien pulled his hand away. “You know, you reminded me of your mother. I used to watch her sleeping, thinking it would be the right time to kill her.”

Mira’s hands clenched at the mention of her mother. She knew Damien was baiting her emotions to bring forth the monster.

“You both looked the same but polar opposite. She was a fragile glass, ready to break anytime. When I was watching her sleeping, she looked like an Angel. So beautiful like the moon. I guess that was why our father fell for her. I could have fallen for her too if she wasn’t that fragile.” He continued as he checked the blood machine. “Our father really loved fragile things. I don’t like fragile things. Too much of nuisances.”

Damien was back to her side again. He drew in a deep breath and he leaned closer. His eyes were searching for something on her face.

“Then, I had a dream of you,” his words came out as a whisper. “A little fragile sister. A deadly killing machine if she was raised properly. If our father raised you, you wouldn’t become this strong. You would have been spoiled rotten and became fragile like your mother.”

“I take that you decided to take the matter into your own hands.”

He closed his eyes briefly, “Fragile things don’t survive long, my dear sister.”

He moved something under the table to make it standing vertically, aligned with the wall behind it. Mira’s foot dangled a few inches from the floor as she faced him again. Damien pushed her head to the side, revealing her pulsating neck to his view. Mira could see his canines elongated before he leaned in and pierced her skin. She didn’t know how Damien could survive her blood. This wasn’t the first time he fed on her. No matter how many times he fed on her, he could never turn into a demon wolf. Another mystery that she didn’t know the answer to.

He pulled away. Her blood dripped down his mouth. “I missed that taste. The poisonous blood of a demon wolf. Such an exquisite taste.”

“Sire, the werewolves are approaching our border!” the guard announced.

“You see, Mira. You led them right into their death.” Damien whispered wickedly. “By the time he gets into this room, you would be dead.”

Mira let out a heavy breath, feeling herself was slowly losing strength.

“You know, draining blood out of a living person, that is a very slow and painful death. Like drowning. You would feel numb at first. Then your vital organs start to fail functioning one by one. You suffocate then. It would be very agonizing.” he patted her cheek twice. “Sweet dream, sister.”

Mira blinked softly, watching his figure retreated to the big wooden doors. Her senses were beginning to fail. She couldn’t even hear the sound of the firewood burnt on the fireplace. With her head hung low, she waited and counted every second passed. Slowly, her eyes were closing. That was before she felt a warm hand was patting her cheek.

“Hey, you good?” A black silhouette appeared before her vision. “Mira?” he patted her cheek again.

“” she said weakly. “Winston....”

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