The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 55: Narrator

He never had the chance to formally talk to her without having his anger involved. It had been five years but his anger still remained ignited. Because of that, he was blinded. Blinded to see the truth. And that was not how he worked. At least not when it involved the death of his brother. The case that remained unsolved although the killer was known. But the real question was, did she really kill him? Dalton questioned himself over and over about it since he decided to make a move of his own. There could be many possibilities. Even right now, he doubted she killed his brother. What if Jahan was right? That Mira was framed. But why she didn’t defend herself if she was truly framed?

“I appreciate that you came without the Alpha.” He said as soon as Mira sat down.

“It wasn’t easy to slip out,” she responded nonchalantly.

Dalton had interrogated many rogues who got caught. They showed many kinds of emotions. Mira didn’t. Her eyes filled with nothing. There was no emotion visible on her face either. That was her only way to stop him from reading her emotions to use it to his advantages. Interrogator often relied on using their suspect’s emotion to use it against them. Mira wasn’t going to give the Commander such satisfaction.

“Did you hurt him?” she asked, tapping her fingers on the mahogany table.



For someone who spent her life killing people, she showed an exceptional care towards her allies.

Dalton shook his head. “He’s as healthy as horses.”

“What do you want, Dalton?”

“The truth.”

Mira sighed, “Would you even believe a rogue? Like you said, you would bring me in regardless of the situation because you swore an oath.”

“Cohen believes in you. Why can’t I do the same?”

She tilted her head to the side. Her strong gaze met his. His eyes were filled with doubts. For the first time, she saw the Commander was uncertain. After fourteen years of chasing and escaping like a mouse and cat, she took a good look at his appearance. For someone on his age, he should have been staying at home — retired. Just spent time with his family or hobby. But no, he decided to continue serving the only government of the werewolves’ community.

Dalton could have been so much more if he didn’t blindly follow the Council’s orders. Sometimes, Mira took pity on him. Just by looking at his career, she knew he was a very loyal and full of potential werewolf. But the Council had blinded him for so many years. If only he believed her words long ago, they wouldn’t have this conversation behind Cohen’s back — behind Dalton’s own friend.

But his curiosity of his brother’s death had finally caught up with him. Shame, Mira would have been glad to give everything he wanted to know. It was too late now. She wasn’t sure which side Dalton would stand on.

“You tell me,” Mira said. “What changed your mind?”

Dalton let out a long sigh, leaning to his chair with one hand stayed on the table. “I admitted that I could be wrong. I heard other people’s side of the story. I hadn’t heard yours.”

“What is there more to tell? Wasn’t the evidence clear enough?”

Clearly, she was testing his patience. For the sake of his own curiosity, Dalton swallowed down his frustration. Patience was never been his virtue. Anyone on his position could understand that.

“I just wanted to know. Is that hard to answer?”

She chuckled, “Do you know the best thing about being the only one to know the truth?” she tapped her fingers again. “It makes everyone get curious and would do anything to get the aforementioned truth.”

“I don’t understand you!” Dalton ruffled his hair in frustration. He was on the breaking point. If she tested him again, he would lose his mind. “Why didn’t you fight back like before?”

“You have doubts,” she said instead of answering his question.

“You think?” he snarled. Clearly, he was close to losing his mind.

Just because she hated everyone worked in the Council, it didn’t mean she didn’t keep those people under her watchful eyes. Mira had been watching the Commander for many years. She had eyes and ears everywhere. The Commander was one of those people under her watch list. Even though he refused to listen to her many years ago, it didn’t mean she had lost interest on him. Mira was curious about the path he would take in the future. Right now, he was doubting the Council. Sooner or later, he would doubt everyone around him. That would be one hell of a show to watch. There was nothing better than seeing someone inside the Council turning his back on them from the inside. Which way was better to crumble the Council other than using their own people against them? They would never expect it because they were too busy thinking that everyone was loyal to them until the end.

Dalton would be her gambit in the battle against the Council. It felt wrong, yes, but she had no choice. He wasn’t supposed to be a part of her plan.

“I used to wishing for you to believe in me. But that ship had sailed, Commander.” Mira stood up as her finger reached for something inside her pocket. “By the way, I think this was meant for you.” she placed a single bullet on the table. “.50 caliber bullet which only used on anti-material rifles or .50 caliber machine gun. I’d opted out the second.”

He reached for the bullet but she stopped him. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. It’s made of silver and wolfsbane. A single touch could send you into a tremendous amount of pain before your muscles paralyzed. And you would slowly die, of course.”

“And yet it didn’t harm you.”

Mira smiled. “You seriously need to update the file you wrote about me.”

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