The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 56: Mira

The car moved again, leaving the club. Staring out of the window as her mind wandered somewhere else. Yet her fingers couldn’t stop brushing against each other. Mira stared on her fingers—the same fingers that touched the bullet earlier. There was no hint of pain. Not even the slightest. Her skin didn’t burn. Like any other werewolves, she usually would feel pain or her skin would burn whenever it touched silver or wolfsbane — anything that could potentially hurt a werewolf. Except that this time she felt nothing.

Could it be her body was finally immune to both substances? If that was the case, it wasn’t a great news. Because those were the only things could prevent her from changing into a demon wolf.

Mira hated it that her body was adapting to everything she tried to do to prevent the monster from resurfacing. She didn’t need its interference, not when her battle against Damien was getting closer.

“You’ve been staring on your hands for ages,” Amanda said, turning to see her in the backseat.

Mira put her hands into the pocket of her jacket. “What did you do to the sniper?”

“He would be delivered to the Commander’s home as instructed although he sustained some injuries.” Vincent replied, briefly looking at her through the rear mirror. “He didn’t give much information. His target was confirmed to be the Commander. After that, he was ordered to kill you too. But he didn’t know the person who hired him. Same instruction—get the equipment, find the target and kill.”

This wasn’t the first she encountered a sniper meant to kill her acquaintances. This was one of the many times. It seemed like Dalton had stirred someone’s interest by poking his nose in her business. If only he left the cases alone, he wouldn’t have to face the same fate as her. Being wanted and hunted could do many things to someone. With Dalton’s career inside the Council, it would be harder for her to keep him safe. Whether she liked it or not, she needed to keep him safe. Mira didn’t want any innocent blood spill because of her.

Although she could easily end his life, Mira chose not to. Why made enemies when you could have friends?

Dalton might be her gambit in her plan unexpectedly but it didn’t mean she would sacrifice him this fast. No, his life wasn’t hers to sacrifice. She couldn’t do that. Dalton was just trying to find the murderer of his brother. That was what he wanted to do. For now, Mira would put him as her gambit and would do any mean necessary to keep him safe. Dalton might not know this but he would be the person who would destroy the Council from the inside. His eagerness and determination would serve her many things. Let him investigated the cases. It was better to be that way. Let him found out the truth by himself. He was good at it. He could do it again.

“Looks like someone is desperately keeping the Commander’s mouth shut,” Mira smirked before she closed her eyes and rested the back of her head against the headrest.

Someone in the Council knew about his movement. Could it be his second-in-command? Mira only spotted the two of them in the club.

“Keep an eye on Dalton’s second-in-command,” she added.

“Why?” Vincent questioned.

“Dalton looked like he was making his movement discreetly but the sniper knew it. He had Jahan with him. What do we know about him?”

“As far as I could remember, Jahan is a pretty loyal person. He had been in Dalton’s battalion for as long as I could remember.” Vincent glanced at her. “You think Jahan had something to do with the sniper?”

“Could be. Let’s not taking any chances.”

“I don’t think it would be Jahan. It was too easy to spot. He has been shadowing Dalton for many years. They risked each other’s lives to save one another.”

Loyalty could be a problem too. Mira really admired those who had a strong loyalty towards their allies but a loyal person could be hard to crack. If Jahan was the bad guy, years of friendship with Dalton couldn’t guarantee the safety of the Commander. If a loyal person like Dalton already begun to question the Council, the same people he had sworn on oath, could change his loyalty because of his brother’s death, then Mira couldn’t expect Jahan to be loyal to Dalton.

For some specific reasons, she needed Dalton alive. If he could solve many cases, then he could solve his brother’s case easily. Mira wanted Dalton to be the one to clear her from the charges. It was stupid to think about it as she considered that it was Dalton who charged her with the murdered case. But she had faith in him. She always did. She just didn’t mention it. She knew Dalton’s loyalty towards his family was stronger than his loyalty towards the Council. Let him wrecked those wretched Councilors from inside.

After a few minutes of silence, the white witch spoke again regarding the matter of the attack on Damien’s castle.

“What’s the plan? I know the plan. I just want to know how exactly you are going to siege Damien’s castle. The front door is out of the question.”

“We’d see how it goes. Front door or not.”

“I don’t like this plan.” Vincent glanced briefly. “But let’s do it your way.”

“I need you to send words to the encampments. They have to arrive in safe haven before the siege.”

Vincent took out his phone and dialed a number and said, “Code 5, get everyone moving.” He stopped talking for a minute. “Yes, all of them.” He put away his phone. “It’s done.”

“We’d get the business arrangement and then the shipment.”

“The final battle at last.” someone else said.

Vincent stopped the car in empty parking lots. The door opened, the said person came out of the car but turned around when Mira spoke.

“You should get going with the rest of the arrangement. The earlier, the better.”

“What about the Commander?”

“Leave him be. He’s right where we wanted him to be.”

“You know he wouldn’t stop.”

“I’m counting on it.” Mira smiled.

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