The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 7: Cohen

Cohen grunted as he got out of his bed. His morning didn’t start in the way he wanted. Not when he had twenty Enforcers of the 1st Battalion and their Commander, Dalton Forest, were on his land. The Alpha much preferred not to have any Battalions or their Commanders on his land even if the Commander was his father’s closest friend in the Werewolf’s Council. There were a few occasions when the Battalions and their Commanders needed outside the Werewolf’s Council’s lands. An Alpha’s visitation, official events and highly concerning matters were one of the few things that needed their Commanders and Battalions. Other than that, they would just work within the Werewolf’s Council’s land.

He didn’t expect they were coming as early as eight in the morning. After the trespassing incident and witnessing his mate killed eight men last night, he took a long time to patrol his territory before coming home to sleep. Liam told him to expect the 1st Battalion and their Commander to come about ten in the morning. But, it seemed they pushed their arrival forward.

Forcing himself to leave the bedroom, he had to make an exception occasionally if he wanted to find out more about Mira Red. Dalton was the leading investigator on anything related to the redheaded huntress. If anyone wanted to know about her, Dalton was the guy who had all the information. He had a reliable source.

“They have passed the checkpoint,” Liam informed his Alpha as soon as the latter came to the ground floor of the pack mansion.

“Coffee, Alpha?” Flora came from the kitchen with a cup of coffee.

“Thank you, Flora.” Cohen accepted the sweet aroma of the black drink.

The patrol wore him out. Drinking alcohol didn’t make him this way. He wasn’t even tipsy last night. It would take stronger alcohol to make him drunk.

“Anything else happened while I was out?” He asked his Beta.

“We received something from the patrol team in the town though. I sent Brandon to investigate the information,” Liam answered, rubbing his jaw as if he was thinking hard.

“Something’s happened?”

“The patrol team detected an unusual scent. They lost the track about one hour ago before reported it back here.”

“Increase the patrol teams in the town.”

Cohen knew the town was the main attraction for the likes of rogues because of the humans. It was hard to reprimand the rogues in front of the humans which was why they stayed in public. Although many rogues stayed a low profile, some liked to attract attention to themselves. That must be the reason Mira appeared in a public place like Grover’s Club.

“Got it.”

Liam retreated to the backyard to brief the remaining patrol teams were on standby. About twenty minutes later, Dalton and his small team of 1st Battalion arrived in front of the mansion. His Battalion consisted over two thousands of Enforcers. Usually, he brought about twenty to forty Enforcers—depending on the seriousness of the matter he was attending.

“Dalton,” the Alpha acknowledged the Commander.

Dalton nodded with a smile and shook Cohen’s hand. “Alpha, I’ve received the report regarding your hunt on two rogues last night. Before we indulge more on the next matter, how are you doing?”

“Same old routine,” Cohen replied as he led the Commander to the Alpha’s office. “I had to make a short notice and didn’t expect for you this early.”

“We came across a certain matter in the neighboring town last night. We were in a close distance with your territory. The Council is expecting my return before noon. You know how it goes there if one is late for a meeting.”

Cohen chuckled, “As expected from them.”

The Commander handed a brown file to the Alpha as they made their way to his study. “Mira Red, 28 years old. No known family or real surname. And a matter of fact, she had no known life before her rescue fourteen years ago. The similar story we’ve all heard.”

Cohen referred to the file with a label ‘Mira Red’ on the front cover. He knew he had read this file many times before today. He wanted to make sure he missed nothing else. Every pack affiliated with the Werewolf’s Council had a file about each of the wanted rogues.

However, on Mira’s file, there was no new information about her background. Every investigation on her found a dead end. It was a rarity to see someone didn’t have much background information in the record.

“4th Battalion took these photos after they ambushed the vampires’ encampment fourteen years ago—the same encampment where they found her.” Dalton took out several A4-sized photos from another file. “The next few things I will tell you are the confidential information during the ambush.”

Cohen nodded in understanding as Liam closed the door of the Alpha’s office.

“I understand,” Both said in unison before taking their seats.

“As you know I’ve been handling Mira’s case since the beginning. There are many covert operations done to investigate more about the encampments and the slaves. According to the written report from one of my covert operatives, they branded Mira Red as the VIP.” Dalton clasped his hands as he leaned on his chair. “There were six armed bodyguards around her for twenty-four-seven. The operative also stated she had been on the move for some reasons—never stayed in one encampment over two weeks.”

