The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 67: Mira

The past few weeks had been an amazing journey for her to be able to feel cherished and loved. That was what she had been searching for many years and Goddess granted it to her by crossing her with Cohen. He had become everything she ever needed. He was perfect for her.

Mira stared at him for a bit before she made her way out of the bed. She didn’t want it to come to this way but her demon wolf was getting stronger and restless as time passed by. It was now or never.

She walked out of the balcony’s door and jumped down before she landed on her feet. Mira made sure her coast was clear and then she made her way into the woods. Being on Cohen’s land for so long made her able to memorize the patrolling schedule of his Enforcers.

This was never been her choice and plan. Her life was never been working according to her plan.

Walking away was always the easiest thing in her life especially when her presence endangered others. She had done it many times before. But this time was different. It was the most difficult decision she ever made. Walking away from her mate that was something she never expected she would do. But she had to do it. To spare the lives of the innocent included Cohen’s. This war was hers alone. Enough blood had been spill since the beginning. She didn’t want any more innocence blood. Her birth had caused many lost their lives just because she was a fruit of a forbidden love. The love that could have potentially saved both species from lifetime war. But no, ego got the front seat.

Because King Xavier preferred to have war than peace. His daughter could have been the key to the peace between the two species. Thousands of lives could have been saved.

Mira could never understand them.

Now she had to bear such responsibility. To end this war that was created because of her existence. A responsibility that wasn’t supposed to rest on her shoulders. For now, it was just all hers. Later, Cohen would be affected because there was no guarantee she could walk this out alive.

Her knees buckled and her hands landed on the nearest tree, trying to support her weigh as tears streamed down. There was nothing as painful as this moment. Leaving the one person who could love her for who she was, making her realized that even death wasn’t this painful. Mira dropped on her knees, feeling her heart broken by the thought of what Cohen would have to go through. Losing a mate was a lot worse than rejection. That was how many werewolves lost their minds when their mates died. But they hadn’t mated it. There was still a high chance of him not losing his mind to insanity.

He did nothing wrong to her to deserve this pain. All he did was loving her and supporting her. That was hurting her the most now. Knowing him loving her was hurting her because that love would destroy him. But without sacrifice, there would be no victory on this.

“Forgive me, Cohen,” she mumbled as she choked in tears.

She put her hand on her chest as she tried to soothe the heaviness and pain in her chest. Her sight was getting blurry and her breaths were getting shorter as if the air around her wasn’t enough for her to breathe in. Every part of her body was numb and paralyzed.

Mira looked up at the sky of a full moon, praying in her heart like she had been doing the past decades. Hoping this time her prayers would be answered.

Goddess, did it have to be this painful? Was this what it felt like to about losing everything for the sake of everyone? Why it had to be her to suffer on her whole life? It seemed like happiness could never be in her life for so long. Didn’t she deserve to have a happy ending after all she had been through?

War after war she had fought. Whether it was her war or not, she would be trapped in between. How many more wars she had to fight until it was enough? How many more deaths until it was enough? The answers to these questions were beyond her. Mira had been searching for those answers but every time she had more questions than answers.

This was the burden she had to carry for the rest of her life. And those who were close to her would be affected too. This was why Mira had chosen to go Lone Wolf again. Cohen had fought enough battles to protect his people. It would be unfair to drag him inside her family drama. She really loved having him protecting her. It showed her how much devotion he had for her. But this war would be hers alone.

If she must die to protect them, then this would her choice. Her existence brought nothing but pain and losses to those who were close to her.

Mustering her energy and will, Mira pushed herself up from the tree and began to run. She didn’t expect Damien to still live in the same castle. All these times, she thought he had moved to somewhere else but no, he was still there, living in plain sight.

Damien could hide his castle in plain sight and deceived others but he could never deceive the eyes of the demon wolf.

He created a monster out of her existence and now that monster would be the last creature he saw before he died in her hands. Surely vengeance wouldn’t bring back those lives who perished because of him but at least their death would not be in vain.

Even if he was her brother, she wouldn’t regret her decision of ending his life.

He created a monster out of her. Now the monster was on its way home to its creator.

One last battle.

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