The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 59: Mira

“I’m going patrolling with the guys,” Cohen told her as he took his shirt off.

Her eyes roamed his body hungrily. His strong V-line was screaming for her attention and touch. Mira was having a hard time keeping her eyes on his because all her eyes wanted to do was roaming down Cohen's body as if he was a fine piece of meat for a starving woman.

Damn, he was one fine piece of meat.

“Can I see your wolf?” Mira asked.

Sure, she had seen his wolf before. But that was when she was captured by the vampires. She wanted to see it without a life and death situation.

“You wanted to see my wolf?”

Mira nodded. Cohen pulled down his pants caused her to shriek, closing her eyes shut. Mira could hear her mate was chuckling at her action. Come on, this wasn’t the first time she saw him naked. They were practically sleeping naked next to each other every night.

Then, she heard the sound of bones cracking before a low growl echoed. Mira opened her eyes and saw a magnificent black wolf stood before her. Wow, she thought. She had seen many wolves in the past but never seen one this magnificent. Mira reached her hand out. Cohen leaned in to let her hand rested on the forehead of his wolf.

“You look magnificent,” Mira told him.

Magnificent wasn’t the correct word to describe this black wolf. Mira couldn’t find the correct word but oh boy, he was gorgeous and strong. She could feel his strong aura emitted.

She walked to his left side, tracing her hand on his strong body. Cohen howled softly at her action. Mira circled his entire body before standing in front of him again. She placed her forehead against his, breathing in deeply. Even his wolf smelled the same as his human form.

They stayed like this. There was no word able to describe this moment. Surprisingly, Cohen had a strong control around her during his wolf form. Mira had heard many stories that male wolves found it was difficult to stay in their wolf form around their mate without the desire to complete the mating bond instantly.

He nudged his forehead into her chest. Mira giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“You’re a big boy,” she ruffled his fur. “By the way, your breath stinks!” she teased him.

He grinned cheekily before his tongue reached out and licked her chest. Mira shrieked, jumping backward.


He got his saliva stuck on her favorite jacket.

"You know it's hard to come out!" Mira huffed.

Cohen’s wolf sat down, sticking his tongue out and watched her in amusement.

The bond between two werewolves in their true form was unbreakable. It was unfortunate that Cohen’s wolf would never truly bonded with Mira’s demon wolf. Despite that unfortunate, Mira was glad to be able to see the wolf of her mate. It was truly beautiful.

“Stay safe,” she kissed his forehead. “I can’t lose you.”

Cohen’s wolf made a soft whimpering sound as if he wanted to assure her that she would never lose him.

“Go now, darling. The guys are waiting for their Alpha.” she ushered him to the door of the bedroom’s balcony.

He looked up to the moon and howled before he made the jump. His howl was greeted by the others.

A few seconds later, Liam roared happily from the outside as if he joined the patrolling for the first time.

"Big boys are out, baby!" his voice echoed in the silent night.

There were six others waited for their Alpha before they all dashed between the trees. Mira leaned against the door frame, listening to the sound of their steps were hitting the ground. Even with the sound of the wind was blowing, she still could hear the patrolling team, probably, already very far ahead of her. Her listening concentration was interrupted when her phone vibrated inside her pocket.

An unknown caller ID. Not even the phone number was familiar to her. She knew all the phone numbers of the Black Market’s operatives and her contacts. Not this one though.

“I heard you are looking for Damien Kincaid.” A male voice not older than in his mid-forties but she could be wrong.

“Who are you?” Mira asked. His sentence was peaking her interest.

“A concerned citizen. I must say it was very hard to get in contact with you, Miss Red.” he paused for a moment. “I could give you what you wanted. The exact location of Damien Kincaid if you agree to meet me.”


“There’s a private airstrip not far from Southern’s territory. Meet me there in forty minutes.”

She braked her motorbike, kicked the kickstand before hopped off. Mira took off her helmet. There were five men in sharp suit and ties. All were wearing black and white except the fifth man who was wearing a dark grey long coat without having his arms in the sleeve. The coat was just draped over his shoulder as he stood with a black golden cane on his right side. His left hand was holding a cigar and smoke puffed up.

“Who are you?” she first asked, eyeing each of the men.

None of them were intimidating her though. She had dealt with various kind of people for her whole life.

“As I said, a concerned citizen,” he answered with a smile.

She spotted the insignia on his cane. “You’re one of those vampire royal family. I thought Damien killed you all.”

Damien was more than just obsessed with trying to create an army of demon wolf. He was the direct royal line to the throne of the vampire family. But his obsession with power and science had turned him into a monster. He executed all the royal family and nobles except himself. There was a rumor said that he bathed in the blood of those who were executed. Knowing him at the first hand, there was a high chance he actually bathed in the blood of the people he had executed.

He gave a halfhearted laugh. “Damien is just as stupid as his research. There is no such thing as demon wolf.”

Mira tilted her head to the side, reading his expression. His face said it all. He was just denying the truth for some unknown reasons.

“Why you wanted to help me? He’s your King.”

“Prince.” he corrected in pure hatred. “Not a king. But a prince. Even so, he disgraced his ancestors and mostly he disgraced his father. No matter how many times he claimed himself as a King, he would never be the true King of all vampires. He’s just mindless child with a sickening obsession of creating the perfect soldiers.”

“You didn’t answer why you wanted to help me.”

“Professional courtesy,” he answered at last. “We both suffered in his hands. It’s time to return the favor.” he produced a folded paper from his pocket. “This piece of the map is where his current location. You wouldn’t find his castle in the said location with naked eyes. But I guess you would get that figured out.”

“How do I know the authenticity of the information?”

“We both wanted Damien dead, don’t we?” he turned around and walked to the stairs of the private jet and glanced over his shoulder as he said, “There are two people in line for the throne but Damien wasn’t the first in the line.”

“The throne has nothing to do with me.”

“It does. Because Damien is your older brother.”

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