“Did the slaves know anything about it? Why the vampires wanted her?”

“After the rescue, one slave agreed to give a statement. They often saw the guards brought her to a black tent—far from the main encampment. When she returned, her body covered in blood and bruises.”

“How did the vampires could resist blood?” Liam questioned.

That raised a question in the Alpha’s mind. A vampire could hardly resist the scent of blood. There were many cases of vampires died after they drank from werewolves. They couldn’t distinguish the blood scent of a werewolf with a human. Every time they distinguished the scent, it was too late. Werewolf’s blood was poisonous to the vampire and vice versa. A newborn vampire had a hard time to resist any scent of blood.

“One time, a newborn vampire in the encampment attacked her and drank her blood. He died about two days later.”

“So, she’s a werewolf.”

The Alpha reviewed all the files and saw a list of covert operations conducted on many encampments. The main remark of each of the operation was a redheaded girl with electric-blue eyes known as the VIP. Each description matched Mira Red.

He kept checking from one page to another. There were twenty-five pages of a long list of the people who died in her hands. Each page contained fifty names and to think about it. That was a long list of killings for a lone rogue.

Then, he came across a series of photographs of her taken during the rescue. Her clothes torn and her skin covered in blood and injuries. It saddened him to see her younger self experienced such a turbulent childhood.

“Who was her master?” he asked the Commander.

“Kincaid,” Dalton replied.

The one name that did not surprise Cohen. He knew the vampires’ royal family owned slaves. It was nothing new. In a common case, the weaker rogues were the victims. Perhaps, that was the reason she killed Gregory Kincaid, the famous vampire prince who owned high-end nightclubs.

Liam read another file. “How did she escape the rehabilitation camp?”

For someone who spent her entire childhood as a slave, she was slick to escape a high-security facility.

“She knocked out a doctor who tended her and stole his pen. All coded locks opened, and she disabled many wires or re-routed to give herself access to override the locks. She dropped three floors down and landed inside a garbage truck. We sent out all the tracking Enforcers out to find her but never managed until she re-emerged three years later after she killed Gregory Kincaid.”

At seventeen, she already had her first royalty kill on Gregory Kincaid. How a mortal like her could kill someone as dangerous as that vampire prince was beyond Cohen’s imagination. How she even got close to the vampire prince without him noticing her different scent remained as another mystery. There were too many things they hadn’t known about the redheaded huntress.

“I take she escaped successfully, too,” Cohen said.

“Jumped off fifteen floors and landed unscathed,” Dalton replied.

A drop from fifteen floors without injuries. Few could achieve that jump. Even, an Alpha like Cohen had a tiny chance to achieve that. One wrong landing could cause instant death.

“Also, she killed Vincent Hale two years later,” Liam told them.

Vincent Hale was a second-in-command of the 5th Battalion. During the investigation, the autopsy revealed that he died because of the poison on the dagger used to kill him. The dagger belonged to no other than Mira Red because her fingerprints were all over it.

“Any known reasons?” Cohen questioned.

The redheaded woman in the recent picture reminded Cohen of someone who he knew was about to be his match in hunting. Orphaned, enslaved and highly wanted, Mira was surely surpassing any known history of highly wanted records.

“Not that I know of,” Dalton said. “unless she comes willingly and confesses. As far as I’m told, people contracted her.”

“Someone contracted her to kill Hale?”

“Maybe yes. Maybe no.”

Not a satisfactory answer but that would suffice for now.

“She’s walking around as if nothing’s happened,” Liam grunted in frustration about last night even occurred in the nightclub and the alleyway.

Right, Cohen requested Liam not to file the scene at the alleyway into the report yet.

“As long as she’s human premises, we have no permission to take her in,” Dalton reminded them.

Cohen was ready to break the rules though. There was something about Mira’s action against the Werewolf’s Council was piquing his interest to the maximum. Then again, why Vincent Hale became her victim? He was the only victim from a pack killed by her. As far as it concerned the Southern Alpha, the redheaded huntress never went after a pack. So, where did Vincent Hale go wrong until his life ended in her hands?

Maybe someone didn’t need a reason to kill another person especially when money got involved. Still, Cohen doubted she killed solely for money.

Brandon barged into the office, covering in sweats as if he had been running a marathon for the past hours. “We found a dead body.”

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