The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 68: Cohen

He woke up abruptly as he felt uneasy. He looked around. Again, the side next to him was empty but something was different this time. He knew it. Scrambling out of his bed, he rushed to the bathroom hoping to see she was there.

No, she wasn’t.

Cohen didn’t want to panic yet but his wolf already there. He ran to search for her in the mansion, in every room he could think where she would be. No, she wasn’t anywhere to be found. From that moment, he knew Mira had left to battle Damien on her own.

“Liam!” the Alpha roared on the empty hallway.

Liam’s room was just four doors away and the beta stumbled out of his room, almost face dived to the floor. Everyone lived in the pack mansion quickly rushed to the scene.

“Alpha, what’s wrong?” Liam asked, frantically putting his shirt on.

“Send words to Western and Eastern now!” he instructed the beta. “Brandon, gather all the Enforcers! Non-enforcers and children get to the bunker!”

“Mira left.” He heard Amanda mumbled. “Vincent, the shipment!” she ushered Vincent away. “Go!”

The dead man jumped off from the window and ran into the tree lines without shifting. Why it seemed these two knew more about the plan than what they discussed with the pack?

“Where are you going?” Liam asked the white witch.

“Trust me. This isn’t a coincidence. This is part of Mira’s plan. And I have a task to do for it.”

For a few seconds, Cohen stood there stunned. Mira had anticipated this very moment. His mate had it figured out from A to Z. She knew this moment would come exactly as she predicted it and now she left to complete the rest.

Hell, if she thought she would do this alone, she was wrong. She was definitely wrong. Once all of these over, Cohen would show her that working together was more effective than on her own. He would give her hundreds of assurances if he had to. That was the point of having a mate. They were supposed to work as a team. When would Mira accept that? When would she understand that he would never let her work alone anymore? She was supposed to involve him in everything she did in her profession.

Was this the reason why she became cold towards everyone in the past few days? To prepare them for her departure? What was she thinking?

“Well, do it fast,” Cohen ordered.

He was agitated, waiting and everything because the more time he wasted here, the more danger she would be. His mind was going at full speed. Cohen had punched through two windows in his office while he was waiting for his allies to come.

It took two hours to gather both Western and Eastern on Cohen’s territory. He was mad at the amount of time wasted but he couldn’t be mad at the two Alphas for having their territories hours away from his. He quickly briefed the two Alphas. He knew they were still greatly outnumbered but Cohen didn’t care much. Three strongest packs were standing tall together. They would improvise along the way.

“We got this, Cohen.” Zachariah patted his arm once. “We’d get your mate back.”

“I appreciated your support, Zach,” Cohen replied with a small nod.

Despite with their own problems, Cohen appreciated that Zachariah and Jaxon had joined him in such a short notice. He knew the Council would mention this in the future. Cohen didn’t want these two Alphas caught up in his problem but he needed all the numbers for this war. They could worry about the Council later on. They could worry about the civil war later on. If the Council still wanted to declare war on his pack, then he would be fully prepared for it.

His main objective was aiding Mira in this battle. That was the most important.

“Just remember, we’re standing with you.” Jaxon murmured. “In this battle and the battles to come.”

“I could care less about the Council for now.”

“You shouldn’t do that,” Jaxon shook his head. “The Council is preparing for it. Preparing for an opportunity to attack.”

“Later,” Cohen grumbled. “My main objective is my mate.”

“I understand. I will brief my boys. Zach should do the same too.”

Cohen agreed. He followed the two Alphas out of the mansion and let them briefed their Enforcers again. Cohen did the same for his Enforcers. Brandon was still rounding up the non-enforcers and children to the bunker. Liam was making sure the perimeter was secured. Many were still refused to go to other packs for protection. Cohen had to leave around fifty enforcers to secure the place while he brought the rest for the battle. He knew this wasn’t a good choice to leave a little to defend the pack mansion but they were outnumbered.

“Amanda said she’s bringing some friends in,” Liam told him. “Permission to pass.”

“Granted,” Cohen replied.

A few minutes after everyone had been brief, Cohen joined Zachariah and Jaxon to talk about any possible plan they could come up with for the battle. During the conversation, the three packs were greeted by two hundred armored men led by Amanda.

“Business arrangement.” She said. “And friends.”

“This is the business arrangement she talked about?” Cohen asked, looking at the group of mercenaries.

They weren’t just a normal group of mercenaries. They were heavily equipped.

The group’s leader named Logan stepped forward, taking out a necklace and pulled it to show the symbol. The symbol on the necklace was reminding Cohen of Mira’s Phoenix tattoo. Well, he saw Vincent and Amanda had the same necklace.

“Mira gave this to me. She said you might need assurance of our intention.” he told the Alpha. “Mira trained us for this purpose. She saved us from the vampires. We owed her our lives. It’s time to return the favor.”

“I didn’t know Mira had interest on guns.”

“She hates guns as I am sure we are aware of.” He chuckled before pulled out a loaded magazine. “UV bullets. Mira designed it.”

Cohen nodded, “Good enough. I’m sure you are aware of the plan?”

“My men and I would cover all the cliffs surrounding the castle.”

“Alright, we’ll move out in fifteen,” Cohen affirmed. “Where’s Vincent?”

“Right here.”

Everyone turned around as Vincent came from the tree lines. A few seconds later, he was accompanied by the eight-foot-tall species that everyone thought had gone extinct.

The Lycans.

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