The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 64: Narrator

A fight broke between the two groups. It turned into an everlasting war ever since. In such a small time, there were already more than a dozen wars happened. Mira walked from one mirror into another. Most of the time, she landed in the wars. Other times, she landed in the dungeon where Mirabelle was kept. While the war was raging on, Mirabelle’s tummy was getting bigger and bigger. Her baby was growing into her and soon she would be giving birth.

One night, the wall broke down and Ethan walked right in. Without wasting much time, he broke down the metal bars without much effort and she rushed into his embrace. They hugged tightly. Ethan looked like he was hurt seeing her this way, locked away by her own father just because she carried a child of a vampire.

“I got you, my love.” he scooped her in his arms. “I promise I’ll take care of you.”

All that bloodshed to get the ones he loved the most. If this was the happy ending for both of them, Fate surely knew how to put in another surprise.

How did Mira know? Ethan and Mirabelle didn’t survive the night. If they did, Mira wouldn’t have ended up in the dungeon, tortured and tormented by Damien, the only person she still shared family ties with.

King Xavier appeared with his Enforcers and surrounded the couple who were about to escape. Ethan put Mirabelle on her feet and pulled her behind him. It was clear that he was ready to sacrifice his own life so that his beloved and their child could live.

Another battle broke. Ethan against all the werewolves in the dungeon. One vampire King against sixty werewolves. An unfair battle but what else could he do? He refused to surrender without a fight. His people were fighting outside the dungeon. His happy ending was almost in his grasp and yet it was snatched away from him again.

Even the strongest one could be outnumbered. Mirabelle screamed as she witnessed the love of her life was losing the battle against her father and their Enforcers. She cradled her big belly as pain surged through her body. Her water broke which was indicating she was about to go into a labor. Ethan had a last look on her before King Xavier struck a knife on his neck, decapitating his head from his body.

Mira, who witnessed the cruel death, put her hands on her mouth to muffle the sound of her own cries. Her hands trembled against her mouth as she witnessed the death of her own father in the hand of a man who could have been her grandfather.

“You should wish you didn’t do this to me, daughter.” King Xavier said as he walked towards Mirabelle who was still on the floor, writhing in pain.

“” she begged him with tears were streaming down her face. “Let my daughter live. She doesn’t deserve to be punished this way.”

He put his hand on the back of her neck. “You’d forgive me.” with that he pushed the metal blade through her chest.

Mirabelle’s scream echoed into the dungeon. In a few seconds, her life essence left her body. A cruel way to kill a woman who was about to give birth.

Dropped on her knees, Mira gasped at the scene. Her entire being was covered in pain, so much pain she couldn’t breathe. She wanted to scream but there was no voice in her.

Unable to bear the scene, Mira fled. She choked on her own tears. She stumbled around, praying for a way out of the time travel. She couldn’t bear it anymore. Witnessing the death of her own parents at the hand of her grandfather, it was unbearable. Her knees were buckling underneath her. For the first time, she felt so weak. So weak that she had to crawl on the floor to get to the mirror that had appeared.

She looked up to the sky, crying helplessly. A life was about to be born into the world and many more were lost because of it.

Giving one last look at her back, she heard a loud cry echoed into the silent night. Not a cry of a man who had killed his own daughter. But a cry of an infant. He came out of the dungeon as he was cradling something in his arms. It was a baby covered in blood. How far could this man go with his cruelty? Did he just carve the baby out of his dead daughter’s body?

Never once in Mira’s life, she saw someone this cruel. He killed his own daughter while she was about to give birth. Now he had her daughter in his arms. How could he do this? What kind of a monster was he?

He was no king. No father. No man. He was a monster just like Mira herself. His cruelty was beyond her. Did he kill his own daughter so that he could cut her open like an animal in the slaughterhouse? This was so sickening. Mira didn’t have to stomach to contain this disgust she was feeling for him.

A black void appeared. Damien came out and grabbed the King by his neck.

“Thank you for that.” the vampire murmured wickedly before he took the baby that the King was cradling earlier. “I would kill you but I’d rather see you succumb to the guilt of killing your own flesh and blood for the rest of your life.”

“Give... Her... Back....” the King choked.

“Oh really? Didn’t you call her as an abomination? A monster? Why would you want her? So that you would raise her to hate everyone? So that you would raise her to love you? The murderer of her parents?”

“She’s... My... Blood...”

Damien scoffed, throwing the King to the wall. “Pathetic.”

He walked to the void but stopped as he stared in her direction as if he could see her right there. He smirked and walked into the void on the same time Mira was pulled into the mirror, a second before she lost consciousness.

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