The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 60: Mira

This chapter contains an explicit scene. Skip if you must. Read at your own risk.

Leaning against the doorframe, she watched her mate was painting the wall and admired the way his back muscles contracted as he raised the paint roller up the wall to the ceiling. No matter how many times she was lucky to survive dangerous ordeals, it was nothing compared to how lucky she was having a mate like him. Her entire being soared for this man.

“Would you like to take a closer look?” he teased her as he put down the paint roller.

Laughing, she made her way to him. “I didn’t want you to get distracted.”

Cohen leaned in to kiss her lips. “How did you find me here?”

“Liam told me. What are you working on?” she looked around.

Many parts of the room, which she assumed the living room, was covered in newspaper and white fabric. The double glass door led to the front deck which had a bridge that led directly to the lake.

“Our home,” Cohen answered with a tone of anticipating for her reaction.

Mira looked at him, puzzled. “Our home?”

Home? She never had one before. Surely the word was alien to her. But with Cohen, everything felt like home. She guessed home wasn’t such a bad idea.

“We’d still be living in the pack mansion for sure. But this will be our ultimate home.” He put his hands on her hips. “I have a plan for both of us in this lake house.”

“Which is?”

“It would involve you pregnant and making pancakes in that kitchen.” He pointed to the kitchen.

She placed her hand on his cheek, “What if they become like me?”

Cohen kissed her palm before answering, “You could give birth to a giraffe for all I care and I’m still going to love them. We’d teach them how to control it.”

Listening to him talking about having a family with her was making her heart soared even more. Mira couldn’t help it but smiled at his plan because it sounded so perfect and right. Nothing else matters right now except this beautiful man stood before her. Maybe the smell of the paint still matter. The problem of having an enhanced smelling sense.

Mira tiptoed and placed her lips on his. Cohen never missed a chance to deepen it. This was what she needed right now to forget about everything else that happened today.

Cohen pulled away. “If we continue, you might be not very comfortable doing it here.”

“We got the couch.” Her eyes darted to the covered couch.

He sat on the couch with her straddling him and their lips kept on moving against each other. Mira moaned when his hands slipped underneath her shirt. Pulling away for a few seconds, Cohen pulled her shirt over her head. She breathed heavily as if she had been running a marathon. His hands reached to her back, unhooked her bra before he threw it to the floor. Without wasting time, his mouth sucked on her breasts. Mira gasped, grinding on his lap.

He could feel the heat of her core was grinding against his clothed one. He would come in his pants before he could even get inside her. But it was too good for him to stop her from grinding.

“Get up,” Cohen instructed her.

Mira did as he asked and got up from his lap. He unbuckled her belt and unzipped her jeans to pull it down along with her panties. He pulled her hand towards him and she was back to sitting on his lap again. His right hand went to between her legs while his other hand was holding her securely. Mira moaned when he touched her moist slit. Her nails dug on his shoulders as her hips followed the movement of his fingers.

“Cohen,” she panted heavily.

Her forehead rested on his shoulder as she breathed heavily, feeling her release was getting closer. She didn’t want to release yet but with his fingers were playing with her slit and his lips were kissing her shoulder, she didn’t know if she could hold any longer.

“Come for me, baby,” he whispered, moving his fingers rapidly.

Mira screamed his name as she reached her climax. Her chest rose and fell heavily as she watched Cohen licked her juice off his fingers. She reached for his belt and zipper to release his erection. Mira looked at him briefly, smirking before she slid down and knelt in front of him. He had tasted her before. Now it was her turn to return the favor.

His shaft had been leaking. Cohen groaned in pleasure when her small hand wrapped around his length. Mira’s tongue touched the tip of his shaft which caused Cohen to groan harder. Slowly, she put it in her mouth until his tip reached deep down her throat. Mira moved her head, sucking Cohen’s shaft and earned deep growls from him. His hand tangled in her hair, guiding her head. Unable to restrain himself, Cohen moved his hips, making love to Mira’s mouth. He moved rapidly while his hand was holding her head still.

