The Alpha's Mate (#1 Southern Werewolves Pack Series)

By zhensachiko All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 53: Dalton

“Oh come on!” Grover groaned in annoyance after Dalton pushed him to the chair. He folded his arms over his chest. “Let me guess you want to have a word with Mira.”

“You are really good at guessing, human.” The Commander said.

It seemed like this wasn’t the first time Grover was forced to do someone’s bidding. In this case, Dalton needed him to do his bidding to talk to Mira. He wasn’t desperate. He just wanted to ask her a few questions without the interference of the Alpha or the entire Council.

“I don’t need a fucking genius to figure it out. First, Alpha Cohen. Now you. Who’s next? Your lovely Council?”

Interesting, Dalton thought to himself. Cohen already broke the law long before the Council realized. He was doing the same thing as Cohen right now.

“You’re going to call her and ask her to come.”

“I don’t betray business partner. I assume you want to arrest her.”

“I didn’t see that coming.” Jahan rubbed his jaw. “Someone’s very loyal.”

That was a rare trait to see. In the rogue world, everyone just stabbed each other for the sake of getting themselves out alive. But not Grover. His eyes spoke a volume of his loyalty towards the redheaded huntress. Dalton had underestimated Mira’s acquaintances. If she was willing to risk her life getting a bargaining tool to free Griffin and Grover from Cohen’s grip, she must have assured of their loyalty to her.

Grover narrowed his eyes to them, “Why? Should I be afraid of her? Just because she’s different?” he leaned backward. “If she doesn’t like me, she kills me. I betray her, she kills me. So I know where I stand. Do you even know where you stand right now? In the Council, I mean.”

“For a human, you seem to know a lot of things,” Dalton said.

“I’ve heard that sentence before.” He tapped his chin, thinking before he snapped his fingers. “Ah, Alpha Cohen said the very same thing. Every fucking word.”

“Are you afraid of her?”

Could it be fear? No, it couldn’t be fear that held him this tight to stay loyal at Mira. Maybe a bit because of her reputation. But a fear alone wouldn’t hold this human tight for so long. There must be something else — something that Dalton couldn’t decipher just by looking at him. How Mira managed to keep her acquaintances loyal to her was something that Dalton had no answer to. The Huntress was a lot capable than he thought.

“Afraid of her? Pfffft,” Grover huffed. Then he looked down. “A bit.”

Dalton and Jahan glanced at each other before they chuckled.

“We’re not here to arrest her. This is more like a private meeting. No official business. I just want to talk to her.” The Commander told. “You’re going to arrange a meeting for me whether you like it or not.”

“If I don’t?”

Dalton cracked his fingers to prove his point. Grover raised his hands in surrender and took out his cell phone. He grunted here and there, rolling his eyes as he was patiently waiting for Mira to pick the phone. After the third ring, her voice came from the other end.

“Mira,” she said.

“Your pal here wanted to meet you.”

“I’d swing by the club in one hour.” She hung up.

“Happy now?” he scoffed to them. “She’d come in one hour. So help yourself.”

Jahan tapped Dalton’s arm and said, “I’d do perimeter run just in case.”

The Commander nodded as he was reaching for the whiskey bottle on the desk and poured into two glasses. Eyeing him with cautious, Grover accepted one of the glasses and chugged the dark liquid down his throat in one go.

“Did it hurt?” Dalton asked.

He was so interested with this human out of sudden. Something about this club owner was intriguing him. No human would risk their lives for the supernatural species especially the rogues without a strong reason. Without having to guess for everything, it was clear that Grover had a reason why he risked his life to be a contact for the most wanted rogue in the history.

Or maybe Mira had held him on the point of her blades? Who knew?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Grover looked away, avoiding the Commander’s strong gaze.

Avoiding gaze. A very strong hint that this had something to do with a personal matter. Dalton had interrogated many people. He knew what to expect in every action they made. Grover had avoided his gaze many times since the moment he stepped in here. The club owner didn’t do this for free or out of goodwill or for the fear Mira might have killed him. No, this was like a personal vendetta and Mira was his way to achieve that. It was the same as Dalton’s vendetta against the redheaded except that Grover wasn’t against her. He was working with her for that vendetta.

Dalton’s eyes scanned the club owner from head to toe until he spotted the tattoo on Grover’s arm. That explained something if not nothing.

“I’m a soldier, Grover. I fought many wars. From a glance, I could recognize which man ever fought in the war. Faced with the death of his comrades.” Dalton put down his glass. “You fought in, maybe not once, but many wars. I recognized the tattoo on your left arm. You were part of the resistance.”

In an instance, Grover pulled down the sleeves of his shirt before he buttoned the buttons on the wrists. There was an underground organization called the Resistance during the decades-long of wars between vampires and werewolves when the Council was almost fell. The Resistance, however, didn’t take sides. They were sheltering humans who knew the existence of the supernatural species from the wars. Just like many other organizations, the Council dismantled them all except for one — the Black Market.

He stared at the Commander. “The pain of war was nothing compare to losing the one you loved.” He pulled his collar to the side, showing the barely visible bite mark on his neck.

Dalton’s expression changed. “You mated to a werewolf.”

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