The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 63: Narrator

After the scene in the warehouse, Mira was hoping to find out more. A mirror appeared suddenly and she walked in. This time she was in a room. She wasn't sure what year it was and it didn’t matter. The room was really big and luxuriously furnished. This reminded Mira of a royal family kind of room design. There were several expensive antique vases along with big portraits adorned in a golden color frame. Mira walked around, hoping to find a bit of clue of her whereabouts. She exited the room and saw several people were guarding the hallway. This was no ordinary house. This was the house of the blueblood werewolves. The royal family of werewolf species. The crest adorned on the guards confirmed her theory.

Could Mirabelle be from this royal family? Was that why Mira was pulled here?

She checked from room to room, looking for Mirabelle or maybe Ethan but Mira didn’t think Ethan would be here in the house of werewolf royal family. Vampires and werewolves had been a nemesis since the first generation. Why would the King of Vampire be here?

There were several portraits of the royal family she found along the way. Mirabelle was in many of them. It seemed like she was the only child of the family. Mira continued to search for more clue until she found a newspaper on the dining table.

December 25th, 1989.

Just five months from the previous memory. There must be something important happened here if she was pulled into this timeline instead of the other.

Not far from the dining room, Mira heard the echoes of a woman's cries. She followed the sound until she reached one big room. Mirabelle was crying, kneeling on the floor while an older man looked very furious about something.

“What you’re carrying inside of you is an abomination!” he shouted in anger. “I will not allow that abomination to grow!”

Mirabelle was pregnant.

“Father, please. She’s my daughter.”

“A monster that is!”

Mira watched as the scene unfolded before her. Somehow she felt pain stabbed through her.

Monster. One word she had made peace through her entire life. This man was no different than any other people Mira had met.

“You were the heiress to the throne. A hope to the werewolves but you screwed it up by carrying an abomination. A rotten seed of a vampire!”

“Your blood still flow in her. She’s still a Xavier.” Mirabelle clung to her stomach. “She’s Mira. She’s not a monster.”

She named her Mira. Did this mean she was her mother? Her image was enough to confirm that.

Mira clenched. Her own grandfather called her an abomination and a monster just because she had the blood of a vampire. All of this because she was different.

“A monster does not have a name!” he shouted in anger. “You will either abort it or live the rest of your life in darkness.”

Abortion. How dare he said that? Who was he to control who could be born and who couldn’t be born into the world? He had no rights of asking that.

“I would not accept that abomination into the Xavier family.” he turned to face her with disgust.

“I’d rather die with my child than aborting her!”

“So be it. You are no longer my daughter. As the King of all werewolves, I condemn you to a lifetime sentence in the dungeon for treason. Guards, take her to the dungeon!”

“Father, no!” Mirabelle writhed as the guards dragged her away. “Father, please! She didn’t deserve this! Imprison me all you want but my daughter doesn’t deserve this punishment!”

He ignored his daughter as the guards took her away. If Mira didn’t consider what Amanda reminded her before she jumped into time traveling, she would have done something to change this very moment.

There was nothing more painful than seeing your own flesh and blood called you monster and abomination just because her parents weren’t from the same species. Just because she was the fruit of a forbidden love.

Another guard rushed in, “Sire, you should come and see this.”

The two men rushed outside and Mira followed them. She still could hear the scream of Mirabelle as she was dragged away to the dungeon. It took everything in Mira to deafen herself from listening to the scream.

The two men were joined with some others and they shifted into werewolves before they ran to the trees. At the border, Mira spotted another group. Not werewolves. But vampires led by Ethan himself. King Xavier shifted behind a tree and came out.

“You have no business here, leeches,” he said with a clenched jaw.

Ethan looked calm as he answered, “I demand you release Mirabelle.”

“You have no rights to call her name.”

“I do not want to declare war with you, King Xavier. I just want her back.”

“You declared war on me on the moment you laid your eyes on my daughter!”

“For a man who believes in mating bond, you have no love in you. Who are you to defy fate?”

The werewolf King glared at him with so much hatred. “I’m the person who would save my people from being punished by the Goddess because of the presence of an abomination.”

“That abomination is your granddaughter. Your own flesh and blood.”

“I have no daughter. My daughter was long dead.”

How could he?

Ethan’s expression turned unreadable. “You disowned your own flesh and blood just like that? I didn’t know mating could be such a crime among you people.”

“How dare you lecture me when you tainted her with your rotten seed?!”

“If she is no longer your daughter, then give her to me. I’d give you my words that I would take care of her.”

King Xavier walked away without a word when Ethan called out again.

“Would you kill your own daughter just because she disobeyed you? Just because she fell in love with a vampire?”

“I would do whatever it takes to protect my kind.”

“Including killing her?”

“Including killing the abomination inside her!” the werewolf King lunged towards the vampire King.

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