The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 62: Narrator

Waking up surrounded by nothing but darkness, Mira looked around. There was no end of the darkness around her. Far ahead of her, she could see a mirror with a lamppost next to it. Slowly, she approached the mirror accompanied by a heavy feeling that she was being watched. Mira glanced around, hoping to spot something or someone but there was no one there with her. She couldn’t get rid of the feeling that there was actually another person with her. The place was too dark for her eyes. She never had this problem looking in the darkness but this time, it seemed like her senses were limited.

She stood before the big mirror with no reflection of herself in it. Just a complete darkness. She raised her hand and reached for the mirror, hoping it would be like any other mirror but instead, her hand went through. With a final glance behind her, Mira walked right into the mirror just to get greeted by a honking sound and an angry man.

“Watch where you’re going, woman!” he shouted from his car.

Quickly she retreated back to the sidewalk, letting the angry driver drive past as she thought he was talking to her. Turned out he was addressing an old lady that was in the middle of the lane. Right, Mira remembered she was traveling in spirit. These people couldn’t see her.

Again, she felt like she was being watched. There were too many people on the street. It could be anyone. Knowing that she didn’t have much time in there, Mira proceeded to look for what she was looking for.

Mira checked the surrounding and most of the buildings looked different. Mira continued walking down the street until she arrived at the newspaper stall.

July 25th, 1989.

That was the date written on the newspaper. While everything and everyone else looked black and white to her, there was one person that looked colorful to her. Maybe it was just a way for the memories to lead her to her destination.

Mira watched the woman, maybe in her mid-twenties, sitting at the bus stop. She had red hair and piercing blue eyes reminded Mira of herself. Could this woman be her mother?

The woman looked up. Yes, she was a spitting image of Mira.

The woman was reading a newspaper before she put it away and took out a scarf and dark glasses from her bag just as a bus approached. The bus stopped, blocking Mira’s view. Quickly crossing the busy road, she caught up with the bus and boarded it. The redheaded woman sat far behind and Mira did the same. After nearly an hour on the bus, the woman exited it. Mira continued to follow her around until both of them reached a warehouse. Once in a while, the woman stopped and looked around as if she had the feeling she was being followed. Instinctively, Mira hid just in case she could actually be seen by the woman she was following.

The woman took off her scarf and glasses before she pushed the door opened. She walked up the stairs. There was an office on the second floor of the warehouse. Mira watched as she entered the office and closed the door. The sound of the lock could be heard. But that didn’t stop their conversation from reaching her ears. Wait, Mira was a spirit.

She pushed her hand to the wall and it went through. Mira walked through the wall, greeted by a messy office. The woman who she was following earlier was sitting on the lap of a man. They looked like they were in love. The way he looked at her reminded Mira of the way Cohen looked at her. Full with love and adoration.

“You shouldn’t have come here. What if your father finds out?” he spoke softly, caressing her cheek lovingly. “Darling, I do not want you to be in trouble with your father.”

“Father would never understand us, Ethan.” the woman mumbled sadly. “He would never understand. All he could think of is running the administration. To be a good king for all werewolves. To be respected. To be loved by his people.”

She was angry. Mira watched their interaction further. The man named Ethan grabbed her hand and gave it a light kiss.

“Mirabelle darling, rest assured that I understand your frustration right now. As I told you before, everything between us is forbidden.”

Mirabelle? This woman’s name was Mirabelle? Was that where Mira’s name came from? She was named after this woman? Did that mean this woman was her mother? Or was it just coincidence?

“How could it be forbidden when the Moon Goddess fated us to be together?!” Mirabelle threw her arms up in frustration.

“A vampire and a werewolf were not meant to mate, darling.”

Ethan was so calm in handling the frustration Mirabelle was projecting about their relationship. No, this wasn’t just a relationship. They were mates. Just like Mira and Cohen. The only difference was that Ethan and Mirabelle were forbidden mates.

One was a vampire and another was a werewolf. Two species that were forbidden to mate with each other.

But since when a mating bond was a crime? If Moon Goddess was the one who matched them together, that wasn’t forbidden or a crime. They had no control over this. They were fated to be mates.

“Ethan, if Moon Goddess fated us to mate, what power does my father have against us?”

Mirabelle was right. What power did anyone have against fate? Against something that was planned by the Goddess? And who did put this law about forbidden mating?

It was ridiculous to think about it. Two people were meant to mate and everyone labeled them as forbidden because they were different species but that didn’t stop Ethan and Mirabelle. At least not on this part of the memory.

“You’re cute when you’re angry.” he teased her. “Like those cheeks puffed in redness. Like a cooked shrimp.”

Mira chuckled.

Mirabelle glared at him. “Are you calling me shrimp?!”

“Did I? Must’ve slipped out. Oops.” Ethan smiled sheepishly. He pressed his lips to hers before mumbling, “One day, you would be Mrs. Kincaid and my Queen.”

Ethan Kincaid...Damien’s father.

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