The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 54: Grover

He got up from the chair and went to the glass wall that had the view of his club. His hand reached for the pocket on his waistcoat and took out a photo of himself with a brunette woman. When he knew her, he knew nothing about the supernatural world. Because of her, he was tangled in her world and he didn’t complain about it.

He still remembered the first time he saw her, in the coffee café in Venice. It was ten years ago and yet such memory still vivid in the back of his mind.

Every day he would come to the café to get his dose of drug of coffee. That was his drug. Without it, he wouldn’t able to function for the rest of the day. Grover never really pay attention to anything else in the café if he hadn’t get a hold of his coffee but for the first time, he was drawn to look to one of the tables near the window. A group of women — maybe in their mid-twenties were giggling and whispering but one caught his undivided attention. The brunette with blue eyes. Grover was trapped, in the vortex of her beauty. Captivated by her blue orbs. It felt like the whole world stopped moving around him.

“Sir?” and someone had to interrupt the moment.

Grover whipped his head, like an angry high school girl being interrupted for staring on her crush.

“Your coffee?” the barista pointed to the paper cup of the freshly brewed coffee on the counter.

The sweet enchanting aroma seeped into the deepest part of his soul, extinguishing the anger he had earlier. The coffee had just saved the barista’s life. Grover gave the payment to the barista before his hand grabbed the paper cup. When he turned, the group of women was no longer there. He sighed and walked out of the café. Had the barista not interrupted him, he would have made a fool out of himself.


“Admiring.” He replied without looking up to the talker.

And when he did, God damned him again. He was hypnotized, rather than admiring. He knew he was being punished for teasing his bodyguards being whipped by their girlfriend or wife. There would be no end to their teasing if they heard about this.

She was sitting on the bench on the sidewalk with her hands tucked inside the brown coat of hers and her legs crossed, sitting in a lady-like manner.

“Tongue-tied?” she said in amusement.

“Thinking,” Grover mumbled….without thinking.

“Of things to say?”

“Not to make a fool out of myself.” And he just did.

She laughed. Grover’s body shuddered at the sweet sound of her laugh. What was happening to him? He had never been this affected by a beautiful woman before. This wasn’t just an ordinary woman. No, she looked like a Goddess, walking in his direction. The sweet aroma of the coffee was no longer able to pull him away from the vortex of her beauty. He was trapped and hell, he would never escape.

“Are you going to tell me your name or you’re just going to admiring me?” she tilted her head to the side with a teasing smile carved on her beautiful lips.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea keeping you from your friends,” Grover mumbled, looking for the signs of her friends around.

She chuckled, “Already planning to keep me for yourself eh?”

“Unless you have a much handsome boyfriend than I am, yes I already planned to keep you for myself.”

She reached his position. Boy, her sweet scent was nothing like he ever smelled on before. She wrapped her hands around his arm as she steered them down.

“No boyfriend, I promise,” she said. “What about you? No girlfriend?”

“Why would I look at another woman if I already have one?”

“Good question,” she whispered. “Anyway, my friends left me so they could hang out with their boyfriends. Third wheeling is just the worst thing ever.”

Fuck his work. He would rather spend the rest of the day with the beauty who had her hands wrapped around his arm.

“Tell me about it,” Grover agreed.

She stopped walking, extending her hand out. He accepted the gesture and that was when he felt something else on the skin contact. As if his hands were bestowed upon him just to shake hers.

“Christina Jade. I think you recognized that name as well.” Grover mumbled softly as if mentioning her name was like opening an old unhealed wound.

The mark on his neck tingled at the mention of her name. He rubbed his palm on it to soothe the tingle. And his heart felt like being stabbed by thousands of daggers at once. The wound would never heal. The pain would never fade. They would be his reminders that once he fell in love with a woman and still did, until to this day. He would never stop loving her just because she was no longer in this world with him.

“Commander of the 7th battalion. She was my partner in many missions.” Dalton responded with a hint of sadness. “It was such a great loss to the Council.”

“Was it?” Grover chuckled.

A chuckle that was hinting his sarcasm at its best. Such a great loss to the Council. What a joke. There was no such thing as a great loss to the Council as long as it already served their purpose.

“You think it was foul play.”

“I know it was a foul play. You’ve seen many kinds of deaths.” Grover turned around. His words came out as a challenge to the Commander. “Tell me if it was really a suicide.”

“If it wasn’t, who was the murderer?”

“Christina was the first in line to be one of the three Councilors and was preparing for the ceremony when three days later, she was found dead. Automatically, the position went to the second in line. Her older sister Ophelia Jade, your current Councilor.”

“You think her sister killed her? Your claim wouldn’t mean anything if you have no proof.”

“You and I wouldn’t have this conversation if you were so confident of the Council.” Grover spread his arms. “And yet here you are, questioning yourself about the Council.”

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