The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

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Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 69: Cohen

Everyone was just astounded as he was. The lycans were supposed to extinct about six decades ago after Damien led his army into their strongest hold which resulted into another royalty family perished. That was the end for the lycans. Supposedly.

If they were extinct, how did these lycans stand in front of him and everyone? Did the news of their extinction was just a diversion to protect what it was left of them?

“Two thousand Lycans on your command,” Vincent said while his hand was gesturing to the Lycans stood behind him.

“Is there anything else we don’t know?” Liam interjected, feeling dejected just because everyone wasn’t included in the real plan.

The plan that Mira had planned all along. The plan she never told anyone but Vincent and Amanda. How many more secrets did Mira withhold from everyone but Vincent and Amanda? Was there more to this battle that she had been anticipating? Cohen would never know because Mira wasn’t here to answer every one of his questions.

“How did they survive the war?” Cohen asked Vincent. “I thought they all perished.”

“Not all,” the former second-in-command replied. “Damien kept some as his slaves. They did all the hard labor for decades. Centuries even. We just didn’t know about it.”

“I supposed Mira had something to do with this too?”

Vincent chuckled. “Mira involved and knew many things. Many things we didn’t even know. These are all I could gather. Many had very serious injuries making them unable to fight in combat.”

Two thousand lycans and three thousand werewolves. That number was better than nothing at all. Only the Goddess knew the number of Damien’s army.

“They were briefed?”


“We’re moving to rendezvous then we will proceed with the rest of the plan.” The Alpha announced to everyone. He turned to face his father. “Good luck, dad.”

“No, son,” Eric muttered. “Good luck to you. Bring Mira home.”

“I will.”

While his pack members bid their farewells to their families, Cohen distracted himself. Deep inside, he prayed none of those people had to suffer any losses but this was war he talked about. Death was inevitable. This was something he had to go through every single battle. It could be his life. It could be others. There was no telling in this.

A war would cause a great cost to him and everyone who was involved. The sacrifice that everyone was willing to take to protect all the people they had loved from Damien’s tyranny. If Mira’s blood was what he was aiming for, everyone must be prepared for the worse because Mira had surrendered herself to him. Cohen didn’t know what Mira was thinking when she did that. He just hoped he wasn’t too late to save her.

Cohen wanted to get mad at her. Yelling at her for thinking she was doing the right thing while it turned out to be it wasn’t. She was sending herself for suicide. Cohen knew Mira was desperate to do the battle on her own because they were outnumbered and she had enough bloodshed. He would have done the same if he was her. Because the needs of many outweigh the needs of one.

It didn’t matter now. He had enough men gathered. All he could do was cooperating with everyone and proceeded thoroughly as planned.

After a few minutes of preparation, they proceeded to the rendezvous point where everyone would be split into groups, according to their skills. Cohen nodded to his Enforcers and they ran toward the north of his territory while the human mercenaries hopped into their vehicles. The rendezvous point was just a few kilometers away from the cabin.

That was when another surprise happened when they reached the said rendezvous point. It seemed like someone uninvited was there. Cohen’s hands balled into fists when Alpha of the Northern Werewolves Pack came to him.

“I was beginning to question when you would show up,” Nathan said with a knowing smile. He nodded to Vincent to indicate the former second-in-command knew about this.

“I believed you are not welcomed here,” Cohen growled.

“Miss Red and I had an agreement before I gave her the contract. I would help her to take down Damien’s army if she killed Erdington.” Alpha Nathan revealed.

There was no hint of lies in the Northern Alpha’s eyes. Cohen didn’t want to waste any more time. For the sake of his mate, he would let go of his grudge against the Northern this time.

“Just stay out of my way,” he grunted at the Northern.

Nathan raised his hands in surrender before he turned to Vincent, extending his hand to him as he said, “One thousand Enforcers as promised.”

“Thanks for keeping your words, Alpha.” Vincent shook his hand. “I appreciate it.”

“Thanks for not killing me.” the Alpha replied in amusement. “And of course, a small gratitude for what Miss Red had done for me.”

“You mean asking her to kill your own ally?” Liam snorted.

Nathan chuckled. “Desperate times, desperate measures. 17 million dollars and one thousand Enforcers. That was the exchange for Erdington’s death.”

Taking a frustrating breath, Cohen’s fist connected to Nathan’s jaw. The Northern Alpha stumbled backward and his Enforcers were ready to retaliate if he didn’t signal them to stand down.

Zachariah came, pulling Cohen away. “Cohen, come on. We have an important matter to do than lashing out your anger on him. We need the numbers.”

Shrugging his arms from his grip, Cohen walked past everyone in an angry manner. He would have a word with the Northern Alpha soon enough. Now, he had to put his focus on getting his mate back.

“We’ll move out now!” he ordered but he was long ahead of everyone.

He couldn’t waste any more time. Cohen led the main front line with Alpha Zachariah, Nathan, and Jaxon. Amanda led the human mercenaries. Vincent led the Lycans.

There was no guarantee who would walk out alive. But one thing Cohen was certain. Damien wouldn’t walk out of this alive. That he could guarantee.

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