The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 65: Cohen

Hoping to pull her into his embrace, Cohen sighed when the right side of the bed was empty. This wasn’t the first time he woke up not seeing her in the bed with him. Ever since Mira had returned from traveling back in time, there were several changes evident in her behavior. Cohen wasn’t sure if it was just another personality of hers. Nowadays, Mira spent most of her time zoning out, sitting alone by the cliff or be in the gym. She was becoming distant with everyone and kept her emotion to herself. Not that she was very expressive in the first place. But it was just weird to see she was acting like a robot. As if whatever she witnessed had destroyed her capability of having an emotion. That scared him the most. Because he had seen what emotionless people could do. Cohen just didn’t want Mira to put her life in jeopardy anymore.

Exiting the bedroom, he made his way to the home gym located on the third floor of the mansion. Some of the Enforcers were patrolling around the pack mansion in a shift. Standing before the door that was leading to the gym, Cohen could hear the sound of a heavy and powerful punch. The Alpha pushed the door slightly, just good enough to look inside. And just as he expected. Mira was there—covered in sweat and her hair was tied into a ponytail as she continued to punch the punching bag.

“Did my absence wake you up?” she said, glancing over her shoulder before she continued to punch the punching bag.

Still robotic.

Cohen entered the gym and answered, “Sure it did. Mira, what’s going on?”

Her right hand was about to land on the punching bag but she stopped and her hands fell on her sides as if she had just given up on life.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve been acting distant and cold. You barely talked.”

Mira made a grunting noise but no further response from her after that. She unwrapped the boxing tape from her hands. Cohen was growing frustrated at her demeanor but there was nothing he could do. If he did something, then there would be two angry people in this conversation.

“I wished you could just talk to me about it.” He mumbled and strolled out of the gym, disappointed that his mate didn’t find him trustworthy enough to listen to her turmoils.

Instead of going back to his bedroom, he went somewhere else to take his mind off. Bumping against someone else wasn’t part of his plan but this white witch nodded to him to follow her.

“She’s giving you a hard time?” she said after a few minutes of silent walking.

“I thought I could understand her. Turned out I couldn’t.” Cohen replied, ruffling the back of his head. “At all.”

“Go on.”

He let out a sigh. “At first she looked like she was totally into this mating bond to work. Then she shut off. Then she was fine again. It all went back and forth. It’s like witnessing someone with multiple personalities disorder.”

“That’s because the gates are opened.”

Cohen glanced at Amanda briefly. “What gates?”

“The gates you went through to pull her out of the demon wolf’s realm.” she did a motion with her hand and white mist began to form a circle in front of him. “Imagine this circle is her mind.” she formed another circle, smaller than the previous. “This one is the part of her mind where the demon wolf controls her. You see the space between the two circles?”

“Yes.” he nodded.

“This space represented her memories, thoughts and everything else. When you opened the gates, hence breaking the smaller circle, the demon wolf began to gain control outside its circle. Feeding on her memories. Feeding her with pain and suffering. Slowly, the demon wolf would gain control of her whole mind in time.”

“That didn’t explain the multiple personalities.”

“Did you see the chain around the demon wolf?” Amanda questioned even though he felt like she already knew the answer. Cohen nodded and she continued, “The demon wolf isn’t the only one being chained. There’s a chain around Mira’s neck as well. You just couldn’t see it. I put it there. The chain is slowly....breaking. And she knows it. That’s why she’s pushing everyone away because she’s growing stronger. She could lose control at any time. Once the gates are opened or the chain is broken, there’s no mend them back.”

Mira was pushing him and everyone away because the gates were opened? But the gates were opened long ago. Why the side-effect appeared now?

“Why now?”

“I think Mira had witnessed something she shouldn’t during the time traveling. It could cause her demon wolf to resurface after being dormant for a while.”

“So her demon wolf could try to kill me?”

“Possibly,” Amanda answered, tapping her chin. “But I didn’t see she acted murderous around you lately. It’s hard to say with her current cold treatment. I do feel her demon wolf is getting stronger though.” She clapped her hands and two circular veils of mist dissipated.

“The way you said it like this wasn’t the first time.”

The white witch shrugged her shoulders casually. “Mira is being Mira, Alpha. She doesn’t share things she thought wasn’t necessary. You have to learn to get used to that. After years of shadowing her, I learned not to ask anything she doesn’t want to tell me. There’s no point in wasting your breath on it. Mira has tight lips.”

But he didn’t want Mira to keep things to herself. She was supposed to trust him and shared things with him whether it was good or bad. They were supposed to be a team. If Mira refuses to share things or telling him everything, how was he going to help her if he didn’t even know what she needed help?

“Well, good talk,” Amanda said.

Cohen gazed at the white witch who already began to make a walk back to the mansion. “You’re not worried.”

“They said love conquers all!” she shouted over her shoulder.

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