The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 57: Mira

On the next morning, she leaned against the porch’s pillar as she watched Cohen trained with his Enforcers. Of course, the Alpha took it as a sign to parade his shirtless body everywhere. She just rolled her eyes off when he did that.

Once in a while, he would stop walking around and turned to see her with his muscular arms crossed over his chest. The way his sweats rolled down his chest to his defined abs were more than enough to tempt her to demand him to come to their bedroom instantly.

Yes, their bedroom. Cohen refused to acknowledge his bedroom as just his anymore. He called it their bedroom now. Would she complain? No, never. Not when he came to bed with just wearing his boxer. That was a rare case actually. His common case, he came into the bed naked so Mira took it as a gesture to sleep naked as well.

Vincent leaned against another pillar. “You know we still don’t know the exact location of Damien’s castle.”

“He’d slip out eventually.” She replied nonchalantly. “Keep searching for his ‘friends’.”

“What are you going to do about the Commander?”

“Let him be. He’s not our priority.” she looked at him.

“You know Damien has a bigger army.”

Mira stood there in silence. Vincent was right. Damien had a bigger army than their current situation. She wasn’t sure if Cohen’s calls to his allied would bring their Enforcers together for the battle. She knew the Western and Eastern had signed up to join. Even with three packs together, Damien’s army still outnumbered them.

“I’d think about it,” she mumbled softly.

There were many people wanting Damien’s head. The main problem was; could Mira trust those people to help her in the battle without them turning their back against her once it ended? She didn’t know about that. Her bounty was very interesting nowadays. Anyone could pretend to be her allies and in the end, they would turn their back against her.

“Where’s Amanda? She’s missing her training.” she asked.

Mira had been training Amanda since the latter joined her mission to take down slavery businesses. Amanda refused to be trained by Vincent as she said he was too soft when it came to her. The only reason Mira trained Amanda because she needed to know how to defend herself. She couldn’t just depend on Vincent to protect her all the time or depending on her magic. Mira didn’t take the liking of Amanda shadowed Vincent in many dangerous jobs but putting them in a team was a better option than separating them.

“I’m here.” The white witch came from inside.

Mira led the blonde woman to the far side of the training area where her arsenal had been laid onto the bench. Amanda knew how to operate and used guns but had a mass dislike of such a loud weapon just like Mira. Several of the Enforcers had used their break time to watch the two women were standing near the bench.

Amanda looked at the arsenal, “No fake knife? I don’t want to accidentally hurt you and the Alpha would maul me into pieces.”

Mira shook her head, “It’s time for something real. Pick any.”

Her arsenal was ranging from smallest blade such throwing knife to big blades such as machete and sword. Using blades had shown tremendous usefulness especially when she was dealing with vampires. Decapitated them or rip their heart out. She often resorted to the first option.

She grabbed her signature daggers while Amanda decided to choose the silver katana.

“Not bad.” Mira approved before taking a distance between them. “And no spells. This time we rely on combat skills.”

Amanda froze when she looked around. Everyone had stopped training and focused on what she was about to do with Mira.

“Amanda, focus. Don’t mind them.” Mira said, trying to get her ultimate attention onto the training.

“They look like they’re ready to maul my ass if I accidentally hurt their Luna.”

“Stalling wouldn’t save your life,” Mira said, making the first move with her leg which caused Amanda to drop on the ground.

“Ow,” the white witch whined.

“In my mind, I’ve killed you plenty times on the time you spent stalling.”

Mira dropped her dagger to the ground, leaving her with only one dagger and her free hand was bent behind her.

“Come on. I’m one-handed,” she said, gesturing to Amanda.

The white witch stood up, hurling her Katana to Mira. The redheaded woman easily avoided the blade by slightly moving her body to the right. She nudged Amanda on the waist.

“Twice, you’re dead again,” she mumbled. “You can’t even fight a one-handed opponent.”

“You’re too fast!” Amanda groaned.

Mira rolled her eyes. She went to her Arsenal and took a blindfold. Never questioned why she had a blindfold inside her arsenal. She fastened it around her face, covering her eyes.

“Make your move, Amanda. No more excuses,” she ordered.

Amanda huffed before she lunged towards Mira. Covering her eyes wouldn’t do much difference because Mira could hear the sound of the blade was piercing the air. She stood still, listening to Amanda’s movement. Mira didn’t want the white witch to get frustrated so she purposely letting her guard down. Amanda knocked her dagger off. But this was just a one time chance. With an easy movement and long leg, Mira knocked Amanda’s Katana to make her to hurl it above them. Mira listened as the blade being pulled down by the gravity, cutting a few strands of her hair as it dived towards the ground before she caught it by the hilt.

“Show off.” Amanda snorted.

Mira chuckled, taking off her blindfold. “I’ve killed you eight times.”

“If I use magic like before, I doubt you could even touch a strand of my hair.”

“Your magic could deplete during battle, Amanda.” Mira reminded her.

They trained for a few hours before decided to end it.

Mira’s legs were swinging on the armrest of the couch in the Alpha’s office while the Alpha himself was still working on the siege plan.

Mira propped up, to look at Cohen, wanting to ask him something that had been peaking her curiosity for a while now.

“How long you’ve known Dalton?” she asked.

Cohen leaned back to his chair as he answered, “My dad knows him more than I do. Dalton had been my family’s friend for as long I could remember. Why?”

Mira sat upright, facing her mate. “Because I didn’t kill his brother.”

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