The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 58: Cohen

His Enforcers stopped training as soon as Mira and Amanda made their way to the bench in the backyard. Earlier, Mira had set up her arsenal and that was the first time Cohen browsed through her blades. From what he was told, this was just half of her collections.

He sat on another bench with Vincent as they watched the two women were training. It looked like Mira was dancing. Her movement was so fluid that she was easily avoiding Amanda’s attempts. Then, Mira came back to her arsenal, took a blindfold and wore it. This made Cohen, even more, anticipated for her skills. He watched her as she stood still. Covering her eyes would just enhance her hearing instead. Being a demon wolf, she had better senses.

He watched her intensely proudly until it almost made his chest felt like wanted to burst out. Mira didn’t need him to train her because oh Goddess, her skills were better than he could teach her.

Man, was it impossible for him to feel prouder at her? Even his Enforcers approved her.

Mira was a perfect Luna. She was strong, stubborn, disciplined and loyal towards her allies. She was perfect for him. Damn it, he was the luckiest man alive to have her as his mate.

His training session was long forgotten as everyone was busy watching Mira and Amanda trained together. This wasn’t a scene everyone could see all the times. He knew how much his Enforcers looked up to Mira.

After the training, she joined him in his office as he worked on the siege plan while she passed out on the couch. The moment she asked him about Dalton, he could guess she was about to tell him something that only she knew.

Fourteen years, that was the amount of time that Dalton had spent to chase after the famous rogue. But nobody knew the real reason behind it until now. People assumed he chased after her because she escaped the rehabilitation camp. That was before his brother died in her hands five years ago.

Dalton assumed she killed his brother. And Mira spoke otherwise.

Right now, Cohen was stuck. Her words made him wondered if any of those stories were worth believing from other people’s knowledge of her. But that was their side of the story. He hadn’t heard her side of the story.

“The evidences—” he paused, searching for the hidden emotion behind her electric blue orbs but there was none. “The Council was convinced that you killed him.”

At first, he was expecting her to act defensive for all the offenses that were pointing to her way. Then he remembered that she was willing to take the risk to reveal how corrupted the Council was. To stand up for one purpose.

Mira shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal that she was accused of a murder she didn’t commit, “I don’t really care about the evidence. As far as I know on that night, Winston didn’t die on my hands.”

“You knew his name.”

She nodded, “Yes, of course, I knew his name. I knew that he was Winston Forest, younger brother of Dalton Forest. He was part of 3rd battalion Enforcers. He was twenty-two.”

“Then what was your connection with him?”

“Winston made a contact with one of my many contacts. He contacted them and they contacted me about a brothel. A group of ten slaves was supposed to arrive in the brothel on the next day. One of those slaves was his mate. She was abducted three weeks prior to that moment.” Cohen nodded to let her proceed on, “Winston said he didn’t have much money to hire me to get her back. And of course, nobody would care about human slaves anyway. So I agreed to his request without demanding any payment. I went to the brothel and he was already there—pretending to be one of the customers.”

“He got caught on the crossfire.”

“I killed those men silently without alerting the entire premise. Winston managed to get all those slaves out safely along with his human mate.”

“Dalton’s Enforcer found a knife embedded into Winston’s body. It had your fingerprints.”

“That’s where the story gets interesting. I was unarmed when I came to the brothel. I killed the men with my bare hands. I didn’t touch anything else in that brothel either.”

“Are you saying that the brothel was a set up to get you?”

Mira fell flat on the couch with her hand on her forehead, “I don’t know. None of the slaves survived either. The next thing I know I was charged for his death. So I didn’t bother to correct the fact either because nobody would trust a highly wanted person like me. Vincent tried to find evidence that would show the brothel was a setup but we both met a dead end.”

It was easy to frame a rogue for something they didn’t commit. If someone would go that far in framing Mira for Winston’s death, then Cohen knew that this battle was far from over.

“Did you ever tell Dalton?” he asked out of curiosity.

She let out a long breath, “Why would I? It was fun to poke his nerves all the times.” she grinned cheekily. “He’s so easily poked, you know.”

Cohen chuckled. It seemed like she found a better interest in poking at the Commander’s nerves rather than telling him the truth about his brother’s death.

“Besides, that case had been ongoing for years. There was no use to correct the fact. The Council would always see me as a rogue no matter what.” she shrugged.

Even if he hated to admit it, she was right. As long as there was still a strong evidence to go against her words, the Council wouldn’t change their mind. Even if the evidence was falsely planted. Her words alone couldn’t defend her.

Cohen didn’t want his mate to fight this alone. He would clear her name by any means necessary. There were too many charges against her. He didn’t know if she did all of them.

“What if I speak to Dalton?”

“Nah.” she shook her head. “Let me poke him more.” she laughed.

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