The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 61: Mira

Amanda stared at the piece of the paper intensely. If her eyes could shoot fire, the paper would have turned into ashes long ago. The rest of the group was just staring at the paper as if it was a contagious disease waiting to be spread out by skin contact.

“Sorry, tell me again where you get this.” she pointed to it.

“It’s not relevant right now,” Mira answered with a shrug. “Can you decipher it or not?”

“It’s not the map that the problem. It’s the physical location. We all know Damien has witches working for him. He would use an illusion spell to hide his castle in plain sight.”

“Is it reversible?” Cohen asked.

“Illusion spell is not just about hiding things or places in plain sight. It also about deceiving those who are outside the hidden place.”

“I thought you said before that demon wolf immune to many magic,” Brandon interjected, earning everyone’s attention.

“Look who’s been paying attention.” Vincent hollered.

Mira walked to the window of the office with her hands clasped behind her as everyone else continued with their discussion. She could feel it. The day of justice for what Damien had done to her and to many others. That day was the day she had been waiting for nearly three decades. To make him pay for the pain he had caused. For the destruction he had caused her. There was nothing far greater than the day where she would finally defeat her own creator.

The source of her suffering.

Every night during her fourteen years of enslavement, Mira would look up to the small barred mirror on the wall of her jail cell. She would stare at the moon for hours, praying non-stopped, hoping one day she would free from the pain and torments. For fourteen years, she suffered silently in his hands. Nobody knew about it. Nobody ever sent rescue team to save her and those who suffered the same fate. For someone at her age, she didn’t stand a big chance to survive but she did. She survived for so long until she felt she had lost the track of time. Many of those who served as long as she did, they didn’t manage to survive.

Whenever there was a scream echoed in the dungeon, Mira closed her eyes and ears, unable to witness another death. Then Damien started to do gruesome things in front of her. He forced her to watch him draining every drop of blood from a young girl not older than her. He forced her to watch as he killed his slaves one by one. Every night those things gave her nightmares. The poor souls would look right into her eyes as they were pleading and begging for her help while Damien sadistically laughed. Mira had lost count of how many deaths she had witness in front of her jail cell until in the end, she felt nothing when he took another life in front of her. The nightmares stopped bothering her. The stench of blood became bland. The screams were no longer entering her ears.

All those things he did just to break every bit of her humanity. But he was wrong. The pain and torments he was giving her only served to fuel her rage. Mira didn’t lash out in front of him. She kept her rage at bay and when the time came, she would unleash it.

Her body ached every time she thought for those gruesome memories. After the 4th battalion saved her, Mira spent the next few months, sleeping on the cold floor because that was the only thing could numb her body from the pain.

The wound might already healed but the pain would never fade. She still could remember clearly the pain when he slashed several blades on her body at a fast rate just to see the speed of her healing. Her screams didn’t matter to him because all that matter was the result he was trying to obtain. Crazy just to think about it. Even crazier to survive those horrific moments.

But one thing made she wondered. Damien told Pritchard that she was the child of a vampire and a werewolf. If Damien knew what she was since the beginning, then he must have known her parents. His blood flowed in her veins. His memories locked inside the blood. Many truths were locked inside his blood that flowed in her body. As much as she hated acknowledging that, she was thankful to have his blood in her veins. This could be the only way for her to learn the truth of her origin and real parents. And it could be the only way for her to find his weakness. If he had one. Everyone had their own weakness.

Damien exploited her blood. Now it was time to exploit his.

Mira spun around, “Amanda, you said it is possible to travel back in time mentally.”

“If the mind is stable enough to go back in time, yes it is possible.” the white witch answered.

“Mira, where are you going with this?” Cohen asked, grabbing her hand.

“I need to see something,” Mira whispered. She turned her attention back to the white witch. “Amanda, could you do it?”

“How far do you want to go?” Amanda asked.

“The very beginning.”

Mira watched as they arranged the mirrors around the room while Amanda lightened a few candles after she had arranged them in a circle.

“The mirrors would serve as your way in and out. If things go bad, find a mirror and go in. It would send your right where you wanted to go.” she told her. “Lay down in the circle.”

Mira took off her jacket and lied down in the circle while Amanda sat above her head.

“Anything else I should know?”

“Don’t change the history. If you change something in there, the present would change too. There’s always a consequence.”


“Tell me when you’re ready.”

Mira took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “Send me in.”

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