“Baby, I’m close. You can pull—”

Mira tapped his thighs and shook her head. Soon, he released deep inside her throat. Mira made sure she cleaned him off and wiped the remaining of his hot seeds from her lips.

“Delicious,” she hummed.

“That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” he said as she climbed back to his lap while her hand was stroking his flaccid shaft to harden it again.

“I take that I can please you as much you do to me.” she grinned.

Cohen chuckled. “Darling, you have no idea what you can do to me.”

Mira smiled and dipped her head in to kiss him hard. She knew how much Cohen loved to be in charge but this night wasn’t about him pleasing her. It was her night to please her mate. Once in a while, the role got to change to keep things spiced up a bit.

His shaft hardened again in between her butt cheeks. Mira lifted her hips up, guiding his shaft to her entrance. With a slow pace, she moved her hips down, taking in his length into her canal. It amazed her how his length and thickness could fit inside her.

She detonated around him for just taking his length into her. Mira placed her palms on his chest, trying to ease the aftershocks were rumbling in her body.

“At ease, baby,” Cohen mumbled, placing his lips on hers.

Mira giggled. “It feels good to have you inside me.”

“It amazed me you take me in at one go.”

“What? Why? Your other girls didn’t?”

Cohen’s eyes widened and his Adam’s Apple bobbled. “How did—?”

“How many?” she cut him off. “I’m not moving unless you give me a number.”

Mira resisted herself from smiling as she watched Cohen’s eyes widened even more. It wasn’t like she would be mad at him. He was a man. He had his needs. Now, that he had her. So, his nightstands were just night stands. And he was off limits to other girls.

“Ten,” he answered cautiously as if she would lash at him.

Mira smiled innocently. “Now you have me. If I ever catch you--”

“I’m all yours as you are mine.” he spanked her ass. “Now get moving, woman!”

“Demanding as ever!” she snorted.

“You love it when I’m demanding.” Cohen winked. “Like the time you were staring at me when I was training the Enforcers.”

Mira leaned to his ear. “It’s sexy. Seeing you all demanding and sweaty. Hmm, baby, I wanted to run my fingers all over your body. I almost dragged you to our bedroom and let you made love to me until I see the stars.”

Growls erupted from his chest. Mira moved slowly. She knew she was going to get it. Cohen was going to make love to her until she saw the stars.

His fingers dug on her hips as he aided her movement. Cohen muffled her loud moans with his lips while her fingers dug on his chest. Her inner walls began to clench and she was getting closer to another toes-curling climax. Mira clung around her mate’s neck as her body convulsed in intense climax before Cohen found his, deep inside of her. Knowing their own libido, this wasn’t going to be the end round of tonight’s lovemaking.

Laying down on layers of blankets under the night sky full of stars and full moon, in the arms of her mate, this moment was perfect. They were laying down on the front deck, butt naked as the day they were born and only covered by the soft blanket.

“Tell me about your family, Cohen,” Mira mumbled with her head rested on his chest, listening to soft sound of his heartbeat.

“You wouldn’t see them around much actually. Mama is working in humanitarian aid so she’s always on the move. Dad’s working on diplomatic emissary and goes to one pack to another especially the small ones to help them establish.” He answered while his hand was rubbing her back softly. “Dad was around when you were captured by the vampires. He had to leave because of another pack under attack.”

“I’d bet you look alike.”

He kissed the top of her head. “You have no idea. You’d see him soon. He’s on his way back. Same with mama. They’re very ecstatic to see you.”

“Do you think they would like me? A demon wolf.”

“Baby, between me and you, they would choose your side rather than mine.”

She chuckled. Deep inside of her, she was envious of his family. At least he didn’t have to go through family drama like hers. A villainous brother who tormented her during her childhood. Did she just fully accept Damien was her brother? That was just….eerie.

“Hey, you’re okay?” Cohen looked down at her.

Mira gave him a smile. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

It was safe to say that she was falling for him.

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